15 Best Tech Companies to Work for and Why

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The technological industry is ripe with numerous business and professional opportunities. It’s been the largest center for innovation in the last few decades. Tech companies break new ground often and even pay their valuable employees handsomely. With that said, what are the best tech companies to work for to boost your career? We’ve provided a compilation of the best ones you can apply for in 2022.


15 Best Tech Companies to Work For

best tech companies to work for
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What are the best tech companies to work for? We’ve segregated this list into various subcategories. These include information technology (IT), digital products & services, hardware, eCommerce, social technology, and more. Check them out below and see which industry is right for you.


Digital Products / Services & IT


Company Strengths:

  • Reputable and stable
  • Offers good growth for its employees
  • Provides fair wages and equal opportunities


Which IT company is best for growth? If growth is your priority, then one of the best tech companies to work for is Adobe. Fortune named it the World’s Best Workplace for six years straight.

What makes the company a solid choice? Firstly, it’s one of the largest tech companies to date and is highly reputable and stable. Hence, moving forward, you don’t have to concern yourself with possible job security problems.

In addition, it is great for employees because the company prizes creativity and equality. It’s also a solid option for broadening your technological expertise. Moreover, Adobe delegates many challenging projects to its various teams. The work should stretch and challenge your character, competence, and abilities.

Finally, the company advocates for equal pay and opportunities regardless of background. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to find any unequal treatment based on race, gender, or religion. Forbes even named Adobe one of The Best Employers For Diversity.



Company Strengths:

  • Values harmony and agreeableness in the workplace
  • Fast-paced and innovative
  • Inclusive, diverse, and values social responsibility
  • Pays a generous salary


DocuSign is a good option if you’re looking for tech companies with great working cultures. It’s one of the best tech companies to work for if you value fast-paced and innovative environments.

However, despite the fast-paced nature of the environment, the company still prizes agreeableness as a trait. Hence, you get lots of experience and enough challenge in your work without compromising team chemistry and peace. The company also promises to raise an encouraging and authentic environment, so the employees are safe and supported.

Apart from this, DocuSign promises to remain transparent, supportive, and authentic in its dealings. They also advertise to provide equal opportunities to their employees. Moreover, the employees even report that the workload is manageable enough to maintain a work-life balance.

Finally, the company offers generous compensation benefits. They also provide over $125,000 as a base-level annual salary for software engineers. Hence, they’re certainly a good choice if a high salary is one of your primary considerations.



Company Strengths:

  • Allows for remote work
  • Encourages innovation and allows its employees to pitch ideas
  • Lots of growth opportunities
  • Great compensation and benefits


Are you looking for the best tech companies to work for remotely? If so, Google is one of your best bets. That’s because the company does allow its employees to work from home.

Apart from this, it’s also simply stellar in every other regard. For example, the company prizes innovation – so much that it encourages employees to spend time innovating. The company even asks you to pay 20% of your work hours on creating and honing innovative ideas.

Furthermore, Google is well-known for rewarding its employees with better opportunities once they’ve created good ideas. The company also helps its people reach their full potential and allows them the freedom to operate.

As a result, Google is one of the best tech companies to work for if you want more opportunities. Combine that quality with high ratings regarding compensation and benefits, and you’ve got a five-star employer.

The company also has excellent facilities, including in-house physicians, free gourmet meals, and shuttle services. Moreover, you’re covered on all bases, as Google even provides travel insurance, health insurance, and educational benefits.

Finally, while Google values innovation, it also prioritizes work-life balance and diversity. The company has consistently ranked in the 10 best companies to work for by various awarding bodies.



Company Strengths:

  • Flexible working culture
  • Encourages forward-thinking and growth
  • Supportive work environment
  • Great compensation and benefits


HubSpot is one of the industry leaders in helping businesses with their sales and marketing strategies. However, it’s not just the reputation that gives it the title of one of the best tech companies to work for.

That’s because HubSpot is well-known for driving innovation while maintaining a flexible working culture. The company encourages forward-thinking and rewards its employees — specifically software engineers — with growth opportunities.

In addition, the company has fostered an excellent organizational culture and values innovation, diversity, and inclusion. It’s also very supportive of employees overall. Hence, it’s no wonder employees have high regard for it and are satisfied with their employment.

Finally, HubSpot pays generously and provides an average annual salary of over $119,000 to new software engineers. If you become a senior engineer, you can increase that to up to $170,000 annually.


IBM (International Business Machines)

Company Strengths:

  • Highlights inclusivity
  • Provides good growth opportunities
  • Encourages learning and collaboration


IBM is one of the oldest tech companies in the industry — but don’t let that fool you. That’s because it’s one of the best tech companies to work for if you want more experience in computer-based services.

As you might expect, IBM has a strong presence globally and is well-known for making cost-effective hardware and software. Apart from this, IBM also prizes inclusivity, prizing intelligence, science, and logic over other qualities.

