30 Best Fortnite Skins We Bet You Never Knew in 2022

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30 Best Fortnite Skins We Bet You Never Knew in 2020

Playing multiplayer games like Fortnite can make it difficult for players to differentiate themselves. That’s especially so if you’re using a common skin. What’s the use of winning when you can’t stand out among millions of players? That’s why people often opt to purchase Fortnite skins, which are the costumes used for players’ characters, to give them an edge and personality over other players. Which ones are the best? Check out our list of the top 30 Fortnite skins.


How to Get Fortnite Skins?

Fortnite skins are the costumes you use for your Fortnite characters during the game. There’s an in-game store if you were wondering where to buy Fortnite skins. However, it’s not that easy if you’re looking to buy epic or legendary skins. Those are typically hidden behind tier levels and you need to unlock the purchase whenever you’ve reached a certain level.  Not only that, but it’s also important to ask how long Fortnite skins last because it won’t stay in rotation forever. It might be helpful to consult a Fortnite skin tracker to stay up-to-date. It’s especially helpful to give you a heads-up with the Fortnite leaked skins for your future skins shopping strategy.

If you are good enough (or rich enough) to get to those tiers in time, you’ll still have to pay with the in-game currency known as V-Bucks. These are easily obtainable if you’re willing to spend some real-world cash. However, if you’re on a budget, then you might be wondering how to get free Fortnite skins without shelling out. It’s possible if you’re willing to put in loads of effort. V-Bucks is a common prize in Fortnite events and via Fortnite objectives. Ultimately, the more you play the game, the better chances of gaining V-Bucks.

Coming from the Fort Knights Set, the Black Knight is a Legendary Outfit only obtainable during Season 2 of the Battle Pass. It’s a rare find given that you had to have reached Tier 70 to get it. What’s more, it’s no longer available in stores today so it’s certainly a coveted, stand-out skin. The Black Knight came with an all-black helm, vest, pants, and a Black Shield Back Bling.

Fortnite skins aren’t always used for tactical advantages. Sometimes, they’re just plain cute and who doesn’t want to have a cute character? With the Bunny Brawler, you’ll get a pastel blue onesie with pointy bunny ears as your OOTD. Sure, you stick out like a sore thumb on the battlefield, but you’re sure to be remembered if you win. It’s also the perfect outfit during the Easter season!

Not all Fortnite skins come with flashy outfits and fancy accessories. Some have a certain homemade — albeit lackadaisical — charm to them. Yes, the skin looks like a Halloween party’s lazily-put-together costume. Yet, it’s heavily desired for the same reason. With the Chomp Sr., you get an almost haphazardly made shark head with shades from the 90s. It’s so terrible that it’s cool. 

Having holiday-themed skins can be limiting at times. Some may love Christmas while others love Halloween, but what about the people who adore both? With Crackshot, you get the best of both seasons. Not only will you live out your fantasies of being a nutcracker (no judgment), but you also get to terrorize people with your terrifying face. It’s not tactical by any means but boy, it sure is satisfying to play with. 

Who says celebrating holidays can’t be done in-game? With Dante and Rosa of the Muertos Set, you can happily celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in Fortnite. You can honor the deceased with these intricately designed Fortnite skins and show them who’s boss at the same time. They’re not only designed beautifully, but they’re also reactive. That’s right, these Fortnite skins react to light changes making them glow in the dark. 

If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, you can live out your dream through Fortnite’s Dark Voyager skin. Not only will you get an astronaut costume, but you’ll also get a badass one in all black. It’s one of the only astronaut skins that truly stand out. Hence, if you’ve ever dreamed of being one while engaging in a battle royale, this is your pick.

At first, there’s seemingly nothing special about this skin. Dire is just a regular dude with regular clothes. That is until you level up and the skin starts to morph. If you’re strong enough to climb up tiers, this skin will truly be worth it. The higher your tier gets, the more the skin starts to develop into Dire the werewolf. Then, you can instill fear in your enemies, showing your real prowess as the fearsome Dire. 

