Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages You Must Learn In 2020

Best Coding Languages

Artificial Intelligence programming changes the world of computing technology. It turns how we live, work, and put the status quo in life. AI programming enables a computer to accomplish human-like activities with high speed, quality, and accuracy. The character of AI is it learns from massive amounts of data for them to perform the desired tasks.

Thanks to Alan Turing, the British scientist that broke the wall and discovered the use of artificial intelligence programming back to the war-time. After years have passed, artificial intelligence code becomes the blood and water in various sectors such as banking, finance, agriculture, healthcare, gaming, and automotive.

Best Coding Languages
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2020 Market Trends For Artificial Intelligence

The global market forecast of AI will reach from $16.06 Billion in 2017 to $190 Billion by 2025. The global key players are Intel, NVIDIA, Xilinx, Samsung, Facebook, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and AWS. In the year 2020, the following will be the top AI market trends. 

  • The 26% of the marketers at the global level are moving towards real-time customer service system. 
  • AI programming heads to improve customer retention and sustain customer loyalty. The use of artificial intelligence code will span the stages of customer life-cycle from being active, defect customers to patronize the products and increase the mileage of campaigns.
  • Increase of development of artificial intelligence code that can predict the likelihood of individuals in social media to convert into sales and profit
  • Development of algorithms that uses data mining, data modeling, and statistical models to leverage analytics to make predictions for efficient planning. It can define history and behaviors to track trends and able to launch effective campaigns. Artificial intelligence will put your business in proactive competition in the tight market because predictive analytics will be accurate and target profit.
  • Globally, half of the marketers are using AI to make personalized contents for every individual for convenient and effective market planning
  • The bread and butter of marketers is the consistency and time element of sending marketing messages to target customers and clients. AI programming will help send-time optimization to strengthen marketing and connect the clients.


10 Essential Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages


1. Python

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The most favored artificial intelligence programming language among developers that will be boosting in rank in 2020. For beginners, Python is perfect because it is simple, easy to learn, and powerful to create web applications and automation. Python is the best programming language for AI comparing to Java, C#, C++, and Ruby because it supports a functional, object-oriented and procedural-oriented programming approach.

Python uses several libraries like Numpy that provides numerous logical calculations. Moreover, Python has Pybrain that contains algorithms for neural networks to reinforce learning, unsupervised learning, and facilitate evolution. Python is best for prototyping algorithms for AI and Machine Learning because it can support interpretive run-time without standard compiler programming languages.


2. R-Language

One of the best programming language for AI because of its best environment for analyzing and controlling data for statistical purposes. 

R has various packages such as RODBC, G-models, Class, and Tm to help the algorithm to function used in AI and machine learning. Google, Uber, and Ney York Times are the famous users of R for data analysis, big-data modeling, and visualization. Bank of America and ANZ bank are using R to predict different financial risks.


3. Java

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Java, as the artificial intelligence programming language, can do a lot on search algorithms, artificial neural networks, and genetic programming. It is easy to use, ease debugging procedure, package services, simplify the large-scale projects, better representation of data in graphics, and enhance user interaction. Java can make graphics and user-interfacing appealing, sophisticated and engaging because of Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT).

It is for a general-purpose programming language that has never fallen from its popularity over the years. Its programming evolves to improve where learning and coding are becoming more complex than other programming languages.

Java is the most widely used artificial intelligence programming language for games, web, mobile, and desktop apps. Machine learning developers choose Java because of its diversity of capability. Also, famous users include YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and LinkedIn.


4. Lisp

Lisp is best for prototyping and can process symbolic data. It has a simple dynamic creation of new objects and capable of automatic garbage collection. The life cycle of this programming language allows interactive evaluation and recompile the function and document while the program is running.

Lisp is a group of programming languages like Clojure and Common Lisp used for the general and dynamic purpose that is developed in traditional symbolic AI. 


5. JavaScript

It is an open source-lightweight AI programming that can be at high-level for web apps. JavaScript is simple and easy to learn, but it required attention when learning because understanding the context of work can be difficult for beginners.


6. Prolog

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Prolog is best used for developing databases, symbolic reasoning, and language parsing apps. It is a logic programming that, unlike other programming languages, is a planned definitive AI that is expressed by relationships of facts, rules, and standards.


7. Haskell

One of the famous and excellent artificial intelligence programming that is incredible for search trees. It is because the rundown and LogicT monads can express non-deterministic algorithms. But it does not work well when it comes to graphs. 

Moreover, in September 2019, Haskell becomes the 23rd most common programming language in the Google Search page. 


8. Julia

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Best programming language for AI that is high-level, dynamic, and general-purpose programming that can write any program. 

Some of the distinct features of Julia is the parametric polymorphism, which is dynamic and can facilitate multiple dispatches. Hence, it is an AI programming language that collects garbage, evaluates, and dynamic libraries are included to float calculations, linear algebra, number generation, and express matching.


9. C++

It is an extension of the popular C-programming language that can be used for general purposes. 

This AI programming language is designed to incline to the framework programming that is inserted to adapt to a resource-limited software in large systems.


10. AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language)

It is an XML artificial intelligence code used to develop artificial intelligence programming language and machine learning. There is some programming language that made AIML for free such as Java, Ruby, Python, C++, and Pascal.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages You Must Learn In 2020

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