Furthermore, its work environment encourages growth, learning, and collaboration. The company’s senior staff even mentors younger students and employees to help them work better.

Moreover, the company values social responsibility and tries to be mindful of the environment in its dealings. Finally, the company promotes healthy work-life balance and supports flexible work arrangements.



Company Strengths:

  • Provides the opportunity to work with advanced technology
  • Promotes an inclusive environment
  • Leads in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technology
  • Offers good career growth opportunities
  • Encourages work-life balance, collaboration, and flexibility
  • Allows you to work remotely
  • Great compensation and benefits


Microsoft is one of the top tech companies if you want to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. It leads the industry in Cloud-based solutions, AI, and IoT. You’ll undoubtedly learn a lot from your experience there as a software engineer or other professional.

In addition, the company provides many chances for career development. It even promotes an inclusive atmosphere and values skills and quality over job titles and other factors.

Like many other industry leaders, Microsoft isn’t as rigid or strict as traditional companies. It promotes flexibility and good work-life balance to its employees. Moreover, the company values teamwork. Its smart, supportive leaders also provide excellent guidance to newer staff.

Microsoft is also one of the best tech companies to work for if your priority is flexible work arrangements. That’s because you can even choose to work from home when applying for a Microsoft job.

Lastly, the company also offers over $119,000 on average for its yearly compensation. Workers also get many benefits, including health and retirement insurance, Zumba classes, yoga sessions, and round-the-clock access to the site.



Company Strengths:

  • Supports increased representation and inclusivity
  • Values innovation, customer success, flexibility, and authenticity
  • High base-level and senior compensation


Salesforce might not be as extensive as companies like Google or Microsoft. Nonetheless, Fortune ranked it as the best company to work for in 2018. Hence, it’s a good catch even if you remove the “tech industry” as a requirement.

What makes Salesforce one of the best tech companies to work for? Firstly, the company highly values representation and inclusion. It has even promised to make half of its workforce composed of underrepresented groups.

The company also claims to prioritize equality in its work environment. Hence, you should expect its leaders to value innovation and work quality more than anything else. The company also provides its employees with lots of resources – even international ones – to help its workers.

In addition, Salesforce prizes customer success and good relations more than most companies. They also provide generous annual compensations — roughly over $122,000 — on average to their entry-coding engineers. If you move up, you can even earn more than $248,000 yearly.


Hardware Products


Company Strengths:

  • An industry leader in consumer technology
  • Inclusive, original, and values teamwork
  • Provides good growth opportunities
  • Diverse opportunities in retail, AI, machine learning, hardware, and more


What are the top 5 US tech companies? Apple may not always be the top one, but it’s certainly in the top 5 most of the time. This is because it’s well-known for being the frontrunner in the consumer tech and hardware industry.

You never miss it. An Apple event announcing the new generation of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more. The company’s events and products are so prominent that all other brands follow its latest innovations. What better reason to become part of its workforce than to participate and have a hand in the company’s success?

Apart from this, what makes Apple a great company is how much it prizes ambition and innovation. The company also values growth and teamwork — a big plus if your main aim is to grow more.

In addition, Apple is one of the most diverse companies to work for. We mean this in two ways. The first is that the company values inclusivity in the workplace, making sure they prioritize results over other qualities.

Furthermore, Apple is also diverse in that it has numerous departments. You can work in retail, machine learning, software, hardware, AI, and more. As a result, you’re not trapped, and you can grow and learn about more than one aspect of its technology.



Company Strengths:

  • An industry leader in graphics technologies
  • Prioritizes diversity and inclusion
  • Offers decent work-life balance
  • High compensation


NVIDIA is one of the best tech companies to work for if you want to make cutting-edge graphics technologies. That’s because it’s at the forefront of graphics-related technology. It also impacts more than just the gaming industry, with its product applications stretching to transportation, manufacturing, and even healthcare.

Apart from this, NVIDIA is simply a great company if you want a company that’s diverse, inclusive, and healthy overall. That’s because the company prioritizes healthy work-life balance and promotes a good company culture.

In addition, it’s one of the friendliest companies to young people because over 40% of its workforce comprises millennials and Gen X. It also pays generous salaries, offering software engineers an average annual salary of over $180,000.


Online Retail / eCommerce


Company Strengths:

  • Industry-leading eCommerce platform
  • Wide range of job opportunities for various skill levels
  • Offers a large variety of fields


Amazon is at the forefront of the eCommerce industry and its related services. It’s also an incredibly diverse organization and provides numerous services.

Hence, it’s a great place to work if you want more experience in AI, robotics, digital streaming, and others. You can even gain experience in hardware development, IT, data science, marketing, and security engineering.

In addition, what makes Amazon one of the best tech companies to work for is how many opportunities it provides. Apart from providing experience in different fields, the company also hires individuals of all skill levels. These can range from professionals to students who need an internship.

Furthermore, the company is flexible in that it has tons of locations. However, the compensation will vary depending on your title and position.



