What Can You Do With An Old Tablet


Repurpose as a Digital Photo Frame

Do you have an old tablet lying around collecting dust? Why not repurpose it as a digital photo frame? With its large display and high-resolution screen, your tablet can easily showcase a slideshow of your most cherished memories.

Transforming your old tablet into a digital photo frame not only saves you money but also helps reduce e-waste. Instead of investing in a dedicated digital photo frame, repurposing your tablet allows you to repurpose an item you already have.

To turn your old tablet into a digital photo frame, simply download a photo slideshow app from the app store. These apps usually offer a range of customization options, such as transition effects and display timings. Once you have installed the app, you can select the photos you want to display and set the desired slideshow settings.

Placing your repurposed tablet on a stand or mounting it on a wall will create an eye-catching display in your home. You can even connect it to a power source or use a wireless charging dock to keep it running continuously without draining the battery.

The advantage of using a tablet as a digital photo frame is that you can easily update the photos displayed. Whether you want to add recent vacation snapshots or include new family portraits, you can easily transfer files to the tablet or connect it to your preferred cloud storage service.

Additionally, some photo slideshow apps allow you to customize the display further with features like weather information, time, and date, turning your digital photo frame into a versatile information hub.

Repurposing your old tablet as a digital photo frame not only breathes new life into an unused device but also adds a personal touch to your home. Whether you place it on a shelf in the living room or as a centerpiece on your coffee table, you can enjoy your favorite memories every time you glance at the photo frame.


Transform into a Recipe Book

If you’re a culinary enthusiast or someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen, repurposing your old tablet as a recipe book can be a game-changer. With its portability and ability to store countless recipes, your tablet can become your go-to kitchen companion.

Instead of juggling cookbooks and printed recipes, you can have all your favorite recipes in one place, easily accessible with just a few taps on the tablet screen. Not only does this save you space in the kitchen, but it also eliminates clutter and helps you keep organized.

To transform your old tablet into a recipe book, you can start by downloading recipe apps or utilizing recipe websites. Many popular cooking websites have their own dedicated apps that offer a wide range of recipes and features, such as search filters, meal planning, and shopping lists.

Some recipe apps even allow you to save personal notes, make ingredient substitutions, or create your own customized recipe collection. With the tablet’s touch screen, following a recipe becomes a breeze, as you can easily scroll, zoom in on details, or swipe to the next step without fumbling through pages.

The tablet’s additional features, such as timers and voice assistants, can further enhance your cooking experience. You can set timers for each recipe step, ask for conversions or measurements, and even play music or watch cooking tutorials while you prepare your meals.

Another advantage is the ability to bookmark your favorite recipes or create different folders to categorize recipes based on cuisines, dietary preferences, or occasions. This makes it much easier to search for specific recipes or plan meals for the week.

Furthermore, repurposing your old tablet as a recipe book allows for easy synchronization across devices. You can access your saved recipes on your phone when you’re grocery shopping or even use your tablet to guide you through the cooking process while casting the recipe on your smart TV.

By repurposing your old tablet into a recipe book, you not only simplify your cooking routine but also embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing the need for physical cookbooks. So dust off that old tablet and let it become your kitchen partner, guiding you to culinary excellence.


Turn it into a Dedicated E-reader

If you’re an avid reader and have an old tablet gathering dust, why not give it a new lease on life by repurposing it as a dedicated e-reader? With its high-resolution screen and lightweight design, your tablet can become the perfect companion for your reading adventures.

By repurposing your tablet into an e-reader, you can have a vast library of books at your fingertips. There are various e-reader apps available that allow you to access and organize your digital book collection. From classics to bestsellers, you can easily download and read books without the need for physical copies.

One of the advantages of using a tablet as an e-reader is the ability to customize your reading experience. You can adjust font sizes, styles, and colors to enhance readability and cater to your personal preferences. Most e-reader apps also offer features like bookmarks, highlighters, and note-taking, allowing you to interact with the text just like you would with a physical book.

Furthermore, turning your tablet into a dedicated e-reader means you can carry your entire library with you wherever you go. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply lounging on the couch, your tablet can be your portable library, ready to entertain you during those quiet moments.

Additionally, some e-reader apps offer features like built-in dictionaries and translations, making it easier to look up unfamiliar words or phrases without needing to reach for a separate dictionary. This enhances the reading experience and helps expand your vocabulary.

