Android Auto Enables Zoom And Cisco Conference Calls For Drivers


Android Auto, the in-vehicle infotainment system provided by Google, now allows drivers to seamlessly connect and participate in audio-only conference calls on Zoom and Cisco’s WebEx platform. This latest update aims to enhance the driving experience by providing a convenient and safe method for drivers to join important virtual meetings while on the road.

Key Takeaway

Android Auto now enables drivers to join audio-only conference calls using Zoom and WebEx, enhancing connectivity and productivity while on the road. Google’s integration of these popular conferencing platforms reflects their broader efforts to expand their presence in the automotive market through innovative features and partnerships.

Introducing Zoom and WebEx to Android Auto

In a recent blog post coinciding with the Detroit Auto Show, Google announced that Zoom and WebEx are now available on Android Auto. The initial rollout of Zoom began on Tuesday, with full availability expected in the coming days. On the other hand, WebEx by Cisco is currently launching in beta and will have a complete rollout in the upcoming weeks.

These conferencing features were initially unveiled at Google’s I/O conference in May and are part of Google’s broader strategy to penetrate the automotive market through Google built-in and Android Auto. Android Auto, which is projected to reach 200 million vehicles by the end of this year, acts as a secondary interface that runs on top of an operating system, enabling users to wirelessly connect their Android-based smartphones to their vehicle’s display and access various features, such as navigation, media, and messaging.

Meanwhile, Google built-in, powered by the Android Automotive operating system, integrates Google services directly into the vehicle itself. This modified version of Google’s open-source mobile operating system is specifically tailored for automakers and comes embedded with Google apps and services, including Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store.

Expanding the App Ecosystem for Vehicles

Aside from the integration of Zoom and WebEx, Google also announced the addition of other apps to its automotive ecosystem. In particular, Amazon Prime Video will be available in select vehicles with Google built-in, starting with the Polestar 2. This expansion of the app ecosystem reflects the increasing demand for diverse entertainment and productivity options within the vehicle.

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