Wanted: Online Robot Labs

Imagine building a physical obstacle course and one or more teleoperated robots to navigate it. Then put your “robot lab” online so others can use it. Now imagine a website that lists lots of these labs with different themes: “Solve Maze”, “Navigate a Martian landscape”, “Find buried treasure”, “Remove the colon polyps”, whatever you can think of. That’s the basic idea of Van Ajemian, JD of Global Green Labs, who writes:

If you like building and maneuvering robots, you might like a project called “Green Robot”, through which faraway people, sitting at their home or school computers, would maneuver the robot which you built through the landscape which you constructed. People would pay per minute to do this maneuvering and you would earn per minute. There is no fee to be part of Green Robot and nothing to buy from the project. For more information, you are invited to visit Green Robot Lab. If interested –no obligation– please take our four-question survey.

His hope is that people will pay to play with these robot labs, generating revenue that will be used for sustainable humanitarian projects. So if this sounds like something you or your robot group would be interested in, take his survey, which asks a few questions about the technical aspects of the project and for contact information so they can get in touch with you. And, don’t forget to send us some photos and info on any robot labs you build!

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