Valorant Raze Guide: Top Tips for Hardcore and Casual Players

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Valorant is a burgeoning superpower in the world of competitive first-person shooters (FPS), with tournaments springing up everywhere. In addition, the gameplay is enticing for players that remember Overwatch but still want the gunplay that CS: GO has. Instead of the hero shooter part of its DNA, we’re going to talk about Raze, one of Valorant’s newest agents.

Here is our Valorant agent guide for Raze.


Who Is Raze and What Type of Valorant Agent Is She?

Raze Valorant
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Coming out from Brazil, Raze is a wildcard of emotion and explosion. Above all else, her purview is to destroy the enemy with her gunplay, and as much explosive ordinance as possible.

Compared to most of Valorant’s agents, Raze is incredibly aggressive in her playstyle. A duelist by trade, a lot of her abilities has a focus on killing enemies and getting herself on hard-to-reach places. Almost all of her abilities have a way to kill, from her Paint Shells to Showstopper, her ultimate. Good usage of her skills can and will allow her to streak through the game, killing all of the enemy team before they even know it.

In addition to this, the large AoE that Raze’s skill has is great for taking down enemies that group together. Showstopper, in particular, can be a big damage-dealing nuke against a bunched-up team in a Spike site. We’ll discuss those in the skills section of the article.

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Raze Skills in Valorant


Now that we’ve talked a bit about who Raze is, let’s talk about her skills. Raze has four skills at her disposal. These are Blast Pack, Paint Shells, Boom Bot, and lastly, Showstopper.


Blast Pack

Raze throws an explosive charge in an arc in front of her that sticks to any surface. Pressing the ability button again detonates that Blast Pack, damaging any enemies in the explosion’s radius.

Raze cannot be damaged by her blast packs, though she can be sent high up in the air from the explosion. Thus, careful usage of Blast Packs is a must. However, the fact that Raze can use this ability to jump higher can be used to scale up and take a position in vantage points.

Raze can take 2 Blast Packs at a time, and equipping Blast Packs costs 200 Creds. The explosion deals 5-15 damage when the player makes the pack explode instantly, and 20-50 damage if they arm it first. Blast Packs deal 600 damage to objects.


Paint Shells

Raze equips a cluster grenade that she can aim and throw at places. After a few seconds, the grenade explodes, dealing damage and creating sub-grenades that spread around the explosion area. These sub-grenades then explode, with each grenade dealing damage.

Raze gets Paint Shells for free, though she gets only 1 per round. She can, however, recharge this skill by killing two enemies. The skill deals 15-55 damage depending on where the enemy was standing when the grenade explodes.


Boom Bot

Raze equips one of her signature Boom Bots that she can then deploy. The Boom Bot travels in a straight line while bouncing off of walls. When it senses an enemy in its frontal cone, the Boom Bot will lock on to them and explode. The explosion deals heavy damage to all enemies in the vicinity if it reaches them.

Boom Bots cost 300 Creds to get and Raze can only get 1 Boom Bot. Each Boom Bot lasts for 9.3 seconds once deployed and has 100 HP. The explosion deals 30-80 damage.



Raze equips a rocket launcher that fires a single, devastating rocket. The rocket deals massive damage on a wide radius the moment that it comes into contact with anything, terrain, or enemy. Once Raze fires the rocket, she’s knocked back due to the force of the blast.

Showstopper is a great way to destroy an enemy team that’s currently in the Spike zone. A single rocket can change the way the game ends due to its high damage output. With luck, one or three enemies can get caught in Showstopper’s explosion, which, if not killing them outright, damages them until they’re easy pickings.

Raze needs 8 Ultimate Points to use Showstopper. Showstopper has 10 seconds before the rocket is immediately fired. The rocket deals 30-150 damage depending on how close enemies are in the rocket explosion.


Valorant Raze: General Gameplay


As stated, Raze is an incredibly aggressive Agent to play with. Her abilities are focused on dealing as much damage to the enemy as possible. She’s incredibly selfish, doesn’t have any other utility like flashbangs, and can be very vulnerable if not played well. However, her sheer damage can destroy entire teams that are unaware of her current position.

Just make sure to stay away from any Jett mains as they can destroy Raze due to how fast they are.


When Should You Pick Raze in Valorant?

As already stated, Raze is a great damage-dealing Agent. If your team lacks abilities that deal damage to enemies, having Raze can be a great boon. Her skills are great for killing enemies without the need for good aim, though that helps out a lot. This means that she’s a good pick for those that don’t have that much experience in competitive FPS games that want to try it out.

This doesn’t mean that her skill ceiling is low, though. Blast Pack is an ability that needs a lot of time to master how to jump boost with. With it, Raze can jump into any of the boxes and high angles that allow for great vantage areas. In addition, Boombots and Paint Shells are a great way to enter sites. Simply throw them in and watch the chaos unfold. Of course, enemies can destroy the Boombots by shooting them, but it gives Raze a few seconds to pelt them with bullets or a well-thrown Paint Shell.


Dominate Valorant with Raze Today


All in all, Raze is a good agent that Riot has added to Valorant’s roster. Her explosive personality in lore and gameplay is an added spice to the game’s current meta. Hopefully, there will be more additions to the game that will be similar to her in terms of her ability to influence the game.

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