25 Best VR Games on PC to Get You Hooked Today

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Top 25 Best VR Games to Get You Hooked in 2020

Until just a little while ago, virtual reality games were just a pipe dream. Fast forward to the present, and we now have a sea of virtual reality headsets to choose from. From the Oculus Rift to the HTC Vive, we have obtained virtual reality setups that are even compatible with smartphones like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

Now all eyes are set on virtual reality for the future of gaming with plenty of games to get into. With that being said, we’ve compiled 25 of the best VR games for you to get hooked on today.



Aircar is an enjoyable entry-level VR game that takes you to a futuristic cityscape. It’s pretty simple, as it places you in a flying car that you use to explore the city with. It is straightforward and entrancing and is one of the few free VR games out on Steam.

Compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality, this is a great game to test your VR headset with.

Arktika is one of the few Oculus Rift games that are actually exclusive to the Oculus Touch. It was made by the same people who made the Metro games, which are some of the most critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic games to date.

This one is like a triple-A game that is a first-person shooter with gameplay mechanics similar to the Metro games. You explore a post-apocalyptic world filled with marauders trying to raid your settlement as well as fend off horrid creatures in order to survive.

If you’re a fan of rhythm and beat games, then Beat Saber is for you. It stands as the epitome of VR gaming, being one of the most played VR games of all time. It is one of the best VR games available on the Oculus Rift, PS4 VR, and Steam. As the name suggests, you use the sabers that respond to the game and cut through beats with directions on them.

There are tons of songs that were handcrafted by the community including some of the all-time hit songs like — Believer, Thunder, The Greatest Show, and so on. The game is also complete with a campaign mode, which gives you objectives and challenges to do. Though it might need some practice and it’s competitive too, once you get a hang of it, you’ll be hooked. If you’re ready to take the game up a notch, challenge yourself to be on the global leaderboard. To top it all off, it doubles up as a workout session too.

One of the most unique VR games to have come out in recent times, Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox game where players fight in an arena with swords, shields, spears, bows, and even magic. 

Unlike most other VR games, physics is actually a thing in this game. Your weapons all have weight and it’s as if you can actually feel the weight with every swing. The best part about this one is that the only thing that limits you is your own imagination. There are many ways to play the game, and you can even climb up walls and objects and do parkour.

Another physics-based game is Boneworks, a story-based action-adventure game where you navigate through levels and solve puzzles. The gaming community gives much praise to Boneworks for its various stages and puzzles.

According to reviews, the best part about this game is its versatility in playstyles. There are so many ways you can play the game, from using traps to melee combat and guns. If you’re looking for a fun adventure game, then this is among one of the best VR games for you.

Creed: Rise to Glory is a boxing game where you try to establish your own legacy. Enter Adonis Creed, aspiring boxer with an ambition to become the best. In this game, you fight your way to the top.

What’s amazing about this game is that every hit you do against your enemy is satisfying. Likewise, every hit they land on you feels real too. The game has a campaign and other game modes where you can do training and free play. Additionally, you have online PvP that makes you face off against other players in the ring.

Creed: Rise to Glory can be played on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation VR.

Are you tired of playing horror games to the point where they no longer feel scary to you? Well, Five Nights at Freddy’s VR is the right game for you. This game is one of the best games in the world of VR horror games and is not for the faint of heart.

If you played the original FNAF games, then this game is like a collection of all of their best bits and then some. With classic and new animatronics to scare the life out of you, FNAF is a classic that everyone who’s into horror should play. And if you don’t want to play on VR, you can play this game on flat PC mode.

Similar to the Metro games, Fallout is one of the best franchises to have ever done the post-apocalyptic genre. Its latest installment, Fallout 4, has been brought to VR gaming. Being one of the “Game of the Year” nominees back in 2015, this one has tons of content over a huge world with much to do and explore.

The VR version of the game comes with not only the core game but also a revised combat and crafting system to suit VR games. Although the game has a lot of glitches, it is by far one of the most adventurous Steam VR games ever produced.