Evolving Fortnite skins is pretty commonplace, but that wasn’t always the case. It was Drift that started the trend and soon, many others followed suit. With Drift, you start as a regular dude with a mask. However, the more you gain XP while using it, the more the skin will level up into a fox-masked man in a slick coat with lightning effects. Once you unlock the full outfit, you get what many consider to be one of the best Fortnite skins. 

Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? No, really. I’m not talking about Twilight and Edward Cullen here. We’re talking a sick, extremely pale, and beautiful vampire with red eyes and an outfit that easily outshines many others. With Dusk, you get exactly that with the benefit of not having to evolve your outfit for it to turn into something awesome. It’s great straight out of the box and is sure to make you stand out.

It’s one thing to read about fairy tales but another thing to live them out. Well, sort of. With Fable, you get to dress up as a fairy tale character and roleplay as you crush enemies on the battlefield. Put on your not-so-little Red Riding Hood outfit with long, red braids and a red hood. Overall, it’s an adorable skin even if it isn’t such a tactical character to play with.

Some Fortnite skins can be pretty uninteresting, but Galaxy certainly isn’t one of them as it takes the personification of galaxies to a whole different level. One look at the outfit and you’ll immediately think it’s the ultimate embodiment of being one with the universe. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore since it was only released if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S4 tablet. If you’re one of those who has it, then you’re one lucky player. 

Zombie-related themes have surged in popularity both in movies and games. Fortnite is, of course, included. For one Fortnitemares event for Halloween, they came out up the Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper skins to celebrate the occasion. However, many users dissed the skins for lacking originality when they first came out. Nevertheless, demand rose through the roof when they became harder to get a hold of. Now, these two stand as some of the best skins in Fortnite. 

“Okay, being an astronaut is pretty cool in and of itself. How can we make it much cooler than that?” “Well, a human astronaut is too mainstream. What if we turn a fish into an astronaut?”

That’s probably how the conversation went between Fortnite’s artists and developers. At least, that’s how I like to imagine it. Still, despite how nonsensical that conversation may seem, the skin turned out to be pretty great. With a teal and white iridescent astronaut outfit and a mean-looking fish head, this legendary skin is so quirkily dope it’s impossible not to like. 

Fortnite’s battle royale can get pretty intense with players fighting each other to death. Why not promote a bit of love and positivity while crushing your enemies to the ground? With Love Ranger, you can play as a stone cupid spreading love—and death—to all people. 

Kidding aside, this skin is truly unique as a Valentine-themed skin. The stone cupid has horns, giant wings, and an awesome weapon to boot. Moreover, Epic Games released a darker variant called the Fallen Love Ranger for people who want a grittier take on the character.

Not everyone’s born with femme fatale qualities like Catwoman. Fortunately, in the digital realm, you don’t need to be born with it naturally. All you need is the Lynx Fortnite skin to be able to channel your inner feline. Like the Omega skin, Lynx has a form-fitting black outfit, although there are many color options to personalize your look. There’s also an option to look like a popstar if Catwoman isn’t your thing. 

One of the best skins from season 2 is Midas, the leader of the spies. He comes with a stone-cold skin tone and a sleek suit, but that’s not what makes him special. His character is adorned with touches of old everywhere, from his guns to his very skin. Midas was one of the best skins from season 2 hands down. Plus, as if his default look wasn’t enough, Midas has ghost and shadow variants that make him even better. You can turn him into pure gold with a black/gray outfit. 

From afar, looking at Mothmando’s character will convince anyone that a moth has intruded into your Fortnite game. It could look like a mythical creature from urban legends or just a regular moth. Nonetheless, Mothmando’s just a man wearing a gas mask that looks convincing enough to be a moth man. Still, you might not get to be a real moth, but it’s outlandish enough to catch anyone’s eye.

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superheroes became a mega-hit across many industries, including games. With the Omega skin, you can look just like one in an all-black, red-accented suit. It kind of looks like the Black Panther if you look from afar. However, its body is fully armored, which is more similar to Iron Man, with a helmet to match. It’s as coveted as it is difficult to get, too. You’d have to get to Tier 100 to even be able to purchase it—and that’s no small feat.

