When Is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Coming Out



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year. With its sleek design, powerful performance, and innovative features, it has generated a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts and smartphone users alike. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has packed the Note 8 with cutting-edge technologies and improvements across various aspects of the device.

As a direct competitor to the latest flagship smartphones from other leading brands, the Note 8 aims to deliver a superior user experience that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you’re a professional seeking a powerful productivity tool or a photography enthusiast looking for a versatile camera, the Galaxy Note 8 promises to be a game-changer.

In this article, we will delve into all the key details surrounding the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, including its release date, specifications, design, display, camera, performance, software, and price. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what this device has to offer, helping you decide if it’s the right smartphone for you.


Release Date

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was highly anticipated, and the smartphone made its debut on August 23, 2017. Samsung held a grand launch event where they showcased the device and its impressive features to the eager audience. Pre-orders for the Note 8 began shortly after the announcement, and the device started shipping to customers in various countries in the following weeks.

This release date was a crucial step for Samsung, as it marked the comeback of the Note series after the unfortunate recall of the Note 7. The company ensured that the Note 8 arrived with enhanced safety measures and quality control to regain the trust of its customers.

With its release, the Galaxy Note 8 entered a highly competitive smartphone market, vying for attention alongside other flagship devices from top brands. Samsung strategically timed the release to allow the Note 8 to capitalize on the back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons, where many consumers are looking to upgrade their smartphones.

Since its official launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has received positive reviews and has garnered significant attention from both tech enthusiasts and smartphone users. Its release date marked a significant milestone for Samsung and solidified the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the smartphone market.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 boasts impressive specifications that make it a powerhouse among smartphones. It is equipped with a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display, offering vibrant colors and sharp details. The display features a Quad HD+ resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, ensuring an immersive visual experience for browsing, gaming, and watching videos.

Under the hood, the Note 8 is powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 chipset, depending on the region. It is paired with 6GB of RAM, providing smooth multitasking capabilities and ensuring swift performance even with intensive applications.

One of the standout features of the Note 8 is its dual-camera setup on the back. It comprises two 12MP cameras with optical image stabilization (OIS), one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens. This enables users to take stunning photos with depth-of-field effects, as well as optical zoom capabilities. The front-facing camera is an 8MP shooter, allowing for crisp and sharp selfies.

The device offers ample storage space with 64GB built-in storage, expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card slot. This ensures that users have plenty of space to store their photos, videos, apps, and other files.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 8 features a 3,300mAh battery, providing all-day usage on a single charge. The device supports fast charging both wired and wirelessly, allowing users to quickly recharge their device whenever needed.

In terms of connectivity options, the Note 8 supports Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C, and 4G LTE. It also features a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and facial recognition technology for added security and convenience.

Running on the Android operating system, the Note 8 comes with Samsung’s own user interface, known as Samsung Experience. This customized interface offers a streamlined and intuitive user experience, complete with useful functionalities and features.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s specifications make it a top contender in the smartphone market, offering a powerful and feature-rich device that caters to a wide range of user needs.



The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is sleek, elegant, and ergonomic, providing a premium look and feel. The device features a glass front and back with a metal frame, giving it a polished and sophisticated appearance.

At the front, the Note 8 is dominated by its expansive 6.3-inch Infinity Display, which curves gently on the sides. This edge-to-edge display maximizes screen real estate, offering an immersive viewing experience and minimal bezels. The curved edges not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the device but also contribute to a comfortable grip.

On the back, the Note 8 houses its vertically aligned dual-camera setup, situated at the top-left corner. The cameras are not protruding, ensuring a smooth and seamless design. Just below the camera module, there is a fingerprint scanner for convenient and secure unlocking of the device.

The Galaxy Note 8 features a slim profile, measuring 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm, and weighing 195 grams. Despite its large display, Samsung has managed to keep the device relatively sleek and lightweight, making it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods.

The placement of buttons and ports on the Note 8 is intuitive and user-friendly. The volume rocker and power button are positioned on the left and right sides of the device, respectively. The USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack are located at the bottom, along with the S Pen slot.

One of the noteworthy design elements of the Note 8 is its water and dust resistance. The device comes with an IP68 rating, making it resilient to submersion in water up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. This ensures peace of mind for users who may encounter accidental spills or exposure to water in their daily lives.

In terms of color options, the Galaxy Note 8 offers a variety of choices to suit different preferences. These include Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Maple Gold, and Deepsea Blue. The different color options allow users to personalize their device to match their style and personality.

Overall, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 showcases a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an attractive choice for users who value both style and practicality.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 boasts a stunning display that takes the visual experience to new heights. It features a massive 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD+ resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. This results in a pixel density of approximately 521 pixels per inch, ensuring sharp details, vibrant colors, and impressive clarity.

