Black Armory Key Mold Steps to Take (GUIDE)

Black armory key mold steps

Destiny 2 had a few updates over the years that added several things for players to do. With the arrival of the Black Armory DLC back in 2018, that hasn’t changed, with more content, weapons, and quests for players to chew on. One of them is the Black Armory Key, which arrived at the same time as the DLC. Eventually, though, the Black Armory DLC was declared to become seasonal content when Year 4: the Beyond Light came about. In this guide, let’s go over the steps on how to get the  Black Armory Key Mold.

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What Is the Black Armory Key?

The Black Armory key is the 4th and last of a set of keys to open up the Mysterious Box. We won’t go over the steps on how to get the box itself as that’s not the focus of the video. However, back in 2018, players got the Mysterious Box when they started the season. The difference between the Black Armory Key and the other 3 keys in the set is pretty big. The other keys require the player to shoot down drones on the 4th forge. 

However, let’s not talk about all that. You’re here to know how to get the Black Armory Key to open the Mysterious Box. To do that though, you need to find the Black Armory Key Mold.


Steps on How to Get the Black Armory Key Mold

Obtaining the Black Armory Key Mold is a pretty easy thing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate and talk to Ada-1. She can be found in the Black Armory, which is found in the Annex of the Tower. Specifically, a secret door.
  2. To enter the Black Armory, the player has to talk with The Spider. He’s located on the Tangled Shore and is pretty easy to find. Once you talk to him, the Spider gives the player the Black Armory Badge to gain access to the Black Armory.
  3. After gaining the badge, simply go to the west side of the tower, then follow the waypoints the game gives you. You’ll eventually find a door that can be opened with the Black Armory Badge.
  4. Once there, talk to Ada-1 who will give you the Black Armory Key Mold.


Why Should You Follow These Black Armory Key Mold Steps?

As stated, the Black Armory Key is one of the 4 keys required to unlock the mysterious box. Something that was given to players when the Black Armory DLC was released. Nowadays, the Black Armory Key Mold is still a pretty important item to go for, as it gives players access to Ada-1. Not only is she a very influential character in the game’s lore, but she also has several unique capabilities. Once the Black Armory quest is finished, she can be accessed as a Faction Vendor, with access to several unique items.

As for the key itself, the Black Armory Key is a pretty cool key to get because it’s one of the 4 keys needed to open Destiny 2’s Mysterious Boxes. These boxes usually have a lot of cool loot in them, which players can use not only for bling but also for completing some of Destiny 2’s harder content.


Final Word

Overall, the Black Armory Key and its subsequent questline is a good way to get new and exotic weaponry. It’s also a good way to get additional Destiny 2 lore for those that are hungry for it. If you have the time, and friends that are willing to help, it’s a good idea to do the Black Armory quest together with them.

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