Company Strengths:

  • Loyal to its employees
  • Promotes employee events
  • Decent benefits


Shopify is one of the top companies to work for if you want more experience in online retail. It’s also a solid option if you prize employer loyalty over other qualities. The company even tends to promote employee events and provides decent benefits compared to others.

However, while the company’s culture is decent, some employees have reported its leadership doesn’t value employee ideas as much as other companies. Hence, you won’t get as much of a sense of ownership or growth in Shopify compared to other companies.


Social Technology


Company Strengths:

  • One of the leading social platforms for professionals
  • Good company culture and work-life balance
  • Great compensation and benefits


LinkedIn is one of the best tech companies to work for if you want a unique social platform. That’s because it’s at the forefront of the field of connecting business professionals.

Apart from this, the company leads the pack with regard to being secure and free from viruses. That’s unique in and of itself, considering most social platforms aren’t as protected.

In addition, what makes LinkedIn great is its excellent company culture. Its leaders prioritize integrity, teamwork, and even humor. Employees report the company is collaborative and supportive overall. Moreover, they tend to provide outstanding work-life balance.

LinkedIn also provides solid compensation — roughly $140,000 annually for software engineers — and benefits to its employees. However, there have been instances of micromanagement from its leaders.


Meta / Facebook

Company Strengths:

  • Industry-leading social platform
  • Values career development
  • Encouraging and motivating work environment
  • Great compensation and benefits


If you want to know the inner workings of one of the biggest social platforms, Meta is a great place to work. You can certainly make a large impact even on a smaller scale knowing how big Facebook is worldwide.

Apart from this, the company claims to value transparency and career advancement. Hence, you should get good growth opportunities as well. The company also fosters a supportive overall atmosphere.

If you’re also asking what tech company pays the most, Facebook should be one of the top contenders. The company easily pays a base salary of over $122,000 annually. Moreover, its benefits are stellar and include a spa, gym, clinic, free meals, and insurance coverage.




Company Strengths:

  • Great for learning about security technology
  • Safe environment with excellent work-life balance
  • Good growth opportunities
  • Small-to-medium company


KnowBe4 is one of the industry leaders when it comes to providing security technology and services to its consumers. Hence, it’s one of the best options if you want more experience and knowledge of security-related technology.

The company also promotes a safe work environment, recognizes employee choices and opinions, and encourages problem-solving. Moreover, they even foster outstanding work-life balance.

Finally, despite being a small-to-medium enterprise, KnowBe4 pays a handsome average base salary of over $113,000 annually.



Company Strengths:

  • Great for learning and developing skills involving space-related technology
  • Decent company culture
  • Great compensation


If you want something unique, SpaceX is certainly one of the best tech companies to work for. That’s because it’s one of the only companies where you can learn skills involving space-related technology.

In addition, SpaceX’s culture encourages passion, collaboration, and diversity. The company also provides a great base salary of over $112,000 annually. Moving up the ranks can bump that up to as much as $239,000 yearly.

However, employees have noted that the company doesn’t prioritize work-life balance. Moreover, the company could use some work on how it approaches leadership and more senior managers.


What Makes a Tech Company Great to Work For

The best tech companies to work for have many different qualities. One of the major qualities these companies have is usually how much growth they can provide you. The best companies will even allow you to innovate and create products for them — hearing you out and barring none.

In addition, the best tech companies to work for foster a healthy working environment and culture. The community should be both competitive and supportive at the same time. Moreover, they should prioritize work-life balance and respect private life.

Apart from this, the best tech companies to work for should provide good quality work. You wouldn’t want to end up in a monotonous job that doesn’t help you grow or learn more. Moreover, they should allow you to make an impact on the company.

Finally, a solid salary is also what makes certain organizations the best tech companies to work for. After all, companies who expect the best performance should provide competitive compensation.


Things to Consider When Applying for a Tech Company

Before deciding on a company, you must be mindful of a few factors to consider. For example, the job or work’s inherent nature should be a top priority.

Hence, looking for the best health tech companies to work for takes precedence over a shiny opportunity at Google if the kind of work you want to experience is related to health technology.

Apart from this, compensation and benefits should be a big consideration. The salary should be more than livable, especially if it requires more expertise. It should also cover your living expenses, depending on your location.

Speaking of location, we also suggest looking for the best companies to work for that are not too far. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste too much money on the commute if the job requires your physical presence.

Finally, we recommend finding a job that suits your preferred schedule. For instance, flexible arrangements that allow you to work from home are preferable if you’re a parent of three kids. It’s also a good alternative if the job is too far from your current living area.


Final Word

Finding the best tech companies to work for isn’t too difficult in the modern day. After all, the tech industry is only growing and should grow even more in the future. The industry is ripe with potential, and innovation is what makes it thrive. Hence, it shouldn’t be hard to find good companies that provide great growth opportunities, compensation, and good culture. The tricky part is how to distinguish yourself and get hired.

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