Clubhouse Introduces New Feature: Texts Turned Into Custom Voice Messages


Clubhouse, the live audio app, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to send text messages to friends, which will be converted into custom voice messages when received. This innovative addition aims to maintain user engagement and adapt to changing user preferences.

Key Takeaway

Clubhouse has introduced a feature that allows users to send text messages, which are then converted into custom voice messages when received, enhancing the interactive and personalized communication experience within the app.

New Group Voice Chats

Clubhouse has introduced group voice chats, enabling members to send asynchronous voice messages to each other. These messages will be displayed in a format similar to Instagram Stories, enhancing the interactive experience within the app.

Custom Voice Messages

With the latest update, users can now train their custom voice and send text messages, which will be heard in the recreated voice of the sender. The app provides an indicator to notify recipients when the AI voice is reading out a message, ensuring transparency in communication.

Retaining Real-Time Chat Experience

In a blog post, Clubhouse emphasized that the new feature aims to maintain the feeling of being in a real-time conversation with a friend. The company highlighted the seamless integration of text and voice, offering users a unique and engaging communication experience.

AI-Powered Voice Recreation

Clubhouse claims that its AI technology can closely recreate the user’s voice, even with minimal training from reading a few phrases. However, the company noted that the AI may not effectively replicate laughter, suggesting limitations in voice emulation.

Text-to-Speech Model

In addition to voice training, the app can generate a voice independently for users who are uncomfortable recording their own voice. While specific details were not disclosed, it is likely that Clubhouse utilizes a text-to-speech model to achieve this functionality.

Availability and Future Prospects

As of now, the feature is exclusively available in the US. Clubhouse’s user base has experienced a decline in recent years, prompting the company to explore AI-powered features to enhance user engagement. Despite previous challenges, Clubhouse remains committed to innovating and retaining its user community.

It is worth noting that Apple introduced a similar feature called Personal Voice last year, catering to individuals at risk of losing their vocal speaking ability due to conditions such as ALS. This indicates a broader trend towards personalized and accessible communication technologies.

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