Apple Introduces Discount Bundles For App Subscriptions


Apple has recently announced an experiment on the App Store that allows developers to offer discounted subscription bundles. This new feature, called “contingent pricing,” enables developers to combine subscriptions for two apps at a reduced price.

Key Takeaway

Apple’s introduction of discounted subscription bundles for apps is a strategic move to attract and retain developers, potentially in response to upcoming regulatory changes in the EU.

Developers’ Opportunity

In an update on the developer blog, Apple mentioned that the new feature allows developers to apply a discounted price to an app’s subscription, as long as the consumer is subscribed to another app in the bundle. This presents an opportunity for indie developers to promote their work by offering subscription discounts on bundles of their apps.

Seamless Process

Pete Hare, a senior engineering manager at Apple, highlighted that the company manages all the complexity, including eligibility checks and payments, to ensure a seamless in-app purchase experience. This means that developers can focus on offering discounted services, while Apple takes care of the technical and financial aspects of the process.

Implications and Speculations

While the feature is currently in the testing phase, Apple has indicated that developers can promote these discounts on off-platform marketing channels. This move by Apple seems to be aimed at making the App Store more appealing to developers, especially in anticipation of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) coming into effect next year. The DMA aims to open up app distribution platforms, such as Apple’s App Store, to alternative installation methods.

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