One of the standout features of the Note 8’s display is its Infinity Display, which curves gently on the sides. This edge-to-edge design provides an immersive viewing experience, as content stretches to the edges of the device, creating a truly bezel-less look. The curved edges also contribute to a more comfortable grip and add to the device’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The Super AMOLED technology used in the Note 8’s display delivers deep blacks, rich contrast, and excellent color reproduction. This makes images, videos, and graphics appear lifelike and captivating. The display also supports HDR10 content, allowing users to enjoy enhanced dynamic range and more vibrant colors when viewing compatible content.

Additionally, the Note 8’s display supports the S Pen, a signature feature of the Galaxy Note series. The S Pen provides precise and intuitive input, allowing users to write, draw, and navigate with ease on the display. The device features palm rejection technology, ensuring that accidental touches are ignored when using the S Pen.

For multitasking, the Note 8’s large display offers an advantage. The device supports Samsung’s Multi-Window feature, which allows users to run multiple apps simultaneously in split-screen mode. This enables users to seamlessly switch between apps and enhance productivity on the go.

Despite its large size, the Note 8’s display is designed to be comfortable to use with one hand. Samsung has implemented features like One-Handed Mode and the ability to minimize the display size for easier reachability, catering to users who prefer single-handed usage.

Furthermore, the Note 8’s display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, providing durability and resistance against scratches and accidental drops. This ensures that the display can withstand the daily wear and tear of regular smartphone usage.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s display is a visual delight, offering a large and immersive display with vibrant colors, sharp details, and innovative features like the Infinity Display and S Pen support. Whether you’re watching videos, browsing the web, or using the S Pen for creative purposes, the Note 8’s display delivers an exceptional viewing experience.



The camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are truly impressive, making it a standout device for photography enthusiasts. The device features a dual-camera setup on the back, consisting of two 12-megapixel cameras with optical image stabilization (OIS).

The dual-camera system is designed to offer versatile shooting options and capture stunning photos in various conditions. One of the cameras is equipped with a wide-angle lens, while the other features a telephoto lens. This setup enables users to take photos with depth-of-field effects, providing a blurred background and sharp focus on the subject.

One of the key features of the Note 8’s camera is its 2x optical zoom capability. With the telephoto lens, users can zoom in without sacrificing image quality, allowing them to get closer to their subjects without physically moving closer. This is particularly useful for capturing details in landscapes, wildlife, or when shooting from a distance.

In addition to optical zoom, the Note 8’s camera offers up to 10x digital zoom, although image quality may be slightly compromised at higher zoom levels. However, the camera still manages to deliver impressive results even when using digital zoom.

The camera system also features dual-pixel phase detection autofocus, ensuring quick and accurate focusing for sharp and detailed images. This technology allows the camera to lock focus on subjects in a split second, even in challenging lighting conditions or when capturing fast-moving subjects.

For low-light photography, the Note 8’s camera performs exceptionally well. It is equipped with a wide f/1.7 aperture, allowing more light to reach the sensor, resulting in brighter and clearer low-light shots. The optical image stabilization further aids in reducing camera shake and blurriness, resulting in sharper images even in dimly lit environments.

On the front, the Note 8 sports an 8-megapixel front-facing camera for capturing high-quality selfies. The front camera offers features like autofocus and beauty mode, allowing users to take stunning self-portraits with enhanced clarity and natural-looking skin tones.

When it comes to video recording, the Note 8’s camera is capable of capturing 4K video at 30 frames per second, ensuring detailed and vibrant video footage. The camera also supports slow-motion video recording, allowing users to capture dramatic moments in stunning slow motion.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s camera system is a standout feature of the device, offering a dual-camera setup with optical zoom, excellent low-light performance, and impressive video recording capabilities. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply enjoy capturing beautiful moments, the Note 8’s camera is sure to exceed your expectations.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 excels in terms of performance, delivering a smooth and responsive user experience. The device is powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 chipset, depending on the region. Both chipsets offer impressive processing power and efficiency.

Combined with 6GB of RAM, the Note 8 is capable of handling intensive tasks and multitasking with ease. From running demanding apps to playing graphics-intensive games, the device delivers excellent performance without any noticeable lag or slowdown.

With its powerful internals, the Note 8 offers a seamless and fluid user interface. Apps launch quickly, and switching between different applications is effortless. The device can handle multiple apps running simultaneously, thanks to Samsung’s optimization and memory management.

Additionally, the Note 8 is equipped with a Mali-G71 MP20 or Adreno 540 GPU, depending on the chipset, offering excellent graphics performance. This makes the device well-suited for gaming, providing smooth gameplay and realistic visuals.

In terms of storage, the Note 8 comes with 64GB of built-in storage, providing ample space for storing apps, photos, videos, and other files. Furthermore, it supports expandable storage of up to 256GB via a microSD card, allowing users to easily expand the storage capacity as needed.

The Note 8 also boasts a reliable and secure biometric authentication system. It offers various options, including a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and facial recognition. These options provide users with flexibility in choosing their preferred method of unlocking the device, ensuring quick and convenient access to their smartphone.

When it comes to connectivity, the Note 8 supports Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C, and 4G LTE. These options ensure fast and seamless connectivity for transferring files, making mobile payments, and browsing the internet.

