Top 20 Most Valuable Transformers Toys For Kids And Adults

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Transformers Generations Titan Class Fortress Maximus

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Transformers War for Cybertron Commander Jetfire

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Cyberverse Ultimate Class Grimlock Action Figure

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Hasbro Unicron in robot form.

“More Than Meets the Eye” was more than just a tag-line, it became a phenomenon that transcended the boundaries of our imagination.

Optimus Prime, Megatron, Grimlock, and Starscream are names synonymous with one of the greatest media franchises of all time, the Transformers. Robots capable of transforming from robot to alt-mode and vice versa, the story of these entities from Cybertron has captivated the imagination of kids ever since they were introduced in the 1980’s. In honor of our beloved characters, we will be listing down the top 20 most valuable Transformers toys available in the market for kids and adults.

From action figures, television shows, comics, movies, and video games, the Transformers as a franchise has evolved as the times have changed. In all honesty, what can be cooler than toys that transform into robots and back to a vehicle or a dinosaur with relative ease?


Simple--yet groundbreaking

What started as simple–yet groundbreaking toys due to their transforming feature, every new show or movie has been a catalyst to release new transformers toys for kids and adult collectors to spend their money on. Probably the most popular lines are the Generation One toys (or collectibles inspired by “G1” designs) and the action figures that were released as tie-ins to a new Transformers movie.

Such is the demand for Transformers merchandise that licensed companies have made it to a point to release the coolest Transformers toys available in the market. One great example of this was the highly anticipated MP-44 Optimus Prime 3.0 figure under the Masterpiece line from Takara Tomy.


Appealing to the needs of kids and hardcore collectors

Not only do they cater to hardcore collectors but also to the younger generation that has fallen in love with characters such as Bumblebee.

With full knowledge of kids having trouble with more complex transformations, licensed toys such as the Turbochargers and Rescue Bots lines were created and sold to the public. These action figures feature simple or no transformations and are ready to be played by younger fans everywhere.

As a testament to the popularity of the franchise, Transformers toy reviews have been very visible on the popular website Youtube. These reviews serve not only as a barometer for the latest Transformers toys but as a guide on how to properly transform them.

Interested in finding out how much can these toys go for on websites such as Amazon? Don’t worry, as we are listing down the top 20 most valuable Transformers toys you can buy and order in the market. We’ll be listing down the latest Transformers toys that justify their price.


Our Picks For The Top 20 Most Valuable Transformers toys for kids and adults

Starting with the most popular character in all of Transformers, Optimus Prime has been released twice under Takara Tomy and Hasbro’s Masterpiece banner, MP-01, and MP-10. Ever since the release of MP-10, it has been the standard-bearer for all the figures in the line. Combining realism with his likeness from the 80s animated cartoons, subsequent releases have followed its scale and quality.

Since the release of Takara’s MP-36 Megatron, collectors have been craving for an Optimus Prime figure that can match up to the former in terms of likeness to the original animated series. Prayers have been answered when a 3rd version of the Autobots leader was announced.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime (Convoy) 3.0 is now out in the market and is available for purchase. Buy it now at and own the Autobots leader in person.

All hail, the leader of the Decepticons is here! MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron is the best representation of the Decepticon leader in figure form. Fully inspired by his appearance in the animated cartoons, Megatron has been given multiple accessories to recreate different scenes from the source material.

MP-36 comes with numerous weapons and is fully transformable into his two modes while a function allows him to scream his famous lines (in Japanese). Megatron stands at nearly 12 inches tall and scales perfectly well to other Masterpiece figures. Own Megatron by purchasing him now at!


Known as a dictator to his peers, Megatron’s beast mode from the Transformers Beast Wars saga was a perfect fit. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex transforming into an evil hulking robot that demands respect by force.

Heavily influenced by the 90s Beast Wars Megatron figure, MP-43 has a challenging yet rewarding transformation process. This figure can be transformed from robot mode to beast mode and back plus he comes with a display stand that can support his weight while in dynamic poses.

Megatron was released earlier this year and is available for purchase right now at

Featuring a collaboration between two beloved properties, this limited edition MP-10G Optimus Prime action figure sports a Ghostbusters paint job. Fully transformable like previous Masterpiece releases, this Optimus Prime toy comes with a proto pack, a fully painted Slimer and a modified version of Roller.

Initially available for the attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Convention. This limited-edition Masterpiece figure can now be purchased at

3rd party companies have been an alternative for collectors aside from licensed toy companies. FT-17 Hoodlum, on the other hand, is Fans Toys take on the Autobot Hot Rod in Masterpiece scale. This figure is set to be an alternative to two previous official action figures of the same character.

Included in the package is the figure itself, weapons and swap out parts. Hoodlum is fully transformable and includes diecast parts. Buy the FT-17 Hoodlum now when you visit

Another offering from Fans Toys, FT-16 Sovereign is their take on the Transformers: The Animated Movie villain Galvatron. Featuring a sparkly purple paint job and multiple die-cast parts, this figure is a work of art.

Sovereign comes with numerous accessories and a swap out face which allows for multiple display options. He works well with other offerings from Fans Toys as well as the officially licensed Masterpiece figures. Add Sovereign to your collection by purchasing him today!

Arguably the most beloved character by the younger generation of Transformers fans, Bumblebee is one brave hero that loves to have fun. Usually sporting the colors of yellow and black, we’ve seen him save humans from harm while cracking a few jokes.

