How To Do First Xi Sbc FIFA 22

How To Do First Xi Sbc FIFA 22

GAMING: How to Do First XI SBC in FIFA 22

Welcome to our GAMING category, where we delve into the world of video games and provide you with helpful tips and tricks. In this post, we’re going to discuss how to complete the First XI SBC (Squad Building Challenge) in FIFA 22. Whether you’re a seasoned FIFA player or new to the game, the First XI SBC can be a fun and rewarding challenge. So, let’s dive right in and help you conquer it!

Key Takeaways:

  • Completing the First XI SBC in FIFA 22 is a great way to earn rewards and improve your Ultimate Team.
  • By strategically selecting players and following a few simple steps, you can effectively complete the First XI SBC.

Step 1: Understand the Requirements

The first step in completing the First XI SBC is to understand its requirements. The SBC will typically ask you to build a squad within certain parameters, such as using players from specific leagues, nationalities, or clubs. Take note of these requirements and ensure that you have the necessary players or plan to acquire them through trading or opening packs.

Step 2: Analyze Your Player Inventory

Take a look at the players you currently have in your inventory and identify those that meet the requirements of the SBC. You may discover that you already have several players who can be used to complete the challenge. If not, consider exploring the transfer market or completing other SBCs to get the players you need.

Step 3: Build Your Squad Strategically

Once you have identified the players you can use, it’s time to build your squad. While it can be tempting to include high-rated players, keep in mind that the SBC may have additional requirements, such as a maximum team overall rating or team chemistry. Aim to build a squad that meets all the requirements while also maximizing player chemistry to get the most out of your team.

Step 4: Optimize Chemistry and Positions

To further improve your chances of completing the First XI SBC, pay attention to player positions and chemistry. Arrange your players in positions that fit their preferred roles to optimize team chemistry. Additionally, consider using chemistry styles to enhance player attributes to make your squad more well-rounded and formidable.

Step 5: Submit and Enjoy Rewards

Once you are satisfied with your squad, submit it for review. If you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will successfully complete the First XI SBC. Sit back and enjoy the rewards that await you, which may include packs, coins, player cards, or other valuable items.


Completing the First XI SBC in FIFA 22 can be a thrilling challenge that enhances your gaming experience. By understanding the requirements, strategically building your squad, and optimizing player chemistry, you can successfully complete this SBC and reap the rewards that follow. So, grab your controller, hit the pitch, and let the FIFA magic unfold!

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