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Drifting in racing games is both a test of skill and a guilty pleasure. They’re also a way to get around some very tight corners. In GTA 5, though, drifting is a bit of a necessary skill due to how useful it is not only in racing but also in escaping arrest. Today we’re going to talk about the best drift car models in GTA 5.

But we can’t just talk about drift cars without talking about the skill itself. So first, what is drifting?


What Is Drifting in GTA 5 & Online?

Best Drift car Models in gta 5
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Drifting is a driving skill that gives players the ability to skid and slide on turns without going on out-of-control spins that lead to accidents. This is a pretty good skill to have when driving as it allows players to slide on the various road turns without losing much speed. However, the wrong usage of drifting can lead to some pretty devastating accidents, which, in GTA, can be a bit detrimental.

Drifting can be used anywhere, from normal drives to escaping after a heist or street races. Drifting around tight turns can oftentimes lead to daring escapes and clutching races. Overall, it is a skill that you’re going to need to learn in the world of GTA.

However, to drift properly, the player needs not only the skill but also the car to drift in.

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How to Drift in GTA 5 & Online?


Similar to the real world, drifting in GTA 5 needs precise car control, managing of the E-brake, and timing. Starting too soon means not being able to maintain the drift to clear corners. Starting too late would mean a crash. Not controlling the rear tires means spinning out of control. Failing to start the E-brake on time? Kiss your drift goodbye.

Thus, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to drift in GTA 5/Online.

  1. Press the RT/W Key/R2 to start accelerating the car of your choice into a turn. One thing to take note of is that you’re going to want to keep the accelerator trigger pressed at all times. However, not to the point of it completely down. Keep a balance between pressed and bum rush acceleration.
  2. Tap either the E-brake or handbrake. Usually, this is RB/Spacebar/R1 as the car is about to go into the turn. Don’t use the brakes. AKA the LT/S Key/L2, because the car will lose speed almost instantly instead.
  3. As the car’s sliding on the road, make sure to use the left analog stick (or the A and D keys) to guide the car’s back end. Make sure that the back end is moving in the opposite direction of the car’s slide. This is known as a countersteer, and you want to keep this going to ensure you’re drifting. If your car’s sliding right, move to the left, and vice versa. This makes sure that the car doesn’t go into a full spin.
  4. When satisfied, stop the handbrake tapping and let the car gain speed as usual.


8 Best Drift Car Models in GTA 5 & Online

Look no further as we have listed the best drift car models you must have in GTA 5 & Online!

1. Karin Futo



How to get it: Found on the world and sold for $9,000. It can be found naturally at Los Santos International Airport, Pitcher’s Robbery, Rockford Hills, and Port of Los Santos. Also makes an appearance on the Paparazzo – The Sex Tape and Stock Car Races Side Missions.

One of the best drift car models in GTA 5 is the Karin Futo — for those that know their old animes, the Karin Futo might look a tad bit familiar. This is because the car is inspired by the Toyota AE86, which made its claim to fame with the anime Initial D. Like the car it’s inspired from, the Karin Futo doesn’t look flashy. It’s not fast, and it was pretty cheap. However, the simple design, lightweight, and cheap price make it a great car for beginning drifters. The car handles like a dream as well, making it very easy to drift around corners and other tight areas.

Last but not least, the Karin Futo doesn’t need that much to upgrade. Maybe around the realm of $100,000, maybe less without any liveries or chassis changes. $100,000 in GTA Online, is chump change, and easily gained through a variety of ways, so not that much of a problem overall.

All in all, if you want a good starter car to drift around the city, get the Karin Futo. Its great handling makes it a great car to start practicing drifting with.


2. Declasse Drift Yosemite


How to get it: Only available for purchase on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos costing $1,308,000. However, completing the Diamond Castle Heist as Heist Leader and using the car would give players a discounted price of $981,000.