Inspired by his appearance from the latest Transformers movie, the Bumble Premium Scale Figure from 3A features exquisite paint applications and lifelike details. This figure might not be able to change into a Volkswagen Beetle but what distinguishes it from other transforming robot toys is its ability to stand out in your collection.

3A’s Bumblebee Premium Scale figure is currently up for preorder while a smaller deluxe scale figure is available for purchase.

From the creators of the Bumblebee Premium Scale Figure, this Optimus Prime figure captures the Autobot leader’s likeness from the movie. Standing at over 11 inches tall, this figure features 53 points of articulation, Optimus’ signature blaster and multiple swap-out hands.

3A went the extra mile and added die-cast parts to further improve the quality of the figure. Prime is currently available on

Colossal is the perfect word to describe the Autobot Omega Supreme. Working as a command base for those who fight on the side of good, this gargantuan robot can combat Decepticons of different shapes and sizes.

Based on his appearance in the War for Cybertron storyline, this figure stands at around 2 feet tall and comes with his Micromaster, Countdown. Omega Supreme is available overt at Add him to your collection by buying Omega Supreme today!

Fortress Maximus was a beastly robot that fought for the Autobots. This Transformer classified as a titan and works as a base of operations for his faction. Reminiscent of the original Fortress Maximus toy from way back, this figure stands at nearly 2 feet tall and can transform into 3 different modes.

Nicknamed “Fort Max” by collectors, this gargantuan release comes with a Cerebros figure that transforms into his head and Emissary robots. Lastly, this figure can produce sound effects with the press of a button. Add him to your holiday shopping list today by visiting!

Formerly a member of the Decepticons, Jetfire was a scientist that changed sides during the war. Taking the shape of a Cybertronian Jet for his alternate mode, this Commander class Transformer stands at about 11 inches tall and has multiple display options.

Whether you prefer his animated cartoon look or something more reminiscent of his G1 toy, this Jetfire figure has many display options. He also comes with weapon effect parts that can further enhance the look of this figure. Gift your kids one of these by clicking this link right here.

Based on his appearance in the second Transformers live-action movie, Jetfire is shown in all his glory with this release. Featuring impeccable sculpted details and clean paintwork, this Studio Series release does not disappoint. Whether you display this figure in robot or jet mode, it will stand out in your collection.

Jetfire comes in a package that is inspired by a set-piece from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie.

The grizzled warrior stands at 8.5 inches in robot mode and comes with his trusted weapon. Add this Transformer to your collection by purchasing him today!

Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots and is loved by most fans for his strength and how unintentionally funny he can be. Did I mention that he can also transform into a giant metallic T-Rex and can shoot fire from his mouth?

Standing at 11.5 inches tall, Grimlock can transform in 17 easy steps. Once transformed into his dinosaur mode, the Dinobot leader measures 12 inches long and provides kids multiple ways to play with him. Give this as a gift this Christmas by buying it at today!

Hailing from the Transformers Robots in Disguise television show, this Optimus Prime figure comes in his Power Surge form. Featuring the Weaponizer Aerobolt, this figure also comes with Prime’s sword and works with the Transformers Robots in Disguise app to unlock the content.

Power Surge Optimus Prime comes with all the features stated above and works with other Weaponizer figures which are sold separately. Buy this action figure now by clicking this link right here.

Transformers RBT or Rescue Bots is a line that caters to younger fans. Borrowing from classic designs and giving them a more kid-friendly vibe, these toys feature simple transformations and can be played with immediately.

Consisting of Optimus Prime and his trailer (both can be transformed respectively), this boxset also includes two transforming robot cars that you can use on the race track and is available today. Purchase him now and add it to your Christmas gift lists.

Interactive toys are a staple for the development of kids and this playset from Playskool is no exception. Hailing from the Rescue Bots line, the Griffin Rock Headquarters has several features such as hidden parts and mechanisms. This includes projectile and vehicle launchers to simulate the base from the cartoons.

This Transformers Rescue Bots playset comes with a Cody Burns figure along with a slew of accessories. Add this playset to your holiday shopping cart today at!

Coming from Playskool, Optimus Prime is back in this list again. Instead of his trailer converting into a racetrack, this time it acts as a vehicle launcher. This trailer is fully compatible with Rescue Bots Rescan figures that you can purchase separately.

Optimus Prime can easily convert into robot mode along with the Transformers Blurr figure that comes with it. What are you waiting for? Buy these transformers toys today at!

Another toy for the younger Transformers fans, Blades can convert to both modes in 1 easy step. Standing at 6.5 inches, Blades comes with his hook that kids can use to rescue other Transformers in trouble.

Currently listed as an Amazon exclusive, this is a perfect gift idea for your little ones. Buy this figure now by clicking this link right here.

Bumblebee makes one final appearance on this list and this time it’s an action figure based on his appearance in Transformers Rescue Bots. Easily convertible into his modes, this Bumblebee figure allows kids to play him either in robot or car mode.

Bee comes with his weapon which you can either put in his arms or on his hood in robot mode. Just like Blades, this Transformers figure is only available via Amazon and you can check him out here.

Closing off our list, Hasbro developing a Unicron figure under the Generations banner. Unicron stands at a massive 27 inches in robot mode and around 30 inches in planet mode.

Currently, Hasbro is waiting for 8,000 backers to continue the development of this Unicron figure with different websites that have been offering it for preorder. Once this project pushes through, this item might just be the awe-inspiring Transformers action figure of all time.

The target was achieved and Hasbro will now be working on releasing this figure to those who backed the project. This Unicron figure might just be the perfect definition of the saying “more bang for your buck”.

As of this moment, Unicron is out of stock on Hasbro’s official website.

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