Doola’s $1M Strategic Investment Deck: A Closer Look


The world of startups is always buzzing with new developments, and Doola is no exception. Having secured a total of $12 million in funding since its establishment in 2020, the company recently closed a $1 million “strategic investment round” from HubSpot Ventures. This comes on the heels of its $8 million Series A funding, marking a significant milestone in its growth. Today, we delve into the details of the pitch deck that played a pivotal role in securing this latest round of investment.

Key Takeaway

Doola’s pitch deck, despite missing crucial information, managed to capture the attention of HubSpot Ventures, showcasing the potential of its business model and value proposition.

The Pitch Deck Breakdown

Let’s take a closer look at the key elements of Doola’s pitch deck and explore what worked well and where there’s room for improvement.

Great Use of a Combination Slide

Doola effectively utilized slides 6 and 7 to craft a compelling narrative, setting the stage for explaining its business model and monetization plans. This strategic approach to storytelling can captivate investors and leave a lasting impression.

A Subtle and Elegant Problem Statement

By understanding its audience and refraining from over-explaining common industry problems, Doola demonstrated a keen awareness of investor expectations. The understated problem statement showcased the company’s ability to address complex and pressing issues in a concise manner.

Interesting Bottom-Up Approach to Market Sizing

Doola’s unique approach to estimating the market size, diverging from the conventional top-down method, offered a fresh perspective. While the effectiveness of this approach in a competitive landscape remains to be seen, the clarity of the presentation is commendable.

Room for Improvement

Despite its strengths, Doola’s pitch deck is notably lacking in essential information, rendering it ineffective as a standalone presentation. The absence of critical details raises questions about its potential to secure funding solely based on the deck. In the following sections, we’ll delve into three areas where Doola could enhance its pitch deck to better align with investor expectations.

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