Amazon Partners With Glacier To Track Package Waste


Amazon, a major contributor to packaging waste, is taking steps to address its environmental impact. The company has made a significant investment in Glacier, a Bay Area recycling robotics startup, to gain insight into the fate of its packaging materials after they leave the consumers’ hands.

Key Takeaway

Amazon’s partnership with Glacier, a recycling robotics startup, underscores the company’s commitment to addressing packaging waste and creating a circular economy supply chain. The investment aims to provide visibility into the fate of Amazon’s packaging materials, contributing to the company’s sustainability goals.

Investment for a Circular Economy

Amazon’s investment in Glacier is aimed at creating a circular economy supply chain. The company is committed to sustainability and seeks to understand the ultimate destination of its packaging materials. This partnership with Glacier will provide crucial visibility into whether the packaging ends up in a recycling stream or a waste stream.

Glacier’s Technology

Glacier offers two primary products to address the challenges of waste management. The first is a robot designed to sort through different materials in recycling facilities, similar to AMP Robotics’ offering. The second product, which Amazon is piloting, is an AI scanner. This scanner enables facilities and brands to gain a comprehensive understanding of the handling of their products and materials within the waste economy.

Partnerships and Expansion

Glacier is already working with customers in 10 states and is actively forming partnerships with companies, government agencies, and municipalities. The startup has received a significant grant from the Michigan Department of Environment and is collaborating with entities such as the City of Phoenix to enhance the understanding of recycling streams. Amazon, alongside New Enterprise Associates (NEA), is a co-leader in the new $7.7 million investment round, signaling the importance of addressing packaging waste.

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