The events of Half-Life: Alyx happens between the events of the first and second Half-Life games. You play as Alyx Vance, who is the last hope for the survival of mankind. As one of the leaders in the resistance, you keep working towards a way to beat the Combine.

This game is a distinct callback to the Half-Life series that many claim to be one of the top VR games in terms of story and innovative gameplay mechanics. If you’re a fan of the Half-Life series, then you should pick this up because it has a ton of new story content for the franchise.

This game is one of the wackiest VR games out there. It is quite literally the result of various random experiments by the developers. As of right now, the game is still in early access, so it’s subject to a lot more experiments to come. The players don’t mind this, though, since a lot of people enjoy the game.

Hotdogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is a game that has tons of firearms. It has a firing range where you can test all of the guns available, and you can customize them too. Overall, this one is just a ton of brainless fun. Now, all you need is a great VR headset that works well with Steam.

Job Simulator is a game that sounds boring but is actually quite interesting. As the name suggests, you do different jobs in various places. It has cute cartoon-like graphics and fun job mechanics that all complete the VR experience. 

You play as a robot trying to serve customers. There are four different jobs, each with their own specialization. The game also has a physics engine that isn’t really realistic but is fun to play around with. Overall, this one is just a ton of fun.

Lone Echo is a single-player story that brings you to the rings of Saturn where you take up the role of Jack, a synthetic body that has an artificially intelligent brain. In this game, there are a lot of mysteries and puzzles that you need to uncover and solve, all while exploring space. 

Available on the Oculus Rift and Touch as an exclusive, Lone Echo is applauded for its wide cast of true to life characters and interactive dialogue. Above all, it is lauded for its breathtaking graphics and environment.



If you want an interesting adventure game with surprises, puzzles, and thrilling combat, then Moss is for you. In this Steam VR RPG, you accompany a mouse named Quill on her quest to save her uncle from a great evil.

The community deeply loves Moss, not just for its dialogue and characters but also for its innovation in mechanics. You don’t actually play as Quill, rather you play as her partner. She is the main character, and you’re her partner in crime. 

No Man’s Sky is one of many space exploration games on this list. Being ported from PC and consoles, it was once a game hated by many for its lack of content. However, in the present, it is widely commended because of the perseverance of the developers. They’ve managed to make the game not only better but stellar, even.

You explore an infinite universe with a plethora of wildlife and resources to collect and can conquer even whole planets if you wanted. Each and every planet is unique and brimming with life and mystery, waiting for you to explore them. If you need an upper-hand, here are some of the best No Man’s Sky cheats that might be helpful.



By far one of the best multiplayer shooter games to have ever existed on any VR system is Pavlov. The game borrows some aspects from Counter Strike in terms of mechanics but is overall unique and a breath of fresh air in the first-person shooter genre. 

It features an offline bot mode for you to practice in as well as a competitive mode that allows you to compete with the best of the best. If you don’t really like competition and don’t want to spend a lot of time in a match, then you can try out the casual mode that is a lot faster paced. And if you’re still unsure on whether to get this game or not, then there’s a free demo so you can try it out.

Based on the hit movie produced by Marvel, the Far From Home VR game is one that allows you to play as Spiderman himself. You can swing around the city while completing objectives. It allows you to swing across a recreation of Manhattan at your own pace all while having a short campaign to complete.

This one is a great buy if you’re looking for a thrill ride that can get your adrenaline going. It can cause motion sickness if you play it for too long, so be wary of that.

Being ported from PC, Superhot VR is a game that has gotten critical acclaim from game critics and players alike because of its distinctive and fresh mechanics. It is a shooter game where you fight your way through hordes of enemies and kill them all to reach the next level. 

The fact that the enemies in this game only move when you move makes it stand out. Whenever you aren’t moving, time stops. In this sense, the game allows you to feel like you’re in the Matrix, dodging every shot thrown at you.