Next on the list is the Declasse Drift Yosemite, a more powerful version of the normal Yosemites players see in the world. The original Yosemite car was modified to have more power, becoming a muscle car/pickup truck combo. This monster of a car combines fast max acceleration with ludicrous top speeds. At least, for a pickup truck. The main use of the Drift Yosemite is usually for low-speed drifts, as it can be said to be a high-budget Karin Futo. However, some upgrades allow it to be used on high-speed drifting as well.

Do note though that this car is a bigger investment compared to the Karin Futo, costing upwards of $500,000 and more to fully customize. Even if the base of the Drift Yosemite is good, there are still other cars on this list that would be better suited for high-speed drifting. It’s still worth getting though as the Declasse Drift Yosemite is a pretty good car even when not used in drifting.


3. Annis Elegy Retro Custom


How to get it: Upgraded from a standard Annis Elegy RH8 at Benny’s Original Motor Works for $904,000. The Annis Elegy RH8 can be purchased on Legendary Motorsport or Benny’s Original Motor Works for $95,000. The total price for purchasing the RH8 and converting it into the Retro Custom is $999,000.

The Annis Elegy Retro Custom made it on the list because of a lot of things. First off, its acceleration is pretty nuts, with a top speed of 148kph. It’s not as fast as the Elegy RH8, yes. But for our drifting purposes, that’s just fine. Due to its slower speed compared to the RH8, the handling of the Elegy Retro Custom is way better, with a lot of emphasis on going around street corners.

The second thing that makes this car a legend is that the car itself is inspired by the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. This is the car model that Paul Walker used in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. The original livery of the very car that Paul used is even in the game, making the Annis Elegy Retro Custom a tribute to the late superstar.

However, due to the low top speed, the Annis Elegy Retro Custom would eventually fall off from other high-powered drift cars. In addition to this, the player’s looking at a $180,000 price tag for upgrades, if they’re not looking to customize the car visually. In that case, expect a steeper price tag of around 350 to $400,400.

However, the Annis Elegy Retro Custom is already a beast of a car without any upgrades. On its own, it’s one of the best drift car models in GTA 5.


4. Bravado Banshee 900R


How to get it: Modifying a stock Bravado Banshee obtainable on Legendary Motorsport for $105,000. The Bravado Banshee can only be upgraded if bought directly from a motor store. Stolen Bravado Banshees wouldn’t be allowed to upgrade due to being too “Hot” to modify.

The Bravado Banshee 900R is a modified version of the original Banshee. The unmodified version has gained a lot of improvements throughout the GTA Series. Compared to previous entries, the Banshee now has higher acceleration and top speed, making it one of the speedier cars before and after upgrades. Handling was given a few improvements as well, but it could be better. Thus, the Bravado Banshee 900R.

The performance of the Banshee 900R is altered quite dramatically compared to the original. For one, it’s now a Super Car, rather than a Sports car, which brings several changes. Specifically, the ludicrous increase in top speed and acceleration. This means that it’s a good idea to keep a careful grip on the car’s handling when going through tight turns. Do note though that the car’s full potential can only be unlocked by upgrading it, and that takes more cash. For just upgrades, the Banshee 900R would cost above $200,000 in addition to buying the stock Banshee and upgrading it.

Still, it’s pretty worth it, as the car can be a really big asset on drift races and escapes.


5. Dewbauchee Rapid GT


How to get it: Can be bought for $132,000 for the Coupé version or $140,000 for the Roadster version on Legendary Motorsport. It also spawns in several locations in the game’s world. Specifically, on Rockford/Vinewood Hills, Paleto Bay, and the Los Santos Storm Drain. The latter location is on a race that the Marabunta Grande organizes and can be stolen there. In addition to this, the Legal Trouble mission spawns a Dewbauchee Rapid GT outside the Solomon Richards’ Studio.

Many GTA players consider the Dewbauchee Rapid GT the best of the best on this list due to its superior balance. Compared to the other cars, the Dewbauchee Rapid GT is a powerhouse, with stability in speed and power giving players ample control of their driving. Its weight, high speed, and great stability make it a must-have, and its $132,000 price tag is a steal compared to other cars.