I don’t know about you, but some days I just feel like I want to look like a banana. If we’re kindred spirits and you feel the same, the Peely Fortnite skin should pique your interest. Yes, that’s right. You too can be a man wearing a banana mascot. Although you wouldn’t be at a tactical advantage, you’d certainly be memorable. 

Legendary skins like the Ragnarok skin are hard to come by because they have such a high barrier to entry. Ragnarok is no different, allowing only people in Tier 100 to purchase its awesome form. People lucky enough to get it will find that it might not be much at first. However, the more you use it, the more it evolves into an awesome figure with an intimidating horned skull, a braided blue beard, and a menacing outfit to match.

If you’re a fan of Raven’s aesthetic from Teen Titans, you’re sure to love this Raven from Fortnite. The skin comes with similarly colored black and red tones, although this Raven doesn’t have the same powers. Still, the aesthetic is unique and stylish making any player look cool.

Knights are cool and all, but if they only come in black, it can look a bit draggy. That’s why the Red Knight is one of the best skins making you look like a medieval knight with a pop of color. Add to that its small, glowing red eyes and anyone can feel threatened.

Given that players get transported via plane, Renegade Raider fits Fortnite’s theme the most. With this skin, you get to play as a fighter pilot with paint across your face. It’s a shame that it was only available in Season 1’s level 20 with no comeback in sight.

Outlandish skins on this list are rarely amply prepared for battle. In contrast, Rook might not be as eccentric, but she’s sure ready for combat. With a bulletproof vest, gloves, and glasses, Rook looks like she’s ready to take somebody down—so ready that it’s easy to overlook the underlying office attire that makes her look like a common citizen. 

One of the rarest and most wanted skins in the game is Sparkle Specialist. She’s an Epic outfit sporting a sleeveless blue tank top, gray pants, and high-cut boots. Of course, her outfit’s pretty shiny as her name implies. It’s difficult to get a hold of her, though, because you’d need to be in Tier 56 under Season 2’s Battle Pass. 

What better way to flaunt your achievements than with a Tier-100 skin from Season 7? The Ice King is the perfect pick with its menacing blue eyes under a hood that doesn’t show his face. His sinister look is completed with his matching blue-and-black outfit designed with icy patterns. 

If you’re familiar with pop culture, then the Reaper is sure to remind you of someone iconic. John Wick, in specific. If you’re not over how those terrible people killed his dog, then take it out on your Fortnite enemies with this John Wick-inspired skin. Alternatively, you may just want to feel like you’re a badass like John Wick. Either way, this skin is dope. 

You’d get Tomatohead if you imagine the silliest and creepiest mascot you could ever think of and multiply it by 10. Of course, at first glance, players will know it’s a nod to Fortnite’s in-game Tomato Town. Regardless, though, the outfit is pretty creepy and can instill fear on anyone on the battlefield. If you manage to upgrade, it you can even get its more horrifying version.

Lots of skins on this list are dark and gloomy, so Valor’s colorful aesthetic stands out fairly well. With this skin, you’re a female superhero ready to take on the evils of the world and save the innocent. Anyone who wants to be a hero can be inspired to do so while wearing this outfit, although it’s a bit antithetical given that you’re on an island out to kill everybody else you encounter. 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Wukong Fortnite Skin is a mythic monkey-like soldier inspired by the holiday. His sheer form is enough to put anybody in awe. Not to mention, he has an awesome golden armor that’s shiny enough to blind anyone on the battlefield.

Final Word

Fortnite skins aren’t always easy to come by, especially when they’re rare finds. That’s why if you find one you want still in rotation, you must grab hold of it quickly. Many of these skins are no longer in rotation, making them even more coveted. If you manage to get your hands on one, you can finally gain the satisfaction of crushing your enemies on the battlefield in a super-sleek style.

30 Best Fortnite Skins We Bet You Never Knew in 2022

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