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Keyboard Cat is a beloved internet phenomenon that has captivated millions of viewers with its catchy tunes and adorable feline performer. This iconic internet sensation originated from a video that went viral in 2007, featuring an orange tabby cat named Fatso playing a simple tune on a keyboard. Since then, Keyboard Cat has become a cultural phenomenon, garnering a massive following and leaving an indelible mark on the internet landscape.

The rise of Keyboard Cat symbolizes the power of viral videos in shaping popular culture. What started as a simple home video quickly gained traction and caught the attention of internet users worldwide. Keyboard Cat’s appeal lies in its charm, simplicity, and the universal love for cute and amusing animal videos. It has become an enduring symbol of internet humor and the enduring appeal of cats in the digital age.

The impact of Keyboard Cat extends beyond just viral videos. Its influence can be seen in various forms of media, from memes to merchandise. Keyboard Cat has inspired countless parodies, remixes, and even appearances in television shows and commercials. It has become an internet icon comparable to other viral sensations like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “The Sneezing Baby Panda.”

This article will delve into the origin and rise of Keyboard Cat, explore its cultural impact, discuss its iconic videos, analyze its merchandise and licensing ventures, delve into its net worth and earnings, and speculate on the legacy and future of this beloved internet sensation. Join us as we unravel the fascinating journey of Keyboard Cat and its enduring resonance in the digital world.


The Origin and Rise of Keyboard Cat

The tale of Keyboard Cat begins in 1984, when Charlie Schmidt, a musician and artist, recorded a video of his cat named Fatso sitting on a keyboard and pawing at the keys. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that Charlie Schmidt’s video gained widespread attention when it was uploaded to YouTube by his friend Brad O’Farrell. The video, titled “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL),” quickly started gaining views and became a viral sensation.

What made Keyboard Cat so appealing was the combination of Fatso’s amusing antics and the catchy tune played on the keyboard. The video’s popularity attracted the attention of television shows, talk shows, and even mainstream media outlets, which all wanted to feature the adorable feline performer. In no time, Keyboard Cat became a household name and an internet sensation.

The meme quickly spread across various social media platforms, with users creating their own videos featuring Keyboard Cat overlayed on top of funny or epic fail moments. Its ability to provide the perfect soundtrack to awkward or fail moments made it a popular choice for internet users looking to add a humorous twist to otherwise cringe-worthy situations. Keyboard Cat became the go-to meme to mock and lighten the mood of various online mishaps or comedic scenes.

The popularity of Keyboard Cat also led to numerous remixes and parodies, as well as appearances in popular television shows like “The Office” and “South Park.” These references only served to fuel the viral nature of the meme, reaching an even wider audience and solidifying Keyboard Cat’s place in internet culture.

Over time, Keyboard Cat’s fame expanded beyond the internet. The lovable feline found its way into commercials, video games, and even merchandise. Its image became synonymous with internet humor, and its impact on popular culture was undeniable.

The journey from Charlie Schmidt’s simple home video to a global internet sensation showcases the power of the internet to turn ordinary moments into phenomena that capture the hearts of millions. Keyboard Cat’s rise to fame paved the way for future internet sensations and solidified its place in the annals of viral video history.


Keyboard Cat’s Cultural Impact

Keyboard Cat’s cultural impact cannot be underestimated. It has become a symbol of internet culture and has left an indelible mark on the way we consume and share content online. Here are some of the key ways in which Keyboard Cat has influenced popular culture:

1. Internet Humor: Keyboard Cat epitomizes the humor and entertainment value that the internet has to offer. Its ability to add comedic value to various situations through music and playful antics has become a staple of internet humor.

2. Memes and Remixes: Keyboard Cat quickly became a popular choice for internet users to create memes and remixes. Its iconic tune and meowing-style performances have been overlayed onto countless videos, adding a touch of humor and absurdity to various contexts.

3. Internet Subculture: Keyboard Cat has become a cultural icon within internet subcultures, like meme enthusiasts and online communities. It serves as a reference point and shared experience that brings people together through a shared sense of humor and appreciation for internet phenomena.

4. Parodies and Homages: Keyboard Cat’s influence extends beyond the internet realm, as it has inspired parodies and homages in various forms of media. It has been recreated in television shows, commercials, and even live performances, further showcasing its widespread cultural impact.

5. Comedic Soundtrack: Keyboard Cat’s music has become a comedic soundtrack in its own right. Its playful tune has been used to punctuate awkward or hilarious moments in online videos, providing an extra layer of amusement and entertainment.

6. Merchandise: Keyboard Cat’s popularity has spawned a wide array of merchandise, including t-shirts, plush toys, and even phone cases. Its image has become synonymous with internet humor and has found its way into the hands of fans around the world.

7. Legacy and Endurance: Despite being around for over a decade, Keyboard Cat continues to resonate with new generations of internet users. Its longevity is a testament to its timeless appeal and its ability to bring joy and laughter to people of all ages.

