Apple Music Introduces Monthly Replay Experience For Users


Apple Music has just launched a new monthly version of its Replay feature, which was previously only available as a yearly recap. This new offering allows users to access their monthly music habits, providing them with even more insights into their listening preferences.

Key Takeaway

Apple Music has expanded its Replay feature to offer monthly insights into users’ music habits, allowing them to track their listening preferences more frequently. This move is seen as a response to the competitive features offered by Spotify Wrapped.

Monthly Insights and Access

Starting today, Apple Music users can now view their monthly top songs, artists, albums, and more. This expanded feature gives subscribers the ability to track their monthly listening time and receive notifications when they reach specific milestones, such as total minutes played. To access the full experience, users need to log in with their Apple ID on

Sharing and Archive

In addition to individual insights, users also have the option to share their Replay statistics with family and friends. Furthermore, they can revisit both monthly and yearly stats in Apple Music’s archive. It’s important to note that only users who meet a certain listening threshold will receive monthly stats.

Competition with Spotify Wrapped

This move by Apple Music is seen as a response to Spotify Wrapped, which introduced new features in 2023, including an AI DJ and a feature that matches users with a city based on their listening history. By offering a monthly version of Replay, Apple Music aims to stay competitive and provide a more comprehensive music recap experience for its users.

Replay Mix Playlist

Furthermore, Apple has also released the Replay Mix playlist for 2024 in the Apple Music app. This personalized playlist compiles the top songs of the year for each user and will be updated on a weekly basis.

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