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What Acoustic Guitar Does Slash Play



When we think of the legendary guitarist Slash, we often envision him wielding his iconic Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, delivering electrifying riffs and solos that have left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. However, what many may not realize is that Slash also possesses a deep appreciation for the acoustic guitar. While he may be best known for his electrifying performances with Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, Slash’s affinity for the acoustic guitar has been evident throughout his illustrious career.

Exploring the acoustic side of Slash not only sheds light on his versatility as a musician but also unveils a captivating dimension of his artistry. From the early days of his career to his most recent endeavors, Slash has wielded several acoustic guitars, each contributing to his distinctive sound and style. In this article, we delve into the world of acoustic guitars that have graced the hands of one of rock’s most revered guitarists, uncovering the instruments that have played a pivotal role in shaping Slash’s acoustic journey.


Slash’s Early Acoustic Guitars

Before rising to fame as the iconic lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s musical journey began with an appreciation for the acoustic guitar. In his formative years, Slash honed his skills on various acoustic instruments, laying the groundwork for his future sonic explorations. One of his earliest acoustic guitars was a humble yet cherished instrument that accompanied him during his fledgling years as a musician.

During his time in Los Angeles, Slash formed a deep connection with the acoustic guitar, using it as a vehicle to express his musical creativity and explore the rich tonal palette that the instrument offered. This pivotal period saw Slash experimenting with different playing styles and techniques, ultimately shaping his identity as a guitarist with a profound understanding of both electric and acoustic realms.

As Slash’s musical prowess continued to evolve, so did his collection of acoustic guitars. Each instrument bore witness to his artistic growth, serving as a companion on his musical odyssey. The early acoustic guitars that accompanied Slash on his journey not only symbolize the foundation of his musical identity but also reflect the enduring influence of acoustic music on his electrifying rock persona.


Gibson J-200

One of the most revered and cherished acoustic guitars in Slash’s collection is the Gibson J-200. Renowned for its rich, full-bodied sound and stunning craftsmanship, the Gibson J-200 holds a special place in the realm of acoustic guitars and has left an indelible mark on the world of music. For Slash, this iconic instrument has been more than a guitar; it has been a source of inspiration and a conduit for channeling his creative expression.

The Gibson J-200’s distinctive features, including its large body and bold tonal characteristics, have made it a standout choice for artists seeking a commanding presence in their acoustic performances. Slash’s affinity for the Gibson J-200 is a testament to his appreciation for the instrument’s unparalleled resonance and versatility. Whether in the studio or on stage, the Gibson J-200 has remained a steadfast companion, lending its timeless voice to Slash’s acoustic endeavors.

With its striking appearance and sonorous projection, the Gibson J-200 has become synonymous with Slash’s acoustic legacy, embodying the soulful melodies and evocative textures that define his acoustic repertoire. Its warm, resonant tones have provided the perfect backdrop for Slash’s emotive playing, allowing him to weave captivating narratives through his music.


Gibson Hummingbird

Another iconic acoustic guitar that has left an indelible imprint on Slash’s musical journey is the Gibson Hummingbird. Revered for its exquisite design and distinctive sound, the Gibson Hummingbird stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation synonymous with the Gibson brand. For Slash, this legendary instrument has served as a conduit for channeling his emotive expression and delivering soul-stirring performances.

The Gibson Hummingbird’s rich, resonant tones and impeccable craftsmanship have made it an integral part of Slash’s acoustic arsenal, infusing his music with a timeless allure and evocative depth. Its versatility and ability to adapt to a myriad of playing styles have rendered it a cherished companion for Slash, allowing him to explore new sonic landscapes and breathe life into his acoustic compositions.

Whether in the studio or on stage, the Gibson Hummingbird has remained a steadfast companion, lending its distinctive voice to Slash’s sonic tapestry. Its warm, vibrant tones and unparalleled playability have empowered Slash to craft poignant melodies and deliver captivating performances that resonate with audiences worldwide.


Other Acoustic Guitars Used by Slash

While the Gibson J-200 and Gibson Hummingbird hold a prominent place in Slash’s acoustic repertoire, they are not the only acoustic guitars that have graced his illustrious career. Slash’s musical odyssey has seen him explore a diverse array of acoustic instruments, each contributing its unique sonic signature to his evocative body of work.

One notable addition to Slash’s collection is the Martin D-18. Renowned for its balanced tonal characteristics and exceptional playability, the Martin D-18 has accompanied Slash on various musical endeavors, adding its resonant voice to his acoustic arrangements. Its rich, expressive sound has seamlessly integrated into Slash’s sonic tapestry, enhancing the depth and emotional resonance of his performances.

In addition to the Martin D-18, Slash has also embraced the resonant tones of the Taylor 914ce. This exquisite acoustic guitar, known for its clarity and dynamic range, has found its place in Slash’s sonic palette, offering a platform for his expressive playing and melodic explorations. The Taylor 914ce’s articulate sound and superb craftsmanship have made it a cherished companion for Slash, allowing him to articulate his musical vision with precision and finesse.

Furthermore, Slash’s acoustic ventures have been enriched by the presence of the Epiphone Masterbilt Excellente. This vintage-inspired acoustic guitar has captivated Slash with its timeless aesthetic and resonant sound, becoming a beloved instrument in his collection. Its distinctive character and evocative timbre have provided Slash with a platform to weave intricate melodies and deliver compelling performances that resonate with audiences worldwide.



Exploring the realm of acoustic guitars that have accompanied Slash on his musical journey unveils a captivating tapestry of sonic artistry and creative expression. From his early days as a musician to his meteoric rise to rock stardom, Slash’s affinity for the acoustic guitar has transcended the boundaries of genre and style, leaving an enduring impact on his musical legacy.

The Gibson J-200 and Gibson Hummingbird stand as pillars of Slash’s acoustic repertoire, embodying the rich heritage and timeless allure of acoustic craftsmanship. These iconic instruments have not only shaped Slash’s sonic identity but have also served as conduits for his emotive storytelling and evocative performances.

Moreover, Slash’s exploration of diverse acoustic guitars, including the Martin D-18, Taylor 914ce, and Epiphone Masterbilt Excellente, underscores his unwavering commitment to sonic innovation and artistic evolution. Each instrument has contributed its unique voice to Slash’s acoustic narrative, enriching his music with a kaleidoscope of tonal textures and expressive possibilities.

As Slash continues to captivate audiences with his electrifying performances and soul-stirring compositions, his profound connection with the acoustic guitar remains an integral part of his musical ethos. Through the melodic resonance of each strum and the emotive depth of every note, Slash’s acoustic journey reverberates with a timeless allure that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Ultimately, Slash’s exploration of acoustic guitars serves as a testament to the enduring power of musical expression and the boundless creativity that defines his artistry. His unwavering dedication to the acoustic realm not only showcases his versatility as a musician but also highlights the profound impact of acoustic music on the fabric of rock and roll history.

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