Another advantage of repurposing your old tablet as an e-reader is the access to digital libraries and online bookstores. Many libraries offer e-book lending services, allowing you to borrow books digitally without leaving your home. Online bookstores open up a world of possibilities, with a vast selection of new releases and genres at your fingertips.

By repurposing your old tablet as a dedicated e-reader, you not only give it a new purpose but also contribute to a more sustainable reading experience. Embrace the digital age and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of books with the convenience and flexibility that a tablet e-reader offers.


Convert into a Portable Gaming Device

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and have an old tablet gathering dust, why not repurpose it into a portable gaming device? With its large screen, touch controls, and processing power, your tablet can provide hours of gaming fun on the go.

Transforming your tablet into a gaming device opens up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. You can download a wide range of games from app stores, including popular titles, indie games, and retro classics. Whether you enjoy action-packed adventures, challenging puzzles, or immersive role-playing games, your tablet can accommodate all your gaming preferences.

The tablet’s touch screen and tilt sensors provide intuitive controls, simulating the experience of gaming on a handheld console. Additionally, some tablets support external controllers, allowing you to enhance your gameplay with physical buttons and joysticks. With the tablet’s processing power, you can enjoy smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive audio.

Not only can you access a vast library of games, but you can also enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences. Many games offer online multiplayer functionality, which allows you to connect with friends or players from around the world for cooperative or competitive gameplay. Tablets with built-in cameras even enable video call features, enhancing the social aspect of gaming.

Repurposing your tablet as a portable gaming device means you can enjoy gaming anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on a long commute, waiting at a doctor’s office, or simply relaxing at home, your tablet can provide entertainment without the need for a gaming console or a PC.

Another advantage of using your tablet for gaming is the convenience of game updates and downloadable content. You can easily connect to the internet and access game patches, expansions, and additional content without the need for physical discs or cartridges.

Repurposing your old tablet into a portable gaming device not only breathes new life into the device but also allows you to indulge in your passion for gaming. Immerse yourself in a world of virtual adventures, challenges, and excitement with the versatility and portability that a tablet gaming device offers.


Use as a Smart Home Controller

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your smart home devices and enhance your home automation experience, repurposing your old tablet as a smart home controller is a fantastic option. With its touch screen interface and connectivity capabilities, your tablet can become the central hub for managing and controlling your smart devices.

By transforming your tablet into a smart home controller, you can conveniently access and control all your connected devices from one place. From adjusting the lighting and temperature to managing security cameras and playing music, your tablet can provide seamless control over various aspects of your smart home system.

Start by downloading the corresponding apps for each of your smart devices. These apps usually allow you to customize settings, create routines, or schedule events for your connected devices. With your tablet acting as the control center, you can easily navigate these apps and make adjustments with a simple tap.

Furthermore, some smart home control apps offer advanced features like voice control or integration with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This means you can control your smart devices by simply giving voice commands to your tablet, making it even more convenient and hands-free.

The tablet’s larger screen size compared to smartphones makes it easier to view and access your smart home controls. You can create custom dashboards, grouping devices by room or function, allowing for quick and efficient control of your smart home ecosystem.

Another advantage of using your tablet as a smart home controller is the ability to access your devices remotely. Many smart home apps have remote access features that allow you to control your devices even when you’re away from home. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat before your arrival or checking the security cameras from anywhere, your tablet can keep you connected and in control.

If you have multiple tablets or devices in your household, you can also extend the smart home control to other family members. Simply install the necessary apps on their tablets or grant them access through shared accounts, enabling everyone to manage and enjoy the benefits of a smart home system.

Repurposing your old tablet as a smart home controller not only declutters your home by reducing the need for multiple control devices but also simplifies and enhances your smart home experience. Take advantage of your tablet’s capabilities and transform it into a powerful tool for managing and controlling your smart home ecosystem.


Transform into a Digital Sketch Pad

If you have a creative side or enjoy drawing and sketching, repurposing your old tablet as a digital sketch pad can be a game-changer. With its large, high-resolution screen and touch sensitivity, your tablet can become a versatile tool for unleashing your artistic talents.

Turning your tablet into a digital sketch pad allows you to explore a wide range of digital art techniques without the need for physical art supplies. You can download drawing apps that provide a variety of brushes, pens, and colors, allowing you to create stunning digital artwork right on the tablet’s screen.

