What Do Relics Do In Age Of Empires 2

What Do Relics Do In Age Of Empires 2

Uncovering the Mysteries of Relics in Age of Empires 2: The Ultimate Guide

Greetings fellow gamers and enthusiasts of the virtual realm! Today, we are delving into the captivating world of Age of Empires 2, specifically exploring the intriguing role of relics in this epic strategy game. If you’ve ever wondered what these relics actually do and how they can impact your gameplay, you’ve come to the right place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relics provide various bonuses to the player who possesses them.
  • Securing relics not only boosts your economy, but can also grant powerful military advantages.

Now, let us embark on a journey to uncover the secrets behind these enigmatic relics and understand their significance in the game of Age of Empires 2.

The Basics: What Are Relics?

In Age of Empires 2, relics are sacred artifacts that hold historical and spiritual value. They can be found scattered across the game’s vast maps, typically housed in Monasteries. These relics represent the remnants of ancient civilizations and are eagerly sought after by players due to the advantages they offer.

The Power of Relics: Bonuses Galore!

Now, the burning question on every player’s mind: what exactly do relics do in Age of Empires 2? Well, buckle up, because here comes the exciting part! Possessing a relic grants your civilization a plethora of benefits, ranging from economic advantages to game-changing military bonuses. Let’s explore some of these perks:

  • Economic Advantages:
    • Each relic generates a constant stream of Gold for your civilization, bolstering your economy and providing a steady income.
    • Having multiple relics multiplies this economic advantage, making it a lucrative strategy for long-term success.
  • Military Benefits:
    • Relics boost the combat abilities of your units, making them more resilient and formidable in battles.
    • They also provide a health regeneration aura to nearby units, allowing your army to sustain in prolonged fights.
    • In addition, relics contribute towards faster training time for units, giving you a distinct advantage in military encounters.

Securing the Relics: A Race Against Time

Now that we understand the incredible advantages relics can offer, the next challenge is to secure them before your opponents do. Relics are limited in number and usually found in Monasteries scattered throughout the map. The competition can be intense, as every player recognizes the immense benefits they provide.

Successfully obtaining relics requires swift and strategic gameplay. It involves scouting the map, carefully planning your expansion, and launching well-executed attacks to claim these prized artifacts. Remember, the earlier you secure the relics, the longer you can enjoy the economic and military advantages they bring.

In Conclusion: Harness the Power of Relics for Victory!

In Age of Empires 2, relics are not just mere artifacts but key elements that can significantly impact your gameplay. From boosting your economy with a steady Gold income to enhancing your military might, these sacred relics offer a myriad of advantages.

So, fellow conquerors of the virtual realm, go forth and seize the relics! Use their power wisely and strategically to further your empire’s dominance on the battlefield. May fortune favor you in your quest for victory!

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