California’s Right To Repair Bill Set To Become Law


The right to repair movement in California has gained significant momentum as the state Assembly has recently voted in favor of a new legislation that enhances consumer rights in fixing electronic devices themselves. The bill, Senate Bill 244, has successfully made its way through the state legislature and is now awaiting Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval.

Key Takeaway

California’s right to repair bill, SB 244, is making significant strides in enhancing consumer rights. If signed into law by Governor Newsom, this legislation will require manufacturers to provide accessible repair manuals and ensure fair and reasonable repair terms for consumers and service providers. The bill also has the unexpected support of Apple, which highlights the growing demand for greater access to repairs while considering safety, security, and privacy.

This isn’t the first time California has pursued right to repair legislation, with previous attempts dating back to 2018. However, SB 244, authored by state senator Susan Eggman, is considered one of the most comprehensive bills on the subject.

Expanding Consumer Rights

The key principle of this legislation is that manufacturers will be required to provide consumers, service and repair facilities, and service dealers with the necessary means to diagnose, maintain, and repair their products, regardless of warranty. This includes the obligation to make repair manuals readily available, which has traditionally been a challenge for many consumers.

Furthermore, the bill mandates that any service and repair facility or dealer that is not an authorized repair provider of a manufacturer must inform the customer in writing before undertaking any repairs on an electronic or appliance product. They must also disclose if they use replacement parts that are either used or obtained from a supplier other than the manufacturer.

Impact and Exclusions

The impact of this legislation extends beyond consumer electronics to include household appliances. Consequently, finding a user manual for your dishwasher could soon become a much easier task. However, it is important to note that there are certain exemptions, such as game consoles and alarm systems, which fall outside the purview of the bill.

Apple’s Surprise Support

In an unexpected turn of events, technology giant Apple has expressed support for California’s Right to Repair Act. Apple recognizes the importance of consumer access to repairs and has voiced its commitment to providing safe and high-quality repair options for its products. This endorsement carries weight, particularly given Apple’s status as the most profitable company worldwide and its California roots.

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