5 Best Robotics Kits You Should Try Out Now

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Best robotics kits 2019

The development of robots and how they can provide efficiency to work processes has been well-documented. Presently, robots are beginning to make appearances outside of the manufacturing sector. The rate at which robots are being used in businesses is a testament to their benefits. If you would like to venture into the exciting field of robotics, we have specially curated 5 of the best robotics kits you can try out. 

Robotics kits are becoming more popular as robots are “joining the workforce” in industries such as medicine, science, space, construction, and manufacturing. 

Whether you’re a qualified programmer or getting started, there are a few robotics kits that’ll assist you to set the ball rolling. These range from small high-speed sumo wrestling robots and Arduino robot kits that you can program in C++ to Lego robots and cast-off tin can robots. 

Best robotics kits 2019
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The amount and types of robotics kits available in the market today are overwhelming. 

To help you settle on specific robotics kits, you need to ask yourself a few questions like those below: 

  • Do you want to improve your knowledge of electronics?
  • Are you experienced in Arduino, C++, Raspberry Pi’s or Python programming?
  • What is your experience level?


What Robotics Kits Are Suitable For Beginners?

If you are building a robot for the first time, try Arduino kits. There are also many other good starter robotics kits from Lego Mindstorms, Meccano Spiders and Micro Bit that you can program using Python.

It is important to choose robotics kits that suit your skill level and budget. Having said that, here are 5 best robotic kits that are suitable for all skill levels. 


2019 Top 5 Robotics Kits

Ultimate 2.0 is Makeblock’s most advanced robotics kit. It comes with ten different structures ranging from a robotic arm tank to a self-balancing robot. This robot kit will fulfill your needs and allow you to try out a lot of varied apps.

You have the option to program it in a graphical editor. Or you can program the robot using Arduino or Python. Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 is suited for individuals of various skill levels.

The Lego Boost is arguably the best children and youths STEM robot accessible. The Lego robotics kits feature an unbelievable 847 Lego bricks, a single motor, one light/IR sensor, and the Lego move hub that features two inbuilt motors. You can build robots using five different methods. What you require to start is to install the Boost app on your iPad or Android tablet to allow you to start creating and coding instantly.

Lego has developed the boost app that young kids can try out. It boosts their ability to learn. Lego has equally generated an app that makes a perfect balance between straightforwardness, complexity, and fun. Featuring a video game form leveling system, the app turns the whole learning procedure into a game.

The downside of this Boost robotic kit is it is oversimplified. So while it is suitable for younger kids, it is very easy for older kids. It is definitely not a robot kit for adults. Therefore, this robotic kit is suitable for children between the ages of 7 to 12.

Makeblock’s mbot is particularly structured for STEM use. It comes with an easy to follow user guide and a screwdriver. It teaches you the fundamentals of creating your robot and allows you to have fun with your practical creation.

Makeblock mbot features four expansion ports and offers support to more than a hundred varied types of electronic modules, which allows you to readily expand mbot. Mbot is equally well-suited with Lego bricks. Thus, you can readily and with much ease expand or alter the form and the look of the robot. Try out this robotic kit now.

The Elegoo Uno robot car is a popular robot kit on Amazon because it offers users an enormous amount of components and sufficient value for their money. The Robot kit features an Arduino, extension shield, four motors, a servo, Ultrasonic sensors, Line following sensors and so on. 

It comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow together with a lot of prebuilt applications like obstacle avoidance and line following. You can only program the robot straight from the Arduino interface. Therefore, to program the robot, you must have a good understanding of Arduino and C++ much speedier than the starter robot kits. 

Keyestudio has launched another budget-friendly robotic kit designed to encourage you to learn even as you have fun. With clearly specified usage instructions, open-source code and three types of control systems which include the remote control, you can easily make your robot start performing tasks without writing having to write any code.

The whole code used for this robotic kit is open-source. The implication of this is that you can obtain, edit and integrate it into the pre-built code on the robot to make the robot perform a more difficult task. 


Final Thoughts

As soon as you decide on the form of robot, you want to build and obtain all the parts required, you can start to build your robots right away. However, when you build your own robot with your DIY robot kit, it is much more complicated and difficult than when you create a pre-made robotic kit that already comes with pre-written code.

Looking for robotics kits for kids instead, we have you covered as well! Check out our comprehensive guide here.

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