Transformers Beast Wars Toys That Deserve Your Attention

MP-32 Optimus Primal in Robot Mode

Origins of the Beast Wars: Transformers

1996 was a year of change, people were craving for an edgier product in all forms of entertainment. Movies, television, comics, and music experienced a rise in demand for something groundbreaking. Not only was it prevalent among adults but also with children. This resulted in companies that focus on selling toys to update classic characters and adapt to these new preferences.

As such, the creators of the beloved Transformers franchise from the 1980s aimed to reintroduce classic characters. Both the Autobots and Decepticon factions were given more primal and edgier designs. Hence, the Transformers Beast Wars saga was introduced as an answer to the ever-changing preference of consumers albeit initial concerns from fans.


Reinvention Of Beloved Characters

When the Beast Wars Toys were introduced, the majority of characters have gone through drastic changes. Based on the likeness of a Silverback Gorilla, Optimus Primal was the alpha of the Maximals faction. While his rival, the ever-popular yet nefarious Megatron was based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Other more famous characters from the Generation one cartoons were given makeovers and new names to fit the new narrative.

With these new designs, Hasbro did not just plan to release Transformers Beast Wars toys but also an animated T.V. show that will focus on these newly redesigned and introduced characters. This animated show is a way to showcase the struggle between the honorable Maximals and the evil Predacons and make those toys more insatiable to kids everywhere.


Lasting Impact

Sporting a cast of cool-looking characters, the Transformers Beast Wars toys and its partner shows were hits to the kids at that time. So much so that, Transformers license holders Takara Tomy and Hasbro have released several Beast Wars characters as part of various lines and will continue to produce more. Aside from them, numerous third party companies have also produced Beast Wars inspired products such as toys and other collectibles. 

This includes Beast Wars action figures getting a release under the coveted Masterpiece line. Part of this line-up is the best Cheetor Beast Wars toy in the market, as well as series heavyweights Optimus Primal and Megatron. Other notable characters were also made available to the public through the Generations line.

Without a doubt, Transformers Beast Wars Action figures influenced collectors everywhere. Original figures from the initial and subsequent releases are hot commodities in the aftermarket today. These figures go for huge amounts of money especially, if the right conditions are met.

Speaking of Beast Wars action figures, if you are looking to relive your childhood. Here are some notable Transformers Beast Wars toys that you may want to add to your collection. Some of these include Beast Wars Combiners that form bigger robots as well as a stand-alone figure.



Transformers Beast Wars Action Figure Suggestions


Transformers Beast Wars Combiners


1. Transformers Beast Wars Magnaboss

Beast Wars Maximal Combiner Magnaboss in Package
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In homage to Silverbolt’s tenacity, Prowl’s analytical sense and Ironhide’s gritty demeanor, the world was introduced to the Maximal Beast Wars combiner, Magnaboss. Having the likenesses of three majestic animals, Beast Wars Magnaboss had a badass design. Boxsets are usually the best way to go since everything you need comes in one package. Everything comes together and you don’t miss out on someone who is part of the team.

Magnaboss comes with all three fully transformable robots and his weapons. This combiner is still online and you can check him out by clicking here.


2. Transformers Beast Wars Tripredacus

Beast Wars Predacon Combiner Tripredacus in Package
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Surely, the Maximals can’t have all the fun, right? Knowing the Predacons, they would not let their rivals have the advantage that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Tripredacus is a result of technology stolen by the Predacons from the Maximals. Made up of members Ramhorn, Cicadacon, and Sea Clamp these bots are already despicable on their own but as a combiner, those traits were amplified to the next level.

Tripredacus can go for a varying amount of money depending on the condition of the figures and weapons.


Single Carded Figure


3. Transformers Beast Wars: Scavenger

Beast Wars Transmetals Scavenger In A Sealed Package
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Speaking of despicable,  Scavenger might not be a combiner but he is damn evil. Even the guy’s alternate beast mode screams irritating as he transforms from a Transmetal robot and into a fire ant. Also, Scavenger is a triple changer meaning he can transform into another alternate mode which happens to be a tank.

This character is not from the original television show rather, he is part of the Transmetal storyline which continued the struggle between good and evil into a new era.

Scavenger comes alone in package and is cheaper than the combiners above. Current listings can vary depending if all accessories are intact and in good condition.


Final Note

Prices for these figures can spike up and down in a matter of months and years due to numerous factors. The next part that of this article will focus on what can change the prices of Beast Wars action figures.

Condition of the Figure

Usual prices vary depending on the make and condition of a figure. 

Transformer action figures that cater to the adult collectors will be at the top of the list since they are closer to the source material. As for condition, if the figure comes with everything and is well kept in a mint box, they can go for a higher price.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand also plays a huge part when it comes to the market prices for these action figures. Figures that are part of limited releases tend to go for higher prices in the secondary market. Examples of these are the exclusive figures from specific conventions throughout the world. 

Not only are these figures released in smaller quantities, usually it is a collaboration between Transformers and other media franchises. This results in a spike in demand thus increasing the value in the aftermarket.

Starting a collection made up of Beast Wars toys can be tough. However, there are numerous checklists available online that can act as your guide into this hobby.

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