How To Take Samsung QLED TV Out Of Retail Mode



Welcome to our guide on how to take a Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode. If you’ve just purchased a Samsung QLED TV or acquired one that was previously being used as a display unit in a store, you may have noticed that it is stuck in Retail Mode. Retail Mode is a unique operating mode that restricts certain features of the TV and optimizes it for display purposes in a retail setting. However, this mode can be limiting for personal use, as it may prevent you from accessing all the features and settings that a regular user would want.

While Retail Mode can be helpful for store displays, it’s understandable that you want to switch your QLED TV to normal mode. Fortunately, Samsung provides a straightforward process to deactivate Retail Mode and fully unlock your TV’s potential. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to take your Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode and regain control over its settings and features.

Before we dive into the deactivation steps, let’s take a closer look at what Retail Mode entails and why you might want to disable it.


Overview of Retail Mode

Before proceeding with deactivating Retail Mode on your Samsung QLED TV, it’s important to understand what exactly Retail Mode is and why it’s enabled on certain TVs. Retail Mode is a special operating mode designed specifically for use in retail stores.

When a QLED TV is set to Retail Mode, it undergoes several changes to optimize its functionality in a store setting. These changes include restricting certain features and settings that could potentially be altered by customers. The purpose of Retail Mode is to provide a consistent and controlled user experience for in-store demonstrations, ensuring that the TV remains in an ideal state for promotional purposes.

Some key features and characteristics of Retail Mode include:

  • Locked settings: In Retail Mode, access to certain settings and features may be limited or entirely disabled. This includes options like changing picture settings, adjusting audio parameters, and accessing advanced settings menus.
  • Looped demo content: Retail Mode often showcases a continuous loop of promotional content intended to highlight the TV’s capabilities and features. This content serves as a demonstration for potential customers browsing in the store.
  • Volume restrictions: To maintain a consistent audio experience, Retail Mode may impose volume limitations to prevent possible damage to the TV’s speakers.

It’s worth mentioning that Retail Mode is not intended to be used for everyday personal use. It is primarily designed to create an interactive and immersive product experience in-store, allowing customers to explore the TV’s various features and functionality. However, if you have acquired a QLED TV that was previously used as a display unit in a store, it is likely that it is still stuck in Retail Mode.

Now that we have a better understanding of Retail Mode, let’s proceed to the next section, where we will cover the steps to take your Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode.


Step 1: Accessing the Menu

To deactivate Retail Mode on your Samsung QLED TV, you will need to access the TV’s settings menu. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Ensure your TV is turned on and displaying the home screen.
  2. Locate the remote control that came with your QLED TV. If you cannot find it, you may be able to use the control panel buttons on the TV itself, although the steps might vary slightly.
  3. On your remote control, look for the “Menu” or “Settings” button. It is typically represented by an icon that resembles a gear or three horizontal lines.
  4. Press the “Menu” or “Settings” button. This action will trigger the display of the TV’s settings menu on the screen.

Once you’ve successfully accessed the settings menu, you are ready to proceed to the next step. Keep in mind that the specific button names and icons on your remote control may vary depending on the model of your QLED TV.

Now that you’ve accessed the menu, let’s move on to the next section where we will explain how to turn off Retail Mode on your Samsung QLED TV.


Step 2: Turning Off Retail Mode

Now that you have accessed the settings menu on your Samsung QLED TV, it’s time to proceed with turning off Retail Mode. Follow these steps to deactivate Retail Mode:

  1. Navigate through the settings menu using the arrow buttons on your remote control or the control panel buttons on the TV. Look for an option related to “System,” “General,” or “Setup.”
  2. Select the “System” or “General” option by pressing the enter or OK button on your remote control.
  3. Within the System or General settings, locate an option called “Retail Mode” or “Store Demo.” Select this option.
  4. You may now see a dialog box confirming whether you want to deactivate Retail Mode. If prompted, select “Yes” or “Disable” to proceed with the deactivation.

Once you have followed these steps, your Samsung QLED TV should exit Retail Mode and return to regular operating mode. The settings and features that were previously restricted in Retail Mode should now be accessible.

Keep in mind that the exact names and locations of these options may vary depending on the model of your QLED TV. If you are unable to find the Retail Mode or Store Demo option in your specific TV model’s settings menu, refer to the user manual or the support section of the Samsung website for further assistance.

Now that you have successfully turned off Retail Mode, let’s move on to the final step to confirm the deactivation.


Step 3: Confirming the Deactivation

After you have followed the steps to turn off Retail Mode on your Samsung QLED TV, it’s important to confirm that the deactivation has been successful. This step ensures that your TV is no longer stuck in Retail Mode and is fully operational in regular mode. Here’s what you need to do to confirm the deactivation:

  1. Press the “Menu” or “Settings” button on your remote control once again to access the settings menu.
  2. Navigate through the settings and look for the “System” or “General” option once more.
  3. Select the “System” or “General” option and search for the “Retail Mode” or “Store Demo” option.
  4. If you find the Retail Mode or Store Demo option, check if it is now marked as “Off” or “Disabled.” This indicates that Retail Mode has been successfully deactivated.

If you see that Retail Mode is indeed marked as “Off” or “Disabled,” congratulations! You have successfully taken your Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode. Your TV is now ready for personal use, and you can enjoy all the features and settings it offers.

However, if you find that Retail Mode is still enabled or if you encounter any difficulties during the deactivation process, it’s recommended to consult the user manual or seek support from Samsung’s customer service. They will be able to provide specific guidance tailored to your TV model and assist you in resolving any issues.

With Retail Mode deactivated, you can now fully customize your Samsung QLED TV to suit your preferences and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.



Congratulations on successfully taking your Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode! By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have regained control over your TV’s settings and features, allowing you to fully enjoy a personalized viewing experience.

We discussed the purpose and characteristics of Retail Mode, which is specifically designed for use in retail stores to demonstrate the TV’s capabilities. However, if you have acquired a QLED TV that was previously used as a display unit, it may be stuck in Retail Mode. Fortunately, Samsung provides a simple process to disable Retail Mode and switch your TV back to regular mode.

Step 1 involved accessing the settings menu on your QLED TV using the remote control or control panel buttons. In Step 2, we explained how to locate and disable the Retail Mode or Store Demo option within the settings menu. Finally, in Step 3, we emphasized the importance of confirming the successful deactivation of Retail Mode by checking the status of the Retail Mode or Store Demo option.

If at any point you encountered difficulties or were unable to find the specific options mentioned in this guide, it’s recommended to refer to the user manual of your TV or seek support from Samsung’s customer service.

Now that your Samsung QLED TV is no longer in Retail Mode, you can fully personalize your viewing experience by adjusting picture settings, accessing advanced features, and enjoying the full range of capabilities that your TV offers. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows and movies, playing video games, or immersing yourself in stunning visuals, your QLED TV is ready to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience.

Thank you for using our guide. We hope it has been helpful in assisting you with taking your Samsung QLED TV out of Retail Mode. Enjoy your newly unlocked TV and happy viewing!

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