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Paro, the Therapeutic Robot Seal

Posted 23 Nov 2003 at 22:40 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Meet Paro, the therapeutic robot seal. Isn't Paro the cutest little thing you ever saw? Researchers wnat to make Paro, the little white seal pup robot, be the world's greatest therapeutic robot for the elderly. Paro will likely lower stress levels and gets the seal of approval from docs around the world, just imagine what warm fun they would be cuddled in your lap purrring and cooing. Believe it or not, Paro, even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most therapeutic robot. That makes me feel so good inside.

Squeal!, posted 23 Nov 2003 at 22:41 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Now I'm not usually violent, but wouldn't this be great therapy fun for a baseball bat totin youngster that had to kiss bearded grandma at Thanksgiving? [insert don't do this disclaimer here] Yeah, I know it's so sad to bat this thing on the head, but admit it, you know were thinking it, and your evil side wants to do it. Now say it with me, "WHAM! WHAM! WHAMMO!" Now see how therapeutic Paro is?

Club me instead!!, posted 23 Nov 2003 at 23:40 UTC by Frank McNeill » (Apprentice)

If I ever get so ga-ga that I need a three-grand Furbee for comfort, I hope somebody will have the kindness to put me out of it with a baseball bat fefore they do Paro.

I agree but.., posted 24 Nov 2003 at 05:26 UTC by Timster » (Master)

I agree with Mr. Brain and Mr. McNeill's comments... now.. because I am not old and drooling...yet.

But who knows when I'm an old bastard afraid of dying... maybe the companionship will do me good.

My bigger worry is that the families of old folks will see a $3000 investment in a furry fake pet as a way to further reduce their need to actually spend time with their aging loved ones themselves.

I'm sure if they did a simple survey with Gram and Gramps about whether or not they would rather spend time playing with Paro or have a visit from their own children and grand children that we could find out pretty quick.

Right on Timster, partly, posted 24 Nov 2003 at 06:12 UTC by Frank McNeill » (Apprentice)

I suspect that you are right about some family members thinking that an upholstered machine can substitute for their presence, but don't think that most of us old drooling bastards are afraid of dying.

If you live long enough to become an old drooling bastard, you are likely to discover that dying is a natural process that becomes less to be feared as it proceeds.

After reading your bio Frank..., posted 24 Nov 2003 at 09:46 UTC by Timster » (Master)

I can only defer to your greater experience :)

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