5 Best Tec CPU Cooler For 2024


Introducing the "5 Best Tec CPU Cooler For 2023": Are you a tech enthusiast and constantly in search of the most effective cooling solutions for your precious CPU? Look no further! In this article, we will unveil the top five Tec CPU coolers that will elevate your gaming or computing experience to new heights in 2023. Stay ahead of the curve and discover the cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance these coolers offer to ensure optimal temperature management for your CPU. Get ready to explore our expert recommendations and make an informed decision for your cooling needs in the coming year.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler is a high-quality cooling solution for your computer. It features a compact design and is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms. With four heat pipes and a TL-C12C-L V2 PWM Quiet ARGB fan, this cooler provides excellent cooling performance while keeping noise levels low. The S-FDB bearings ensure long-lasting reliability, and the AGHP technique prevents the inverse gravity effect. The cooler also comes with a high-brightness LED atomizing ARGB fan blade that adds a stylish lighting effect to your system. Its compatibility and detail adjustment make it a versatile option for various computer cases. Overall, the Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler offers a great balance of performance, reliability, and aesthetics for your PC cooling needs.

Key Features

  • -[Product specification] Thermalright AX120R SE V2; CPU Cooler dimensions: 120(L)x71(W)x148(H)mm (4.92×2.8x 5.83 inch); Product weight:0.63kg(1.39lb); heat sink material: aluminum, CPU cooler is equipped with metal fasteners of Intel & AMD platform to achieve better installation
  • 【Quality Bearings】The carefully developed quality S-FDB bearings solve the problem of pc cooling fan blade shaking in lifting mode, keeping fan noise to a minimum while providing maximum cooling performance when needed and extending the life of the fan.
  • 【AGHP technique】4×6mm heat pipes apply AGHP 3th technique, Solve the Inverse gravity effect caused by vertical / horizontal orientation. Up to 20000 hours of industrial service life, S-FDB bearings ensure long service life of air-cooler radiators.
  • -[Excellent LED light] The high-brightness LED atomizing argb fan blade can effectively reflect the light, making the ARGB lighting effect softer, and it matches the cooler and case more perfectly. Up to 17 modes of light effects with ARGB support, color can be managed and synchronized through the port on motherboard.
  • 【Detail adjustment】UL class a safety insulation low-grade, industrial strength PBT + PC material to create high-quality products for you. The height is 148mm, Suitable for medium-sized computer case, no blocking of the overall memory installation, self-luminous fan power supply and lighting interface share a common interface, once plugged in, lights up
  • 【Compatibility】The CPU cooler Socket supports: Intel:1150/1151/1155/1156/1200/1700/17XX AMD:AM4/AM5; For different CPU socket platforms, corresponding mounting plate or fastener parts are provided


  • Dimension: 2.80Lx5.83Wx4.72H


  • Compact design and high-quality materials
  • Excellent cooling performance with low noise levels
  • Stylish LED lighting effects with multiple modes
  • Versatile compatibility for different CPU platforms


    The Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler offers an impressive cooling solution with its compact design, high-quality construction, and excellent performance. It effectively keeps the CPU temperature in check while maintaining low noise levels. The LED lighting adds a stylish touch to your computer case, and the compatibility with various CPU platforms makes it a versatile choice. The build quality and attention to detail are commendable. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient air cooler for your PC, the Assassin X 120R SE V2 is definitely worth considering.

    Overall Score: 9/10

    The Thermalright AK90 CPU Air Cooler is a high-performance cooling solution ideal for small-sized/medium-sized computer cases. Featuring AGHP technique and S-FDB bearings, this cooler ensures efficient cooling with low noise levels. With a height of 125mm, it is compact and compatible with Intel and AMD platforms. The included TL-C9B PWM fan offers a standard size of 92x92x25mm and operates quietly at a maximum speed of 1550rpm. The AK90 CPU cooler is made with high-quality materials and provides up to 20000 hours of service life. Whether you are an avid gamer or a PC enthusiast, this air cooler is designed to deliver excellent thermal performance and enhance the overall stability of your system.

    Key Features

    • [Brand Overview] Thermalright is a Taiwan brand with more than 20 years of development.
    • 【AGHP technique】6x6mm heat pipes apply AGHP technique.
    • Up to 20000 hours of industrial service life, S-FSB bearings ensure long service life of air-cooler radiators.
    • UL class a safety insulation low-grade, industrial strength PBT+PC material.
    • Height is 125mm, Suitable for small-sized/medium-sized computer case.
    • PWM Fans: Standard size PWM fan:92x92x25mm.
    • Fan speed (RPM): 1550rpm±10%; power port: 4pin; Voltage:12V; Air flow:66.17CFM(MAX); Noise Level≤25.6d B(A)
    • Compatibility: The CPU cooler Socket supports Intel:1150/1151/1155/1156/1200/1700/17XX/2066/2011 AMD:AM4/AM5
    • Thermalright AK90 CPU cooler; CPU Cooler dimensions: 94(L)x52(W)x125(H)mm (3.7x2x4.9 inch); Product weight:0.425kg(0.94lb); heat sink material: aluminum
    • For different CPU socket platforms, corresponding mounting plate or fastener parts are provided


    • Dimension: 3.03Lx4.92Wx3.70H


    • High-performance cooling solution with low noise levels.
    • Long service life with up to 20000 hours.
    • Compatible with various Intel and AMD platforms.
    • Compact design suitable for small-sized/medium-sized computer cases.
    • Efficient cooling with AGHP technique and S-FDB bearings.


