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How To Download My W2 From Turbotax



Welcome to this guide on how to download your W2 form from TurboTax. If you’ve filed your taxes using TurboTax and need to access your W2 form, this article will walk you through the steps to do so. TurboTax is a popular software that helps individuals and businesses file their tax returns accurately and efficiently. It provides various features and resources to simplify the tax filing process.

Having your W2 form readily available is essential when applying for loans, seeking financial assistance, or completing other documentation that requires proof of income. By downloading your W2 form from TurboTax, you can conveniently access and utilize this important document whenever the need arises. Whether you’re a current TurboTax user looking for guidance or considering using TurboTax for future tax filing, this article will provide you with clear instructions to access and download your W2 form.

Navigating through the TurboTax platform to find your W2 form may seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured that this guide will simplify the process for you step by step. Once you’ve successfully downloaded your W2 form, you can review it for accuracy, save it securely on your device, and even print or share it if needed. TurboTax ensures the security of your personal and financial information, so you can confidently access and download your W2 form without any concerns.

Let’s get started with the process of downloading your W2 form from TurboTax. Follow the instructions in the next sections to complete each step seamlessly. By the end of this guide, you’ll have your W2 form downloaded and ready to use for your financial needs.


Step 1: Login to Your TurboTax Account

To begin the process of downloading your W2 form from TurboTax, you first need to log in to your TurboTax account. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one on the TurboTax website. Follow these steps to log in:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the TurboTax website.
  2. Click on the “Sign In” or “Log In” button at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your registered email address and password in the designated fields.
  4. If prompted, complete any additional security measures such as two-factor authentication.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” or “Log In” button to access your TurboTax account.

Once you have successfully logged in to your TurboTax account, you will be able to proceed to the next step and retrieve your W2 form.

It’s important to note that if you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link on the login page to reset it. TurboTax will guide you through the process of resetting your password so that you can regain access to your account.

If you encounter any issues during the login process, TurboTax provides customer support options to assist you. You can reach out to their support team via phone, email, or live chat for prompt assistance.

Now that you’re logged in to your TurboTax account, let’s move on to the next step and navigate to the section where you can find your W2 form.


Step 2: Navigate to the “Documents” Section

After logging in to your TurboTax account, the next step is to navigate to the “Documents” section. This is where you can find your W2 form and other important tax documents. Follow these instructions to access the “Documents” section:

  1. From your TurboTax dashboard or home screen, look for the navigation menu located on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Scroll down or click on the menu icon to expand the menu options if necessary.
  3. Locate and click on the “Documents” or “Tax Documents” option in the menu.

By clicking on the “Documents” option, you will be directed to a page that displays all the relevant tax documents associated with your TurboTax account. This includes your W2 form, along with any other forms or statements that may be available for download.

It’s worth noting that the exact location of the “Documents” section may vary slightly depending on the version of TurboTax you’re using. However, it is typically easily accessible from the main menu or dashboard. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can use the search function within TurboTax or refer to TurboTax’s help resources for specific instructions tailored to your version.

Once you have successfully accessed the “Documents” section, you’re one step closer to downloading your W2 form. In the next step, we will guide you on how to locate and download the W2 form from within this section.


Step 3: Find the W2 Form

Now that you have reached the “Documents” section of your TurboTax account, the next step is to locate the W2 form within this section. Follow these instructions to find your W2 form:

  1. Scan through the list of available documents in the “Documents” section to locate the W2 form. The documents are usually organized by year and document type.
  2. If you have multiple years’ worth of tax documents, look for the section corresponding to the year you need the W2 form for. Click on the year to expand the list of documents associated with that year.
  3. Look for the specific document labeled as “W2” or “Wage and Tax Statement.” It may be listed alongside other relevant tax forms such as 1099s or other income statements.
  4. Once you have located the W2 form, click on it to open the document preview or details page.

If you have a large number of tax documents or are unable to find the W2 form, TurboTax may provide search or filter options to help narrow down the list. Look for search bars, filter options, or sorting features that can assist you in finding the W2 form more efficiently.

It’s important to double-check that you have selected the correct W2 form for the desired tax year. If you have multiple jobs or employers within the same tax year, there may be multiple W2 forms available. Ensure that you choose the appropriate W2 form corresponding to the specific employer or job.

Once you have successfully located the W2 form within the “Documents” section, you’re ready to proceed to the next step and download the form to your device.


Step 4: Download the W2 Form

Now that you have found the W2 form within the “Documents” section of your TurboTax account, it’s time to download the form to your device. Follow these instructions to download the W2 form:

  1. Click on the W2 form document to open the preview or details page.
  2. On the preview or details page, you should see a “Download” or “Save” option. Click on this option to initiate the download process.
  3. A pop-up window or prompt may appear, asking you to choose a location on your device to save the file. Navigate to the desired folder or location and click “Save” to start the download.

