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When Terraria turned five years old in 2016, the developers added an event called the Terraria party into the game. However, throwing or triggering a Terraria party isn’t as easy as you might think. If you’ve never experienced one during your playthrough, here’s what you should know about how to trigger one.


What Is Terraria?

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Survival, exploration, mining, and tons of combat — these are what you’re essentially signing up for when you play Terraria. It’s a lot like Minecraft if you’ve ever played the famous blocky game — only in 2D instead of 3D. Likewise, Terraria lets you dig into an expansive underground world to gather materials to make machines, gear, and more. Moreover, it also has a “big bad” that you can fight towards the later parts of the game.

In addition, Terraria also acts a bit like a sandbox game. You can do nearly anything in its randomly generated worlds. Moreover, it has gotten tons of free updates in the 10 years it’s been out. Whether you like action, sandbox creativity, or simply love charming pixel art games, Terraria has something for nearly everyone.

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What Is a Party in Terraria?


Granted, Terraria provides tons of intense gameplay to players but that doesn’t mean intensity is all it offers. The Terraria party is an example of a more chill, low-stakes event that doesn’t truly impact gameplay. It’s simply a fun event to engage in especially because it commemorated the game’s 5th anniversary.

In addition, triggering the Terraria party event is also just cool to have because of some party-exclusive items. They’re primarily non-functional items, though, and don’t serve any real purpose. Nonetheless, while aesthetics might not be a player’s main priority, it certainly doesn’t hurt anyone. Part of the fun is building, buying, and doing whatever you want, after all. That includes purchasing the best and most boisterous vanity and novelty items from shops.

Unfortunately, triggering a Terraria party isn’t so easy. There are a few steps to take and you need to make progress within the game before it happens. However, there are multiple methods to trigger the Terraria party event (albeit both have some requirements). Not sure how it works? Check out the next section for tips on how to start a Terraria party.


How to Create and Join a Party in Terraria


So, how do you start a party in Terraria? It sounds like fun, but you’re out of luck if you don’t know how to trigger it. Thankfully, there are two ways to make it happen: through random occurrence or manual activation using the Party Center. We’ll discuss both methods below.


Joining an NPC’s Random Party

The first way to engage in a Terraria party is simply to join one when an NPC throws the party. However, the downside to this method is that in Terraria, an NPC throwing a party has small odds. It’s a game of chance — 10%, in specific — so waiting for an NPC party in Terraria isn’t efficient. Moreover, it isn’t guaranteed to the player at all.

Nonetheless, if an NPC does throw a party, it should start at dawn and end at 7:30 PM. These parties can be thrown by up to three NPCs at once and don’t need the Party Center to activate. However, a random NPC Terraria party can only occur under certain conditions.

The first condition should have been over five to 10 days since the last random Terraria party. Of course, you wouldn’t know what the actual cooldown time is for the last party, so stay vigilant. Secondly, the Party Girl Terraria NPC must already be present in the village. Simple, but not so easy to accomplish if she hasn’t spawned in your town.

Lastly, it would be best if you had at least five party-eligible NPCs in your town already spawned. Some examples of these include the Traveling Merchant, the Old Man, and the Skeleton Merchant. Unfortunately, however, Town Pets cannot throw a party.


Using the Party Center

The second method is to use the Party Center. You may ask what is it and how does it function? Well, it’s not some location you can rent to throw parties if that’s what you were thinking. Instead, it’s the second and most secure way to trigger a party. With the Party Center Terraria offers, you can trigger the event anytime.

Now, granted, it’s not such an easy task if you don’t have the Party Center yet. That’s because you’ll have to purchase the item from Party Girl for 20 coins. However, once you have already purchased one, initiating a party will be as easy as pie. With it, you can initiate parties any time — even without the eligible NPCs. Moreover, it doesn’t have a cooldown time either.

How do you use a Party Center, you might ask? Throwing a party in Terraria is easy using the novelty item. Simply go up to the novelty furniture and press the open/activate button to start a party. Regardless of the time, the party should still end at dusk like a normal NPC party. Moreover, turning one Party Center on turns every other Party Center on as well, regardless of their location.


How to Spawn the Party Girl


The common denominator to both Terraria party trigger methods is the Party Girl NPC. Hence, within Terraria, you should know how to get Party Girl first. Unfortunately, the Terraria Party Girl isn’t exactly easy to get. That’s because she not only requires certain conditions to be met but also has a spawn rate. This means she isn’t guaranteed to spawn, even with the right conditions in place.

Now, what are the conditions you need to have for the Terraria Party Girl to spawn? First, you have to have an empty house within the town. That means it shouldn’t already have an NPC living in it. Moreover, no other NPC should be on the waitlist to move into your empty houses. Lastly, you should already have 8-14 other NPCs present within the town before she can appear. After all, you can’t throw a party without the people.

Fortunately, NPCs like Town Pets, the Traveling Merchant, and the Old Man are all counted in the 8-14 NPC requirement. However, the Skeleton Merchant doesn’t count so keep that in mind. If the Terraria Party Girl is not spawning even with the right conditions, then it’s probably not your fault. She does have a measly 2.5% chance of spawning so you’ll just have to wait for her. Wait, hope, and pray fervently that she appears on the next morning or evening.


Party In Terraria: What to Expect?


What can you expect when you throw a Party in Terraria? Here are just some of the things the festivities bring about.



The Terraria birthday party that you encounter, whether randomly or manually, will always include balloons. After all, what’s a good birthday party without balloons and decorations? You’ll see balloons continuously rising in the background without end until the party stops. However, moving 47 tiles away from any Party Center on NPC will make them disappear.


NPC Party Hats

Another great thing about the Terraria party is the appearance of hats. Almost every party member will be in on the festivities. Even Bunnies get a Terraria party hat. However, some NPCs don’t get party hats, like the Old Man and Zoologist.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a party hat by default. How do you get party hats in Terraria for your character, then? You’ll have to buy them from Party Girl for 1 coin. It sucks but it’s worth the price to look like you’re at least part of the festivities.



When a Terraria party occurs naturally, Party Girl will give you a slice of cake. However, she’ll only give this party present in Terraria the first time you speak to her during the party. This is true regardless of whether you’re playing alone or are in multiplayer mode.


Confetti and Other Party Accessories

When a Terraria party randomly happens, each NPC will burst with confetti. Moreover, you can also purchase various items Terraria exclusively only offers during parties. These include aesthetic and novelty items from Clothier and Party Girl. In addition, you can also change the party music through Party Girl. However, you can only do this if you’ve already visited the world with seed 05162020.


Why Join or Create a Terraria Party Event?

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Whether it’s random chance or triggered through the Terraria Party Center, joining the event can be loads of fun. For one, it’s a great break from all the intensity of the regular gameplay you usually engage in. It’s a nice change of scenery and pace — plus, it’s fun talking to NPCs with different dialogue.

In addition, it’s just great to receive a party present from Party Girl in the form of a cake. It’s also nice to have the option to purchase various exclusive items that are exclusive to the event. Overall, we recommend trying the party at least once and seeing how you like it.


Start Your Own Party Today!

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Terraria is a vastly deep and expansive game that’s truly fun and full of surprises. It certainly has a few perks although they don’t truly impact gameplay. Nonetheless, it’s an essential part of having the full Terraria experience. However, engaging in a chill event like a Terraria party is pretty fun every once in a while, too. Just make sure you’re ready to wait a while for Party Girl to spawn.

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