Skyrim is one of the few games to have survived this long in the gaming industry. Usually, when a game comes out, it becomes obsolete within a few years, but Skyrim came out in mid-2011 and a lot of people still love playing it.

You play as the Dragonborn and can speak the language of dragons, as well as absorbing their souls. Although dragons were long extinct, they suddenly revived, so now it’s your job to put a stop to them. Seen as one of the best RPG games of all time, Skyrim is brought to life in VR better than ever before with enhanced combat mechanics and all downloadable content from the original game.

In the Forest, you play as a character on a flight that crashes onto a deserted island. Upon waking up from the crash, you must now learn to survive and defend yourself, not only from wildlife but cannibalistic mutants inhabiting the island as well. The game allows you to make yourself a shelter and build traps for predators. It is a true survival game.

The Forest VR has been in the works for quite some time after its original release on PC and consoles and has finally been realized. It is scarier and far more atmospheric than the original game. You actually feel like you’re in the game itself.

Don’t have a VR headset yet? Check out the Oculus Rift on Amazon, which is perfect for PC gamers.

Undead Development is set in a cartoonish zombie apocalypse where you must survive for as long as you can. You can set traps, get guns, and slice and dice zombies. Areas that are close to you can be explored for loot and new things to use for crafting.

By far the most attractive aspect of this game is the fact that it gives you the ability to nail objects to any other object. You can break furniture apart and then use that to build a new shelter with the dynamic nailing feature or use tables to barricade your door. Really, the only thing that limits you is your creativity.

Civilization has been destroyed by an unknown calamity that brought in an otherworldly species. The greatness that is mankind has fallen, and you are the only one who can stop it as the last Rune Knight. You fight through hordes of enemies and get new equipment and abilities along the way.

When it comes to RPG games, Until You Fall is one of the best VR games on this list. It has a dynamic combat system and makes use of the teleport function of your VR headset extensively. To add to this, its soundtrack is much adored by its players. 

Vader Immortal is an immersive saga that spans three parts. Journeying to Mustafar, your character infiltrates Darth Vader’s fortress to uncover what secrets it holds. You are the main character who holds the power to save or destroy the galaxy itself.

This one is more of a cinematic experience overall, much like a 3D movie. It excels in storytelling first and foremost. However, its gameplay is also quite unique, as it lets you wield a lightsaber and feel like you’re an actual Jedi.

If you enjoy Minecraft and have always wanted to try out the game on VR, then Vivecraft is for you. It is a mod that enables you to play Minecraft with your VR headset and is completely compatible with just about every VR headset out there. 

Unlike Minecraft, you can make your character really small or absolutely gigantic at will. Your character will do all of the actions that you do in real life. If you climb, swim, sneak, or eat, then your character will do the same. It also supports multiplayer so you can share it and play with all of your friends. 



VRChat is an interactive game where you can interact with real people. You can be whoever you want to be and talk to whoever you want to talk to, provided you have voice chat enabled. The servers it has are huge and a lot of people are on it daily.

It sports full-body tracking, so your character does just about anything that you do in real life. You can even sleep while in it. In this game, literally anything is possible. There’s something for everybody and the best part? It’s entirely free.

The Walking Dead game series has always been about choices. Every decision and action you make all have implications for the story. Moreover, in Saints & Sinners, you’re a survivor in New Orleans struggling to get by every day with your fellow survivors. 

If you’ve ever wondered what the Walking Dead would look like in real life, then stop wondering and experience it for yourself with your VR headset. You can go in guns blazing, take zombies out stealthily, and take missions from various factions because it is your story.

Virtual Reality Is Amazing

It started off as just a fantasy but now ended up being realized to the extent that people view it as the future of gaming. Slowly but surely, VR is realizing its destiny as the next big thing in gaming. There now exists many more games than before that it can actually be pretty difficult to think about what to buy. Pretty soon, the list of best VR games will continue to grow. Thus, the only answer is to choose what you think will be most fun for you. 

25 Best VR Games on PC to Get You Hooked in 2020

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