Arm Sets Initial IPO Price Range, Could Be Worth More Than $51B


Arm, the British chip designer, has announced its initial IPO price range, marking a significant event in the tech industry. With an estimated valuation of around $50.8 billion to $52 billion, Arm’s IPO could be the largest in terms of dollars raised and its overall value.

Key Takeaway

Arm, the British chip designer, has set an initial IPO price range of $47 to $51 per share. With an estimated valuation of $50.8 billion to $52 billion, this IPO could be the largest in terms of dollars raised and its overall value. However, determining the right valuation involves considering Arm’s comparables and its performance in recent years.

The Importance of the Pricing

The pricing of Arm’s IPO holds great significance, not only for the company itself but also for its owner, SoftBank. Following a failed attempt to sell Arm to Nvidia, SoftBank is now looking to take the company public and achieve a significant return on its investment. Considering SoftBank’s accounting valuation of $64 billion for Arm, the company would ideally hope for a better price in the IPO.

Arm’s Value in Comparison

In order to determine the appropriate price for Arm, it is important to evaluate the company’s comparables. While Intel may seem like an obvious choice, it both designs and manufactures chips, making it not a perfect comparison for Arm, which solely focuses on chip design. Similarly, TSMC manufactures chips but does not design them, making it the inverse of Arm.

The Right Valuation

Given the limited options for direct comparison, it becomes essential to consider Arm’s performance in recent years. Since being acquired by SoftBank for £24 billion in cash in 2016, Arm’s value has increased significantly. This growth indicates a positive trend and builds a case for a higher valuation in the IPO.

Overall, Arm’s IPO is a highly anticipated event that could potentially bring massive returns for SoftBank. As the semiconductor industry continues to be highly sought-after, the pricing and valuation of Arm will play a crucial role in its success. With its unique position as a leading chip designer, Arm is poised to captivate investors and shape the future of the tech industry.

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