2023 Tech Layoffs: A Comprehensive List Of Workforce Reductions


Tens of thousands of tech workers have been hit by a wave of layoffs in 2023, as major tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta, and Zoom join startups in implementing workforce reductions. These layoffs, driven by the need for profitability and the uncertain economic environment, have raised concerns about the impact on innovation and the changing risk profiles of companies. Here is a comprehensive list of tech layoffs in 2023, updated monthly:

Key Takeaway

2023 has seen a significant number of layoffs in the tech industry, affecting both big tech companies and startups. The downsizing is driven by the need for profitability and the challenging economic climate. It remains to be seen how these layoffs will impact innovation and the overall growth of the tech sector.

January: 89,554 employees laid off

February: 40,021 employees laid off

March: 37,823 employees laid off

April: 20,014 employees laid off

May: 14,928 employees laid off

June: 10,958 employees laid off

July: 10,589 employees laid off

August: 9,545 employees laid off

September 2023


Roku has announced plans to lay off approximately 10% of its workforce, impacting over 300 employees.


In August, the Indian startup Tekion laid off around 300 employees, representing 10% of its workforce, with most of the layoffs occurring in its India office.

August 2023


Security software company Malwarebytes laid off 100 employees, mainly impacting corporate employees.

These are just a few examples of the layoffs that have occurred in the tech industry this year. The full list includes layoffs from various companies across different sectors. The total number of layoffs for 2023, as of the latest update, is 224,503, surpassing the total number of tech layoffs in 2022.

As the tech industry continues to navigate economic challenges, it’s crucial to monitor the impact of these layoffs on innovation and employment opportunities. This comprehensive list provides insights into the changing landscape of the tech workforce and the potential implications for the industry.

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