ChromeOS 117 Update Introduces Material You Design And Window Organizer


Google is rolling out the ChromeOS 117 update for Chromebooks, bringing a range of exciting new features and enhancements. Among the key highlights are the introduction of Material You design, a customizable window organizer, and the ability to join video calls directly from the calendar view.

Key Takeaway

The ChromeOS 117 update for Chromebooks introduces the highly anticipated Material You design, offering users the ability to customize their devices with personalized wallpapers and color palettes. The update also brings a new window organizer feature, simplifying the task of arranging and managing multiple windows. Furthermore, seamless integration with the calendar view allows users to join video calls with just a single click. The introduction of adaptive charging enhances battery life by analyzing users’ unplugging habits and adjusting the charging process accordingly. Overall, ChromeOS 117 provides a more user-centric and efficient experience for Chromebook users.

Introducing Material You Design

With this update, Chromebooks now support the customizable Material You design. Users can personalize their devices by selecting a wallpaper and color palette, which will be reflected in various areas such as quick settings, desktop, and window head bars. The redesigned quick settings menu embraces larger buttons and slider bars, similar to the slide-down settings menu found on Pixel phones running Android 13.

Moreover, ChromeOS 117 features a new window organizer that simplifies the task of arranging windows. Users can easily organize their workspace by pressing the Everything button + Z or hovering over the “Maximize” icon on an app window. This allows the creation of split, partial, and full views, as well as the option to let certain apps float over other windows.

Enhanced Calendar Integration

ChromeOS already provided quick access to the calendar view from the bottom bar. The latest update now allows users to join video meetings directly from the calendar view with a single click. This seamless integration simplifies the process of joining virtual meetings and enhances productivity for Chromebook users.

Adaptive Charging for Improved Battery Life

ChromeOS 117 brings the introduction of adaptive charging, a feature aimed at enhancing battery life. By enabling adaptive charging through the settings menu, users can optimize their device’s charging behavior. When activated, the Chromebook will charge up to 80% and then employ machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s unplugging habits. This analysis enables the device to charge the remaining 20% more slowly, ultimately prolonging the battery’s overall lifespan.

Additional Features

Alongside the major updates, ChromeOS 117 also includes several other notable features. Users can now select shared albums from Google Photos to rotate wallpapers, making it easier than ever to personalize their Chromebook’s appearance. Additionally, it is now possible to search GIFs directly from the emoji picker, courtesy of the latest update. Other noteworthy additions include support for time-lapse recording through the webcam and the display of crucial information such as RAM, Power, and OS version in the search results on the launcher.

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