Facebook Pulls The Plug On PGP-Encrypted Emails: A Dying Feature Bids Farewell


Facebook recently announced its decision to discontinue the PGP-encrypted email feature, citing low usage as the primary reason. Introduced in 2015, this feature allowed users to receive encrypted emails from Facebook, enhancing privacy and security for those who wanted an extra layer of protection.

Key Takeaway

Facebook’s decision to retire its PGP-encrypted email feature highlights the declining demand for outdated encryption methods and the shift towards more user-friendly secure communication platforms. With low usage and the availability of alternate options, the discontinuation comes as a logical step forward for the social media giant.

The Decline of PGP-Encrypted Emails

The move to deprecate this feature comes as no surprise, considering the dwindling number of users who actively utilized it. Although the exact user count remains unspecified, it is not difficult to imagine that the feature had become obsolete due to lack of adoption.

Moreover, from a functionality standpoint, the necessity of encrypted email notifications is questionable. Users can easily disable email notifications and access relevant information through the Facebook app or web browser, eliminating the need for duplicate alerts.

Outdated Technology

Another noteworthy factor contributing to the feature’s demise is the use of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) as the underlying encryption technology. PGP, dating back several decades, has long been surpassed by more modern and robust encryption methods. Even Phil Zimmermann, the renowned cryptographer and PGP inventor, admitted to not using PGP himself in 2015 but rather opting for alternative secure communication platforms.

Zimmermann explained that his decision stemmed from the absence of compatible encryption software for his MacBook and the lack of iOS support. While GPG Tools emerged as a viable replacement following Symantec’s acquisition of PGP, the cumbersome nature of PGP and its limited compatibility deterred widespread adoption.

The Future of Secure Communication

As Facebook discontinues its PGP-encrypted email feature, the focus undoubtedly shifts to other widely utilized and more user-friendly secure communication platforms. Signal and WhatsApp, for instance, offer end-to-end encryption and a more streamlined user experience. These platforms have gained popularity, providing users with secure messaging and file-sharing capabilities while ensuring privacy and ease of use.

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