Talking Robots - Brad Nelson

Posted 29 Feb 2008 at 11:18 UTC by mwaibel Share This

Brad Nelson at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute at the ETH Z├╝rich is one of the world's leading researchers in a new field he calls BioMicroRobotics. Think robots about the size of this dot ( . ) for applications such as retinal surgery or highly targeted drug delivery. No matter what aspect of such a robot you consider, sensors, movement, computation or energy all present formidable engineering challenges in itself. Tackling all in parallel, Nelson has built a robot just 0.3 millimeters long, winning the first edition of the RoboCup Nanogram Competition last year. For more information listen to the interview, have a look at his website and check out the video of the robot kicking a 100um golden football.

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