Consolidation In Micromobility: Cooltra Acquires Cityscoot


Paris’ commercial court has accepted Cooltra’s offer to acquire Cityscoot, marking a significant development in the micromobility industry. The two companies are known for providing shared electric mopeds, offering users a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation within urban areas.

Key Takeaway

The consolidation in the micromobility sector continues as Cooltra’s acquisition of Cityscoot reflects the ongoing challenges faced by startups in the current economic environment. The industry’s landscape is evolving rapidly, with companies seeking strategic partnerships and acquisitions to navigate financial uncertainties.

The Micromobility Landscape

In recent years, micromobility startups have flourished in Europe, capitalizing on the continent’s dense cities and low cost of capital. However, the economic climate has taken a turn with rising interest rates, posing challenges for these ventures. Securing funding and debt facilities has become increasingly difficult, leading to a wave of bankruptcies and mergers within the industry.

Cityscoot’s Journey

Cityscoot, a prominent player in the micromobility space, is the latest company to undergo significant changes due to financial pressures. The company, recognized for its distinctive white-and-blue electric mopeds, was a pioneer in introducing shared electric moped services in Paris. Despite raising substantial funds from both private and public investors, including Groupe RATP and Caisse des Dépôts, Cityscoot faced insurmountable financial hurdles.

Cooltra’s Acquisition

Cooltra’s acquisition of Cityscoot primarily focuses on obtaining the latter’s assets, particularly its user base. With the court’s approval, Cooltra is set to absorb a portion of Cityscoot’s workforce, while also committing significant financial resources to facilitate the merger. The transition is expected to be swift, with Cityscoot users gaining access to Cooltra’s services through a unified app interface.

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