The tablet’s touch sensitivity replicates the experience of drawing on paper, providing precision and control over your strokes. Many drawing apps also offer features like pressure sensitivity, allowing you to vary the thickness and texture of your lines, making your digital artwork even more realistic.

One of the advantages of using your tablet as a digital sketch pad is the ability to undo, erase, and experiment with different artistic elements. If you make a mistake or want to try different techniques, you can easily undo or erase without leaving any traces on the tablet’s screen.

Furthermore, digital sketching opens up a world of possibilities for editing and enhancing your artwork. You can easily adjust colors, add special effects, or transform your sketches into vibrant digital paintings with just a few taps and swipes on the tablet’s screen.

Another advantage of repurposing your tablet as a digital sketch pad is the opportunity to connect with a community of artists. Many drawing apps and online platforms allow you to share your artwork, receive feedback, and discover the work of other artists. You can even participate in digital art challenges or collaborations, further enhancing your artistic journey.

In addition to being a creative outlet, using your tablet as a digital sketch pad offers convenience and portability. Whether you’re at home, outdoors, or traveling, your tablet becomes a compact and lightweight canvas that goes wherever your inspiration takes you.

The tablet’s ability to save and export your digital artwork in various file formats allows you to easily share your creations with others or print them for display. You can also create digital portfolios of your artwork without the need for physical storage space.

Repurposing your old tablet into a digital sketch pad allows you to explore and develop your artistic skills in a digital environment. Embrace the digital art revolution and unlock endless creative possibilities with your tablet as your digital canvas.


Create a Portable Media Player

If you enjoy multimedia entertainment and have an old tablet gathering dust, consider repurposing it as a portable media player. With its vibrant screen, expandable storage options, and multimedia capabilities, your tablet can provide on-the-go entertainment for music, movies, and more.

Transforming your tablet into a portable media player allows you to carry your favorite music, movies, and TV shows with you wherever you go. By downloading media player apps, you can enjoy a personalized and seamless playback experience.

With a tablet as your media player, you can store and organize your media library on its ample storage space. Whether you prefer locally stored content or streaming from online platforms, your tablet can accommodate your preferences. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music give you access to millions of songs, while streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ offer an extensive library of movies and TV shows.

As a media player, your tablet provides a large screen for comfortable viewing. Whether you’re on a plane, relaxing in a park, or simply lounging at home, your tablet can provide an immersive multimedia experience. You can adjust the screen brightness, subtitle settings, and audio output to enhance your viewing pleasure.

The tablet’s multimedia capabilities extend beyond just music and video playback. Many media player apps offer features like customizable equalizers, audio enhancements, and playlist creation, allowing you to fine-tune your audio experience and create personalized listening sessions.

In addition to playing pre-recorded media, your tablet can also serve as a platform for live streaming. Whether you want to tune in to your favorite radio station or catch live broadcasts of sports events or concerts, your tablet can keep you connected to the latest happenings.

Another advantage of repurposing your tablet as a portable media player is the ability to connect it to external speakers or headphones, further enhancing your audio experience. This allows you to enjoy your favorite music and movies with high-quality sound, whether you’re alone or in a group setting.

Furthermore, many tablets offer expandable storage options, such as microSD card slots, allowing you to easily increase the storage capacity for your media library. This means you can carry even more movies, music, and TV shows with you on your tablet.

By repurposing your old tablet as a portable media player, you not only breathe new life into the device but also create a versatile entertainment companion. Enjoy your favorite multimedia content anytime, anywhere with the convenience and flexibility that a tablet media player offers.


Turn it into a Second Monitor for your PC

If you find yourself in need of extra screen space for your computer setup, why not repurpose your old tablet as a second monitor? With its display capabilities and connectivity options, your tablet can expand your workspace and increase productivity.

By repurposing your tablet as a second monitor, you can enjoy the benefits of a dual monitor setup without the need to invest in an additional physical monitor. This is especially useful for tasks that require multitasking, such as coding, graphic design, video editing, or spreadsheet management.

To turn your tablet into a second monitor for your PC, you’ll need to use third-party software or apps that enable screen sharing and extend your display. These apps utilize the tablet’s Wi-Fi or USB connectivity to establish a connection between your tablet and computer, allowing you to extend your desktop onto the tablet’s screen.

Once connected, you can arrange and configure your tablet’s screen position in your computer’s display settings. This allows you to set up the tablet as an extended display, mirroring your computer’s desktop or serving as a separate workspace.