However, for those that want to put the pedal to the metal and upgrade the card to its maximum? The Dewbauchee Rapid GT is a money sucker, costing around $215,000 cash to do so. Compared to other cars on this list though, it’s still easy enough an amount to get. Thus, if the player’s willing to give an investment, then the Dewbauchee Rapid GT is a car to get their hands on.


6. Willard Faction


How to get it: Has a price of $36,000 on Benny’s Original Motor Works.

The Willard Faction is a classic US muscle car that can output a lot of horsepower with or without upgrades. It’s not popular on the GTA Online scene though, but that shouldn’t stop a player from trying this bad boy out.

In addition to the relatively cheap $36,000 price tag, the Willard Faction has a lot of things going for it. Its main draw in the drifting scene is on high-speed tracks, but the car’s heavier body compared to other cars helps in doing long drifts. As per usual, upgrades are needed to make this car shine on the tracks, causing upwards of $215,000 to fully upgrade. Once done though, the Willard Faction is a workhorse, able to do a lot of things on GTA Online, whether it be for heist getaways or drifting tracks.

All in all, a very reliable car on and off the drift track. It is truly one of the best drift car models you can get in GTA 5.


7. Schyster Fusilade


How to get it: Can be bought on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $36,000. Randomly spawns on Terminal, Buccaneer Way, as well as Vinewood, Rockford Hills, and Richman.

The Schyster Fusilade is a car that comes with a pretty decent price the initial buy. For a car that costs $36,000, it gives quite a bit in return, from an aerodynamic profile great for speedy runs, to sporty vertical vents for added style. The Fusilade has a lot of things that make it one of the better cars to get on this list.

Its performance also doesn’t disappoint. It has good acceleration and nice top speed, aided by its profile, nimbleness, and lightweight. It can drift corners at high speeds if the player knows their stuff, and it’s overall a great car to drive in a race or a chase. Do note though that its low durability can be a pretty big obstacle, as it only takes a few hits on the front before engine failure happens.

Its true potential, much like the other cars on this list, comes out after a few upgrades. As per usual, it’ll take a hefty amount of cash, but the Schyster Fusilade will be a wonderful car to drift in. Overall, the Schyster’s decent price, great base stats, and incredible performance when upgraded land it a spot on this list of best Drift cars to use on GTA 5/Online.


8. Buffalo STX


How to get it: Can be purchased on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $2,150,000. Once the player obtains an agency, purchasing a Buffalo STX would be discounted to $1,612,500.

The Buffalo STX is a powerhouse of a car that takes inspiration from the 2015 iteration of the Dodge Charger. It’s pretty faithful to the original version, keeping most of the things that made the Dodge Charger iconic.

It’s because of this faithfulness to the original that makes the Buffalo STX one of, if not the best cars to use for drifting. The acceleration and power of this muscle car are a sight to behold, and drifting on precise turns is easy once the player knows how to deal with the car’s speed. Combine this with its pretty lightweight and the player will be blazing through roads in no time flat. The upgrades are honestly just a formality when the Buffalo STX is concerned, but having them would still give a noticeable boost in speed.

Overall, the Buffalo STX takes the cake as the best of the best in terms of drift cars in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Buying one of these cars and modifying it to its max potential is a labor of love at this point. Especially when considering the 2 Million cash price tag just to buy one. But, it’s one well worth doing.


What Should You Look For in Drift Car Models in GTA 5 & Online?


The first thing to note is that any car on GTA can drift, but dedicated drift cars tend to have good engines that output a lot of Horsepower. However, the most important thing in a drift car’s arsenal is the tires.

Good tires are necessary for drift cars, specifically Low-Grip tires. This is because Low-Grip tires reduce a car’s traction, allowing them to drift easier. Thus, getting Low-Grip tires in addition to other modifications is necessary to get a drift car in GTA V/Online.

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