New Funding Boosts Revel’s Car Subscription Service To Expand


The car sales market has been facing challenges in recent years, with consumers being presented with a wide range of alternative transportation options. In response to this evolving landscape, Spanish startup Revel has successfully raised €115 million ($123 million) in funding to expand its digital car “subscription” service. This flexible lease agreement includes insurance and maintenance, targeting customers willing to commit to at least a year.

Key Takeaway

Revel, a Spanish car subscription startup, has secured €115 million (

23 million) in funding to expand its flexible lease agreement service. The funding, a combination of debt and equity, will assist in building out the car network. Revel aims to tap into the growing demand for leasing options in the market.

A New Approach to Car Ownership

Revel’s model represents a unique approach to car ownership, combining flexibility and convenience. While other startups in the leasing market have struggled to match customer demand with high capital-intensive efforts, Revel has learned from these setbacks to build a successful product.

Prior to this funding round, Revel had raised €750,000 mainly to test different business models for car subscriptions. The startup discovered that customers were interested in leasing, particularly in its home market of Spain, where a one-year commitment was found to be the optimal duration. This offers a more attractive option than a short-term rental or longer-term lease.

Revel’s service allows users to swap cars within a range of options, similar to the flexibility seen in subscription-based services. The monthly subscription fee covers insurance, maintenance, and carbon offsetting. Subscribing to Revel can be done conveniently online or via their app, with delivery taking approximately one week.

The Advantages of Revel’s Approach

Compared to traditional leasing providers, Revel offers a faster, easier, and more flexible solution. While the details of Revel’s sourcing and leasing arrangements remain undisclosed, it is clear that Revel avoids purchasing vehicles outright, relying on a structured financing tranche of €100 million. This approach ensures the company’s competitiveness and allows them to maintain their edge in the market.

The potential of Revel’s subscription service lies in capturing a segment of consumers who still desire to have their own cars but prefer not to purchase them outright. Looking ahead, as cars become more advanced and fully autonomous vehicles become a reality, the cost of ownership may become prohibitive for many individuals. Leasing through Revel could become the primary means for consumers to access state-of-the-art vehicles for their personal use.

Fuel for Growth

The latest funding round signifies Revel’s confidence in its business model and its ambition to scale up operations. With this substantial investment, Revel is well-positioned to expand its car network and further meet the demands of a shifting transportation landscape.

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