In summary, Keyboard Cat’s cultural impact is far-reaching and is exemplified through its influence on internet humor, the creation of memes and remixes, its status as an internet subculture icon, and its presence in mainstream media and merchandise. It has become a beloved and enduring symbol of internet culture, forever etching itself in the annals of digital history.


Keyboard Cat’s Iconic Videos

Keyboard Cat’s rise to fame can be largely attributed to its iconic videos that have captured the hearts of millions. These videos have become the cornerstone of Keyboard Cat’s popularity and have solidified its status as an internet sensation. Here are some of Keyboard Cat’s most memorable and iconic videos:

1. “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL)”: This is the video that started it all. Uploaded in 2007, the original video features Charlie Schmidt’s cat Fatso sitting on a keyboard and “playing” a simple tune. This video quickly gained viral status and became the foundation of Keyboard Cat’s fame.

2. Keyboard Cat vs. Ron Livingston: In this hilarious video, Keyboard Cat’s music is overlaid onto a scene from the popular television show “Office Space.” The combination of Keyboard Cat’s tune with Ron Livingston’s deadpan expressions creates a comedic masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of internet humor.

3. Keyboard Cat Plays off Bad Comic: This video showcases Keyboard Cat’s ability to enhance awkward moments. In this case, Keyboard Cat’s music is added to a stand-up comedy routine that falls flat, instantly turning it into a hilarious and cringe-worthy experience.

4. Keyboard Cat Interrupts News Reporter: This video demonstrates Keyboard Cat’s unexpected appearances in real-life situations. In this instance, Keyboard Cat’s music starts playing as a news reporter is delivering a live report, adding a comical twist to the serious nature of the news broadcast.

5. Keyboard Cat Performs with Orchestra: This video showcases the versatility of Keyboard Cat’s music. It features an orchestra playing a classical piece, with Keyboard Cat adding its playful touch to the performance. The combination of the traditional music and Keyboard Cat’s unconventional presence creates a delightful juxtaposition.

6. Keyboard Cat Meets Nyan Cat: This video brings together two internet sensations – Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat. The two memes collide as Keyboard Cat plays its tune while Nyan Cat flies across the screen, resulting in a collaboration that delights fans of both iconic internet characters.

These videos, along with countless others, have cemented Keyboard Cat’s place in internet culture. Through its appearances in various contexts, Keyboard Cat has proven to be a versatile and ever-entertaining internet personality, bringing laughter and joy to millions around the world.


Keyboard Cat’s Merchandise and Licensing

Keyboard Cat’s popularity has not only led to viral videos and internet fame but has also opened up various opportunities for merchandise and licensing deals. The beloved feline has become a recognizable brand, and fans can now own a piece of Keyboard Cat through a wide range of products. Here are some of the merchandise and licensing ventures associated with Keyboard Cat:

1. Clothing and Accessories: Keyboard Cat’s image has been emblazoned on t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and various other forms of apparel. Fans can proudly show their love for Keyboard Cat by sporting these fashionable items.

2. Plush Toys: Keyboard Cat plush toys have become a popular collectible item among fans. These cuddly toys allow fans to have their very own Keyboard Cat companion to brighten their day.

3. Phone Cases and Accessories: Keyboard Cat-themed phone cases, keychains, and stickers give fans the opportunity to personalize their mobile devices while showing their love for the internet sensation.

4. Video Games: Keyboard Cat has also made appearances in video games, both as a playable character and as a reference. Its inclusion in popular games adds a touch of humor and nostalgia for fans.

5. Licensing Deals: Keyboard Cat’s popularity has led to various licensing deals, allowing its image to be used on a wide range of products. From stationery to home decor, the presence of Keyboard Cat can be found in many different categories.

6. Collaboration with Other Brands: Keyboard Cat has collaborated with other brands, combining its appeal with products from different industries. This cross-promotion allows fans to enjoy Keyboard Cat in unique and unexpected ways.

7. Commercials and Advertising: Keyboard Cat has made appearances in commercials and advertising campaigns, lending its star power to promote products and services. Its playful persona adds a touch of humor and charm to these marketing efforts.

Through these merchandise and licensing ventures, Keyboard Cat’s presence extends beyond the digital realm, allowing fans to bring the lovable feline into their everyday lives. The availability of these products underscores the enduring popularity of Keyboard Cat and provides fans with tangible expressions of their appreciation for this iconic internet sensation.


Keyboard Cat’s Net Worth and Earnings

Keyboard Cat’s immense popularity has not only brought joy to millions of fans but has also generated substantial earnings for its creators and those involved in its brand. While it is challenging to pinpoint an exact net worth for Keyboard Cat, it is estimated that the beloved feline has garnered a significant income through various avenues. Here are the primary sources of Keyboard Cat’s net worth and earnings:

1. YouTube Revenue: As one of the most-watched and shared videos on YouTube, Keyboard Cat’s original video and subsequent uploads have generated a considerable stream of revenue through advertisements and partnerships with the platform.