      The Thermalright AK90 CPU Air Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for your computer. With its compact size, it can easily fit into small-sized and medium-sized cases without compromising performance. The AGHP technique and S-FDB bearings ensure optimal cooling with low noise levels for a comfortable computing experience. The long service life of up to 20000 hours guarantees durability and reliability. The compatibility with a wide range of Intel and AMD platforms makes it a versatile option for different systems. If you’re looking for a high-performance air cooler that delivers efficient cooling and quiet operation, the Thermalright AK90 is a great choice.

      Overall Score: 7/10

      The ID-COOLING DK-07i CPU Cooler is a low-profile air cooler designed for LGA1700 sockets. With an aluminum base and extruded radial aluminum fins, as well as a 120mm PWM fan, it offers excellent heat dissipation while maintaining a compact design. The CPU cooler features rainbow RGB lighting to add a colorful touch to PC builds, and it is compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards for easy installation. The all-black layout enhances its cooling performance, making it a sleek addition to any setup. The ID-COOLING DK-07i CPU Cooler is an affordable option with decent performance and durability.

      Key Features

      • Better Heat Dissipation with aluminum base and extruded radial aluminum fins
      • Low-profile design with only 60mm total height
      • 120mm diameter PWM fan generates steady airflow and low noise
      • Vivid RGB lighting for colorful and bright PC builds
      • Excellent memory compatibility even in Mini-ITX motherboards
      • Signature all-black layout for enhanced cooling performance
      • Supports Intel LGA1700 socket with a TDP of 125W



        • Affordable price
        • Easy installation with pre-installed fan
        • Budget-friendly RGB lighting
        • Improves cooling compared to stock cooler
        • Durable construction with good quality finishing


        • No adjustable RGB lighting
        • No copper heat pipe or base
        • May not be suitable for high loads or production work

        The ID-COOLING DK-07i CPU Cooler is a budget-friendly option that offers decent cooling performance and durability. It is a great choice for non-gaming PCs or low-profile builds that do not require extensive overclocking or heavy multithreaded tasks. The RGB lighting adds a touch of style to PC builds, although it is not adjustable. The installation process is easy with the pre-installed fan, and the compact design ensures compatibility with Mini-ITX motherboards. Overall, the ID-COOLING DK-07i CPU Cooler provides good value for the price and is suitable for users looking for a reliable and affordable cooling solution.

        Overall Score: 8/10

        The Jonsbo CR1400 RGB CPU Air Cooler is a tower-shaped CPU cooler designed for efficient heat transfer and enhanced aesthetics. With its 4 copper heat pipes and 41 inserted fins, this cooler ensures quick heat dissipation and good ventilation. The removable PWM fans are easy to maintain and provide a colorful and visually pleasing experience. Compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets, this cooler is versatile and suitable for various CPU architectures. The black color and luminous top nameplates add to its sleek design. Overall, the Jonsbo CR1400 RGB CPU Air Cooler is an affordable option for users looking to improve their CPU cooling performance and enhance the visual appeal of their system.

        Key Features

        • Tower-shape CPU Air Cooler with penetrate-design fins
        • 4 copper heat-pipes for efficient heat transfer
        • Removable PWM fans for easy maintenance
        • Fins bending technology for improved ventilation
        • Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets


        • Color: Black
        • Dimension: 3.66Lx3.07Wx4.96H
        • Size: CR1400 Black


        • Efficient heat transfer and quick heat dissipation
        • Colorful and visually pleasing RGB lighting
        • Easy maintenance with removable fans
        • Good value for the price


        • Limited control over RGB lighting modes
        • Fan and plastic cover may have different colors
        • May not be suitable for high-end CPUs

        The Jonsbo CR1400 RGB CPU Air Cooler offers a balance of performance and aesthetics at an affordable price. With its efficient heat transfer capabilities and visually appealing RGB lighting, it is a suitable choice for users looking to improve their CPU cooling while adding a touch of style to their system. The removable PWM fans make maintenance easy, although the control over RGB lighting modes is limited. The cooler may not be ideal for high-end CPUs, but for lower TDP CPUs, it provides impressive cooling performance. Overall, the Jonsbo CR1400 RGB CPU Air Cooler is a reliable option that delivers on both functionality and aesthetics.

        Overall Score: 8.5/10

        The DeepCool AN600 Low Profile CPU Cooler is a high-performance cooling solution designed for mid-level small form-factor systems. With its compact design and minimalism, it offers a short yet powerful CPU cooler that maximizes heat dissipation. It features six copper heat pipes with a raised copper coldplate, providing a cooling capacity of 180w TDP. The slim 120mm PWM enabled-FDB fan utilizes the latest DeepCool motor technology for stable airflow and low noise. The cooler is compatible with different motherboards and offers two installation options for better compatibility. With its excellent aesthetics and cooling performance, the DeepCool AN600 is a great choice for small form-factor builds.

