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All the Recommendations That Will Help You Improve Your Gameplay in Division 2


Tom Clancy’s Division 2 is an action shooter for single soldiers and full-fledged squads who survive and hunt in a world similar to the MMO RPG format and battles against other players and monsters that need to be destroyed.

To increase your level, you need to engage in division 2 boosting so that your agent grows and can use better weapons and equipment.

You will survive in a dangerous world and in order to better progress and maintain the health of your agent and squad you need to use various tips and mechanics.


Use Cover

Immediately forget the point that you can freely and carelessly fire and move around locations.

At any moment you can collide with opponents, so avoid open places and figure out in advance where you can go for cover.

As soon as the battle begins, or you see the enemy, immediately retreat to cover and only then start shooting.

It is advisable to find a location from where you can quickly move if the threat intensifies or they try to outflank you.

It is advisable not to stay in one place for a long time and change cover, but first you should make sure that the enemy is not firing at you and is not keeping you in his sights – force him to hide, or start reloading, and only then change your position.

Fortunately, the entire Tom Clancy Division works in a third-person format, which gives you tricky views, especially in battles and while in cover, but it also works on your opponents, so be careful.


Shooting Tips

You need to follow a simple principle – shoot accurately and calmly, while maintaining your main ammunition.

You need to achieve a high accuracy rate, and for this you need to use the technique of shooting one or three cartridges and switch to automatic fire only when necessary.

Single fire is good at long distances, and at the same time you need to shoot quickly and accurately, and if you don’t hit right away, then you should immediately switch to burst fire, otherwise you risk losing the battle and dying, and your Division boosting depends on this

By shooting three rounds at a time, you ensure accuracy of fire, but it should be said right away that at long distances this technique works very poorly and wastes too many rounds for minimal results and a low chance of hitting.

Firing three rounds allows you to effectively destroy enemies in close combat and shooting at medium distances. If you hit with even one bullet, you will inflict good damage on the enemy, and if you hit with two, or all three, then most likely you will simply destroy the enemy with your targeted shooting.

If the battle has reached close range, then switch to automatic fire, but carefully monitor the flight of all bullets and control it so as not to waste all the ammunition.

Don’t Play Alone

If you boost in the Tom Clancy Division alone, then you risk getting into a difficult situation when you encounter an enemy who acts as part of a group and will create a lot of problems for you, not to mention the tactics of bypassing and retreating.

You can find allies through a general chat or community, or play with friends to fully experience all the gameplay moments and have advantages during hunts and raids.

Playing in a group allows you to plan and execute tactical detours, joint assaults, holding points and other maneuvers that allow you to win more battles and enjoy the processes of military battles.


You need to find and use different types of weapons and use them in different situations and battle formats.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with weapons, but remember that some formats have limitations that need to be taken into account.

Let’s take a shotgun for example – it is an excellent weapon for close combat, but no matter how skillfully you wield it, it will not be able to provide you with ranged attacks.

It is best to master an assault weapon that will be versatile for attacks from any distance, but you need to develop your skills so that you can carry two types of weapons and make them your main one.

This will allow you to better switch between them and have two weapons of different types for all situations.

You can combine an assault rifle and shotgun to be ready for fights at any range, but to activate the ability you need to secure a cheap boost to Division 2.


During your combat missions, you will be able to collect various useful items that can be sold to other players, or used for processing and obtaining materials that will help you close projects and obtain the necessary items for your agent.

Agent Leveling

You can choose several ways to develop your operative:

  1. Choose the format of killing enemies and gaining experience, but each new level will require more and more effort.
  2. Participate in tasks and events like capturing key points, which will bring more experience than from a simple hunt.
  3. You can order a Division 2 Skycoach boost to get quick progress for your agent for different tasks and more interesting gameplay and the opportunity to get more valuable items and weapons.

Perks and Specializations

You can choose different specializations for your agent, performing simple and straightforward tasks related to shooting at opponents.

You need to shoot in the head, find dangerous and vulnerable points on your opponents, survive as long as possible, or carry out tactical actions.

It is advisable to upgrade all five levels of specialization, and then your enhanced skills and perks will be more effective.

Story and Side Quests

You can complete special assignments to gain pure experience and upgrade your operative.

Remember that if a task is level dependent, and you return to it later, you will gain the same amount of experience, but at a higher level it will be less noticeable.

With secondary tasks, everything is simpler – you can take an unlimited number of them and at the same time receive combined experience if they are done in the same territory.

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