2. Merchandise Sales: The sale of Keyboard Cat-themed merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles, has contributed to its financial success. Keyboard Cat’s image and popularity have spurred demand for these products, generating substantial earnings.

3. Licensing and Brand Partnerships: Keyboard Cat has been involved in various licensing agreements and brand partnerships, allowing its image and brand to be used on a wide range of products and promoting companies in advertising campaigns. These collaborations likely come with significant financial compensation.

4. Appearance Fees: Keyboard Cat has been invited to make live appearances at events, shows, and even commercials. These appearances often come with substantial appearance fees, further adding to the feline’s net worth.

5. Royalties and Copyrights: The rights to Keyboard Cat’s image and music have likely generated ongoing royalties and copyrights. Whenever Keyboard Cat is used in a commercial, video, or any other form of media, the owners or creators are entitled to financial compensation.

6. Sponsorships and Endorsements: Keyboard Cat’s popularity has made it an appealing choice for sponsorship and endorsement deals. Companies may pay to have Keyboard Cat promote their products or services to its vast audience, resulting in financial gains for the internet sensation.

While the exact figures for the net worth and earnings of Keyboard Cat may not be publicly available, it is clear that the beloved feline has amassed a substantial income through various revenue streams. Its cultural impact and widespread popularity have allowed it to turn its internet fame into financial success, making Keyboard Cat not only an iconic internet sensation but also a lucrative brand.


The Legacy and Future of Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat has left an undeniable legacy in the realm of internet culture and viral sensations. Its infectious tunes and adorable feline performer have captured the hearts of millions and will continue to be remembered for years to come. Here are some aspects of Keyboard Cat’s legacy and its potential future:

1. Internet Icon Status: Keyboard Cat has solidified its place as one of the most iconic internet memes and an enduring symbol of internet humor. Its catchy tunes and memorable videos have made it a beloved figure within online communities and continue to be shared and enjoyed by people worldwide.

2. Influence on Pop Culture: Keyboard Cat’s influence extends beyond the internet. It has made appearances in television shows, commercials, and even live performances. Its presence in mainstream media showcases its lasting impact on popular culture.

3. Inspiration for Future Creators: Keyboard Cat has inspired countless creators to experiment with their own videos and memes. Its success serves as a reminder of the power of internet culture and the potential for anyone to create content that resonates with millions.

4. Evolving Memes and Remixes: While the popularity of specific memes may ebb and flow over time, the concept of overlaying Keyboard Cat’s music onto various situations continues to thrive. As new internet sensations emerge, Keyboard Cat’s music has the potential to be remixed and reinvented, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of viral content.

5. Continued Merchandise and Licensing: The demand for Keyboard Cat merchandise shows no signs of diminishing. Fans continue to purchase apparel, toys, and accessories adorned with Keyboard Cat’s image, ensuring a steady stream of revenue for the brand.

6. Preservation of Internet History: Keyboard Cat, along with other iconic internet memes, represents a piece of internet history. Efforts to preserve and archive these cultural artifacts ensure that future generations will be able to experience and appreciate the phenomenon that Keyboard Cat has become.

While it’s difficult to predict the specific path that Keyboard Cat will take in the future, its impact and presence in the online world are likely to persist. Its legacy as a symbol of internet humor and entertainment will continue to bring smiles to people’s faces, even as new memes and viral sensations take center stage. As long as people enjoy humor and cats, Keyboard Cat’s music and videos will remain a treasured part of the internet’s collective memory.



Keyboard Cat has undeniably left a lasting impact on internet culture and has become a beloved figure in the hearts of millions. From its humble beginnings as a viral video to its transcendent status as an enduring internet icon, Keyboard Cat’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

The feline performer’s catchy tunes, playful demeanor, and ability to add humor to various situations have made it a beloved figure within online communities. Its videos have entertained and brought joy to people around the world, and its impact on popular culture is evident through the countless memes, remixes, and appearances in media.

Keyboard Cat’s legacy goes beyond just internet fame. Its merchandise and licensing ventures have created a tangible connection between the brand and its fans, allowing them to express their admiration and appreciation for the lovable feline.

Though it’s difficult to predict the future trajectory of Keyboard Cat, its legacy is likely to endure. As long as the internet continues to evolve, new generations of internet users will discover and appreciate the infectious tunes and charming performances that Keyboard Cat offers.

Keyboard Cat represents the power of the internet to bring people together through shared humor and entertainment. Its videos and music continue to be enjoyed and shared, reminding us of the lasting impact that seemingly small moments can have in shaping our digital world.

So, let us celebrate Keyboard Cat and remember the joy it has brought to our lives. From its creator, Charlie Schmidt, to the fans who have embraced it with open arms, Keyboard Cat’s journey is a testament to the unexpected ways in which the internet can captivate our hearts and create cultural phenomena that stand the test of time.

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