Apple’s Defense Of Parts Pairing Sparks Debate In Oregon’s Right-to-Repair Bill


Oregon is on the verge of passing a right-to-repair legislation, with Apple expressing its support for most of the Senate Bill 1596. However, the tech giant has raised concerns about certain aspects of the bill, particularly the provision related to “parts pairing.”

Key Takeaway

Apple supports most of Oregon’s right-to-repair bill but has raised concerns about the “parts pairing” policy, citing potential security risks associated with the use of third-party components during repairs.

Apple’s Support and Concerns

Apple’s senior manager, John Perry, has testified in front of state lawmakers, acknowledging the positive aspects of Senate Bill 1596 in making device repairs more accessible and cost-effective for Oregonians. However, Apple has expressed reservations about the policy of “parts pairing” included in the legislation, which mandates the use of first-party components during the repair process.

Apple’s Defense of Parts Pairing

Apple has staunchly defended the practice of parts pairing, emphasizing that it is essential for maintaining the security, safety, and privacy of consumers. The company argues that using third-party parts could pose security risks and compromise the optimal performance of devices, including critical components such as the battery.

Challenges and Discussions

Apple’s concerns regarding parts pairing have led to closed-door meetings and discussions with state lawmakers. Senator Sollman, a co-sponsor of the bill, has described the frustration in addressing Apple’s concerns, particularly regarding biometric sensors and other critical components.

Implications and Future Outlook

The debate over parts pairing in Oregon’s right-to-repair bill reflects the ongoing tension between device manufacturers and the push for greater repair accessibility. While Apple continues to stand firm on its position, the discussions surrounding this issue are likely to shape the final outcome of the legislation.

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