The device features a 3,300mAh battery that offers all-day usage on a single charge. It also supports fast charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their device to full capacity. Furthermore, the Note 8 is compatible with wireless charging, providing added convenience for users who prefer wireless charging pads.

Running on the Android operating system, the Note 8 comes with Samsung’s own user interface, known as Samsung Experience. This customized interface offers additional features and functionalities, enhancing the overall user experience and allowing users to customize their smartphone to suit their preferences.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 delivers exceptional performance in terms of processing power, multitasking capabilities, graphics performance, and biometric authentication. Combined with ample storage and fast charging, the Note 8 ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience for both everyday tasks and demanding activities.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 runs on the Android operating system, customized with Samsung’s own user interface, known as Samsung Experience. This customized software enhances the overall user experience, offering a range of features and functionalities tailored specifically for Samsung devices.

Samsung Experience provides a clean and intuitive interface, with a focus on simplicity and usability. The interface is designed to be visually appealing, with smooth animations and intuitive navigation. Users can easily access their favorite apps, settings, and notifications, ensuring a seamless user experience.

One of the notable features of Samsung Experience is its customization options. Users can personalize their device by changing themes, wallpapers, and icons, giving their smartphone a unique look and feel. Samsung also offers a dedicated theme store, where users can download a wide range of themes created by both Samsung and third-party designers.

Furthermore, Samsung has included a range of useful features in the Note 8’s software. One such feature is the Edge Screen, which provides quick access to frequently used apps, contacts, and shortcuts by swiping in from the curved edges of the display. This feature enhances productivity by allowing users to quickly access their favorite apps and tools with ease.

Another stand-out feature is the pressure-sensitive S Pen, which comes bundled with the Note 8. The software integrates seamlessly with the S Pen, offering a range of functionalities such as taking quick notes, creating animations, and navigating through the device’s interface. The S Pen adds a unique level of productivity and creativity to the Note 8, making it a standout feature of the device.

Security is a top priority for Samsung, and the Note 8’s software reflects this. The device utilizes various security features, including Samsung Knox, a robust security platform that protects user data and prevents unauthorized access. Additionally, the Note 8 offers facial recognition, iris scanning, and a fingerprint scanner for secure biometric authentication options.

Samsung also ensures the software on the Note 8 remains up-to-date with regular updates and security patches. These updates not only bring new features and improvements but also enhance the overall performance and security of the device.

In summary, the software on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with its customized Samsung Experience interface, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. With features like customization options, the Edge Screen, integration with the S Pen, and robust security measures, the software on the Note 8 adds value and enhances the overall user experience.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a flagship smartphone that offers cutting-edge features and performance, and it comes with a premium price tag. The actual price of the device may vary depending on the region and the retailer, as well as any promotions or discounts that may be available.

At its initial release, the Note 8 had a starting price of around $929 in the United States and £869 in the United Kingdom. This puts it in the higher price range compared to other smartphones on the market. However, it is important to note that the Note 8 offers a range of advanced features and top-of-the-line specifications, making it a value-for-money option for those seeking cutting-edge technology.

Over time, the price of the Note 8 may vary due to factors such as market demand, competition, and the release of newer smartphone models. Samsung often provides various storage options for the Note 8, which can also affect the price. Higher storage options tend to come with a higher price tag.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Note 8 is a device that caters to a specific audience, such as professionals, creatives, and power users who require advanced features and functionalities. The price reflects the premium experience and technology offered by the device.

While the cost of the Galaxy Note 8 may be higher compared to some other smartphones on the market, Samsung often provides financing options and trade-in offers to make it more accessible to a wider range of consumers. This allows users to spread out the cost over time or offset the price through trade-in value for their existing devices.

Overall, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reflects the advanced technology, premium design, and innovative features that the device offers. While it may be a significant investment, those who value top-tier specifications and cutting-edge capabilities will find it well worth the cost.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a flagship smartphone that delivers a winning combination of power, innovation, and style. With its sleek design, stunning display, impressive camera capabilities, and top-tier performance, the Note 8 stands as a standout device in the smartphone market.

From its release date to its specifications, the Note 8 has consistently impressed users and critics alike. The device boasts a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD+ resolution, offering vibrant colors and sharp details. The dual-camera setup delivers professional-quality photos with optical zoom capabilities, while the powerful internals ensure smooth multitasking and gaming experiences.

With features like the S Pen, the Note 8 stands out as a productivity powerhouse, allowing users to take notes, create sketches, and navigate the interface with precision. The device’s software, Samsung Experience, provides a seamless and customizable user interface, enhancing the overall user experience and adding value to the device.

While the Galaxy Note 8 comes with a premium price tag, it provides excellent value for those who demand the best in features, performance, and design. The device offers advanced technologies like water and dust resistance, wireless charging, and biometric authentication options, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a smartphone that caters to individuals who seek cutting-edge technology, productivity, and stunning visuals. With its impressive specifications, elegant design, and innovative features, it is a flagship device that sets the bar high for smartphones in the market.

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