Transformers Bumble Bee Leaks!

Just as fast as it appeared, it disappered. Paramount, of course, squashed the Bumble Bee leaked pic as fast as they could. If you do a fast and furious google search, you still might be able to get a glimpse of the leaked bumble bee pic lingering in a google cache somewhere! Of course, the pic looks totally awesome! So, will Bumblebee be a Camaro? All the pics will probably leak out July 4th on the website with the trailer anyway but most of us just can’t wait to see the robot eye candy goodness. We at, of course, can’t and? wouldn’t? post the pic either. Wouldn’t want to get stung by that one. But, suffice it to say that my opinion of the movie changed dramatically towards “awesome, got to see it” just by gazing at the one pic. Dang, now the movie will probably be a dud. But let me proclaim, I will not confirm or deny that I grabbed a copy of the pic to my hd before it was squashed off the internet ([shrug], come on, I do have to impress my friends ya know). …And, before you start asking me for a look, the answer is: “No”. 🙂

Cool stuff…

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