Depending on your internet connection speed and the size of the W2 form file, the download process may take a few moments. Be patient and do not close the browser window or navigate away from the page until the download is complete.

Once the download is finished, you can locate the downloaded W2 form file on your device. The file will usually be saved in your designated downloads folder or the folder you selected during the download process.

It’s always a good practice to verify that the downloaded W2 form is complete and legible. Open the file and check that all the relevant information, such as your employer’s details, wages, and tax withholdings, are accurately displayed. If you notice any discrepancies or issues with the W2 form, contact TurboTax support for assistance.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded the W2 form from TurboTax. In the next step, we’ll guide you on how to review and save the W2 form for future use.


Step 5: Review and Save the W2 Form

Having downloaded your W2 form from TurboTax, it’s crucial to review the document for accuracy and ensure that all the necessary information is present. Follow these steps to review and save the W2 form:

  1. Locate the downloaded W2 form file on your device.
  2. Open the file using a compatible software application, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF viewer.
  3. Review the W2 form carefully, paying attention to details like your name, employer information, wages, and tax withholdings.
  4. If you spot any errors or inconsistencies, contact the appropriate employer or TurboTax support for assistance in resolving the issue.
  5. Once you have confirmed that the W2 form is accurate, decide on a secure location on your device to save the file.
  6. Choose “Save As” or a similar option within your PDF viewer to select the desired folder or location for saving the W2 form.
  7. Provide a clear and identifiable name for the file, such as “W2_Form_2021_EmployerName”.
  8. Click “Save” to save the W2 form in the designated location on your device.

By saving the W2 form in a secure location, you ensure that you can easily access the document whenever needed. Consider organizing your tax documents in a dedicated folder or cloud storage service to keep them organized and readily available for future use.

It is recommended to keep a digital copy of your W2 form as well as a backup in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as data loss or device failure.

Now that you have reviewed and saved your W2 form, you can proceed to the final step of printing or sharing the document if necessary. Let’s move on to the next section to find out how to do that.


Step 6: Print or Share the W2 Form

Once you have reviewed and saved your W2 form from TurboTax, you may need to print a hard copy or share it with relevant parties. Follow these instructions to print or share your W2 form:

  1. If you want to print the W2 form, make sure you have a functioning printer connected to your device.
  2. Open the saved W2 form file on your device using a PDF viewer.
  3. Click on the print icon or go to the “File” menu and select “Print” to open the print settings.
  4. Adjust the print settings as desired, such as selecting the number of copies and the printer to use.
  5. Click “Print” to initiate the printing process. Ensure that you have enough paper and ink or toner in your printer.

If you prefer to share the W2 form electronically instead of printing, you have a few options:

  • Email: Attach the saved W2 form file to an email and send it to the recipient. Make sure to use a secure and reliable email service.
  • Cloud Storage: Upload the W2 form file to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Generate a shareable link and share it with the intended recipient.
  • Secure File Transfer: If you are sharing the W2 form with a professional, such as a tax advisor or accountant, consider using a secure file transfer service that encrypts the file during transmission.

Before sharing the W2 form, ensure that you are sending it to the correct recipient and that all sensitive information is protected. Double-check the email addresses or account details to avoid any privacy or security breaches.

Congratulations! You have completed the process of downloading, reviewing, saving, and printing or sharing your W2 form from TurboTax. Keep the digital and physical copies of the W2 form stored securely for your records and future reference.



In this guide, we have provided a step-by-step walkthrough on how to download your W2 form from TurboTax. By logging in to your TurboTax account, navigating to the “Documents” section, finding the W2 form, downloading it, reviewing and saving it, and finally, printing or sharing it, you have successfully obtained this important document.

TurboTax offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the tax filing process, and locating and accessing your W2 form is no exception. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve your W2 form and have it readily available for financial purposes, including loan applications, financial assistance, and record-keeping.

Remember to review your W2 form for accuracy and reach out to TurboTax support or your employer if you notice any discrepancies. Saving digital copies of your W2 form in secure locations on your device and in the cloud will ensure that you can easily access it whenever needed.

If you encounter any issues or need further guidance, TurboTax provides comprehensive customer support options. Don’t hesitate to reach out to their support team via phone, email, or live chat for assistance along the way.

Now that you have successfully downloaded and obtained your W2 form from TurboTax, you can confidently proceed with your financial endeavors. Whether you’re applying for a loan, filing additional paperwork, or simply organizing your financial records, having your W2 form readily accessible is crucial.

Thank you for using this guide as your resource for downloading your W2 form from TurboTax. We hope the process was seamless and stress-free. If you have any further questions or need assistance with any other tax-related matters, TurboTax support and resources are available to help you navigate the world of taxes.

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