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Augmented Reality Sandbox: What It Is & How It Works (2022 Guide)

Augmented Reality Sandbox

In the initial development of the augmented reality sandbox, it was widely touted by the media. They gave continuous explanations on the mechanism behind the machine’s functionality including the neural networks programs and the difference in the normal computers and the new AI technology. Also, several customers have adopted this new technology as it is now a part of our everyday lives.


Augmented Reality (AR) Vs Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality
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Same applies to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Although they are dissimilar technologies; they’re somewhat linked and today, through the use of augmented reality sandbox, these two technologies are prevalent in the business world.

AR has to do with inserting digital objects into a platform like our world but at a camera’s view using interactive topographic box. One popular consumer of AR is Pokémon Go. However, the classier Augmented Reality sandbox comes with enhanced features that make it useful for multiple applications.

On the other hand, VR bases on the opposite theory. It submerses physical people within an imaginary virtual or digital space. Several games have adopted the VR Technology to make their game experience more lifelike than the normal tablet, TV screen or computer games. Like the AR, more promising applications are coming up too.


How Is AR Beneficial To Businesses In The 21st Century?

Interactive topographic map sandbox stands as a principal component of customer and company relationships if you want constant engagement with your customer.

Augmented Reality Examples
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3 Key Factors


1. Multi-sensory engagement 

This involves engaging the customers by making them employ their key sense organs like audio, sight, touch, smell, etc. when using a product experience.


2. Intellectual engagement 

The intellectual engagement made possible through AR sandbox instructions provides valuable and relevant information to customers to enable them to have a significant knowledge when using the company’s goods.


3. Emotional connections

For regular purchases made possible by sandbox augmented reality in a B2B environment, the creation of an emotional link is comparable to the development of a reasonable item that people can purchase. Surely, the continuous development of emotional links results in a unswerving customer relationship.


Augmented Reality Sandbox And Real-Life Usage

The AR and VR are gears that aid with the elements listed above as they develop more customers’ engagement. These two technologies are becoming increasingly useful starting from making prompt trades and promotion encounters through clients possible to helping the customers make purchases. The reality sandbox equally boosts product usage through professional customer service and support. Hence, this makes AR and VR more useful in the trade market.


Applications Of Augmented Reality Sandbox

AR Applications
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One instance of virtual reality sandbox application is the WayfairView which runs on a software that displays furniture as exactly as it will appear in the client’s house. Hence, a potential buyer could utilize the camera on his tablet or mobile phone to have a grasp of how his house would appear if he purchases specific furniture. Then, they can make changes to the product to give it better features.


What Is Augmented Reality Sandbox?

The AR Sandbox is an informative instrument that allows you to see the bottom of the sea and its associated features in an attractive and interactive manner. Topographic sandbox makes use of 3D visualization applications to clarify science matters.

The Interactive topographic box functions by the consumers modeling the sand into varying sceneries, and holding a sensor which reacts when virtual rainfall, water bodies, topographic contour lines, and an altitude color chart is projected.

AR sandbox instructions offer students, an interactive method of studying precipitation, dams, drainage basins water bodies, contour lines, levees, catchment areas, watersheds, elevation, topography, etc.


How Does Augmented Reality Sandbox Work?

The AR Sandbox technology merges a physical sandbox and 3D visualization software together. It is fitted with a Kinect camera that records movement. Hand movements would bring about a conception like water flow and sand elevation results in topographical alterations. Lastly, the chart is projected on the augmented reality sandbox through a digital video projector.


What Is Augmented Reality Sandbox Used For?

The reality sandbox can interactively and entertainingly teach students of various categories the several procedures associated with coasts and oceans. Some simulative procedures are below:

  • Taking out a definite quantity of sand can result in a conception like water flow, convenient to demonstrate e.g. coastal erosion or estuary formation
  • Piling up of sand simulates elevation in land level, simplifying the illustration of e.g. island creation or even inland float


4 Important Reasons To Use Augmented Reality Sandbox In Education

AR In Education
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AR technology simulates complete reality as it gives you a smooth interaction. Therefore, it is a welcomed technology to introduce in the classroom. When installed in the classroom, it alters the students’ interaction approach to the real world, improves student commitment, and creates a fun learning environment. 


Affordable learning materials

It is costly to purchase prototypes, digital illustrations, posters, physical models and other additional material a school will need for smooth operation. The AR technology and the use augmented reality sandbox will prevent such excessive expenditure in the physical materials. Also, students can easily access learning materials and gain interactions at their convenience.


Interactive lessons

With the use of AR in-class activities, students can easily see the models on their smart devices. As such, they understand their study concepts more. Hence, this will increase their engagement and motivation to learn.


Amazing presentations

Students get interested when the teachers have integrated AR in lessons and this would increase their productivity level.


Higher retention

AR technology involves the use of multiple senses. Hence, when students have to go through this process, they tend to remember more.


Final Thoughts On Augmented Reality Sandbox

We have seen how AR can benefit the education industry and students. Soonest, Augmented Reality will transform the entire education system and impact quality education on all students.

Augmented Reality Sandbox: What It Is & How It Works (2022 Guide)

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