Utilizing your tablet as a second monitor provides additional screen real estate, which can be used for various purposes. You can move windows, applications, and toolbars onto the tablet’s screen, freeing up space on your computer’s primary monitor for other tasks.

The tablet’s touch screen functionality can also come in handy when utilized as a second monitor. You can interact directly with the tablet’s screen, whether it’s navigating through files, zooming in on images, or utilizing touch-based applications.

Another advantage of using your tablet as a second monitor is its portability. Unlike traditional monitors, tablets are lightweight and compact, making them easy to adjust or move around your workspace. This comes in handy if you have a flexible or mobile workstation.

Repurposing your old tablet as a second monitor not only gives it new purpose but also helps to increase your productivity and efficiency. By extending your desktop onto the tablet’s screen, you can organize your workspace better and streamline your workflow.

Whether you’re working on a complex project, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, or simply want to enjoy a larger workspace, repurposing your tablet as a second monitor is a cost-effective and practical solution.


Repurpose as a Mini TV for your Kitchen

Looking to add entertainment to your kitchen and make cooking more enjoyable? Repurposing your old tablet as a mini TV can be a great solution. With its portable size and multimedia capabilities, your tablet can provide entertainment and keep you entertained while you prepare meals.

Transforming your tablet into a mini TV for your kitchen allows you to watch your favorite shows, movies, or cooking tutorials without needing a separate television. The tablet’s compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect fit for your kitchen countertop or wall-mounted for easy viewing.

By downloading streaming apps or connecting to online platforms, you can access a wide range of digital content and enjoy it directly on your tablet. Whether you want to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite series, watch cooking shows for inspiration, or even enjoy a movie while you cook, the tablet’s screen offers a vibrant and immersive viewing experience.

The tablet’s built-in speakers or the option to connect external speakers or audio devices can enhance your mini TV experience, providing clear and crisp sound to accompany your viewing. Additionally, some tablets even support Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly connect to headphones or speakers for a more personalized audio experience.

Another advantage of repurposing your tablet as a mini TV is the ability to access live streaming services. You can tune in to live news broadcasts, sports events, or even stream radio stations to keep yourself updated while you prepare meals in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the tablet’s touch screen functionality allows for easy navigation through channels, apps, and menus. You can easily switch between shows, adjust the volume, or explore different streaming platforms with simple tap gestures.

The tablet’s portability also means you can take your mini TV into other areas of your home. If you want to continue watching your favorite show while doing chores, or simply move to a different room, you can easily carry your tablet and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Repurposing your old tablet as a mini TV for your kitchen not only adds entertainment value but also can make your cooking experience more enjoyable. You can stay entertained and catch up on your favorite shows or even learn new recipes and culinary techniques while you prepare delicious meals.


Donate or Sell to Someone in Need

If you have an old tablet that you no longer need or use, consider donating or selling it to someone in need. By doing so, you can give your tablet a second life and make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Donating your old tablet can be a wonderful gesture of generosity. There are many organizations, charities, and schools that accept technology donations. By donating your tablet, you can provide educational opportunities, access to information, and digital resources to individuals or communities that may not have the means to acquire such devices.

Before donating, ensure that you reset the tablet to its factory settings to protect your privacy and remove any personal data. This allows the recipient to have a clean and fresh start with the device.

If you prefer to sell your tablet, you can look into online marketplaces, local classifieds, or electronic recyclers. Selling your tablet not only helps you recover some of its value but also allows someone else to acquire a functional device at a more affordable price.

Prior to selling, ensure that you clean and package the tablet appropriately. This includes wiping the screen, removing any dust or debris, and safely packaging it to prevent damage during transportation.

By donating or selling your old tablet, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and extending the life of the device. Instead of letting it sit unused or end up in a landfill, you give it a chance to serve a purpose and bring joy or utility to someone else.

When donating or selling, consider reaching out to local schools, community centers, or non-profit organizations that may have specific needs or programs focused on providing technology to those in need. This way, you can ensure that your tablet goes to a deserving individual or group who will truly benefit from its use.

Regardless of whether you choose to donate or sell your old tablet, it is important to ensure that you are providing a functional device. Perform a thorough inspection to confirm that all the features and functions are in working order, and disclose any relevant information about the tablet’s condition to the recipient or buyer.

By choosing to donate or sell your old tablet to someone in need, you make a positive difference in their lives, contribute to reducing electronic waste, and promote the concept of reusing and repurposing technology for the benefit of others.

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