        Key Features

        • Compact design for small form-factor systems
        • Six 6mm nickel-plated heat pipes for maximum heat dissipation
        • Slim 120mm PWM enabled-FDB fan for stable airflow and low noise
        • Fan speed of 1850RPM and 61.56CFM airflow
        • Compatible with different motherboards and offers two installation options


        • Dimension: 4.80Lx4.72Wx2.64H


        • Easy installation with sturdy bracket
        • Excellent cooling performance
        • Solidly made and functional design
        • Great aesthetics
        • Includes thermal paste


        • Not compatible with AMD systems in Fractal Ridge case
        • Mounting can be challenging for some users
        • May interfere with tall RAM placement
        • Not ideal for overclocking

        The DeepCool AN600 Low Profile CPU Cooler is a reliable cooling solution for small form-factor systems. With its excellent cooling performance, aesthetic design, and easy installation process, it offers great value for its price. However, it’s important to note that it may not be compatible with all AMD systems and may have limitations when it comes to overclocking. Overall, if you’re looking for a compact and efficient CPU cooler for your small form-factor build, the DeepCool AN600 is worth considering.

        Buyer's Guide: tec CPU Cooler

        Are you tired of your computer overheating during intense gaming sessions or resource-intensive tasks? Look no further than the tec CPU Cooler! Designed to effectively dissipate heat and maintain optimal temperature levels, a tec CPU Cooler can be the perfect addition to your PC setup. To help you make an informed decision, we have created this buyer's guide to provide you with valuable information about tec CPU Coolers.

        Advantages of tec CPU Coolers

        • Efficient cooling: tec CPU Coolers utilize Thermoelectric Cooler (tec) technology to efficiently dissipate heat and keep your CPU cool.
        • Improved performance: By effectively cooling your CPU, tec Coolers help maintain optimal performance even during demanding tasks, allowing you to experience smooth and uninterrupted computing.
        • Reduce noise: tec CPU Coolers typically have quieter fans and cooling systems, contributing to a more peaceful computing experience.
        • Extended lifespan: By preventing your CPU from overheating, a tec Cooler can potentially extend the lifespan of your computer components, saving you money on replacements in the long run.
        • Space-saving design: Many tec CPU Coolers are compact and fit easily into most computer cases, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

        Factors to Consider

        When purchasing a tec CPU Cooler, it is important to consider several factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and requirements. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

        1. Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the tec Cooler with your computer's CPU socket type. Different tec Coolers are designed for specific CPU socket types (e.g., LGA, AM4), so ensure compatibility before making a purchase.
        2. Cooling capacity: Consider the cooling capacity of the tec Cooler. Higher cooling capacities are typically more suitable for overclocked CPUs or those running resource-intensive applications.
        3. Noise level: If noise is a concern, look for tec CPU Coolers with lower noise levels. This information is usually provided in the product specifications.
        4. Size and dimensions: Ensure the tec Cooler will fit comfortably inside your computer case without obstructing other components. Check the dimensions of the cooler and compare them to the available space inside your case.
        5. Power requirements: Some tec CPU Coolers require additional power sources, such as an extra power connector or a dedicated power supply. Verify the power requirements and ensure your system can accommodate them.
        6. Budget: Consider your budget when selecting a tec CPU Cooler. Prices can vary significantly, so determine a price range that suits your needs and explore options within that range.

        Maintenance and Care Tips

        To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your tec CPU Cooler, follow these maintenance and care tips:

        • Regular cleaning: Dust and debris can accumulate on the cooling unit over time, hindering its performance. Regularly clean the cooler using compressed air or a soft brush to remove any build-up.
        • Check for fan obstructions: Ensure that no cables, wires, or other objects are obstructing the cooling fan. These obstructions can disrupt airflow and lead to insufficient cooling.
        • Monitor temperature levels: Keep an eye on the CPU temperature levels using monitoring software. If you notice unusually high temperatures, consider checking the cooling unit for any issues or blockages.
        • Replace thermal paste: Over time, the thermal paste between the CPU and cooler may degrade. Consider replacing the thermal paste every few years to ensure optimal heat transfer.
        • Follow manufacturer instructions: Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation, maintenance, and care guidelines specific to your tec CPU Cooler model.

        Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Best Tec CPU Cooler For 2023

        Will a tec CPU Cooler fit all computer cases?

        tec CPU Coolers come in various sizes, so it is crucial to check the dimensions and ensure compatibility with your computer case.

        Are tec CPU Coolers difficult to install?

        Installation complexity varies among tec CPU Cooler models. However, most come with comprehensive instructions, making the installation process relatively straightforward.

        Will a tec CPU Cooler make my computer completely silent?

        While tec CPU Coolers are designed to be quieter than traditional cooling solutions, they still generate some noise. However, the noise level is typically lower compared to stock CPU coolers.

        Can tec CPU Coolers cool other components, such as GPU?

        tec CPU Coolers are primarily designed to cool the CPU. However, some models may also provide limited cooling benefits to adjacent components, depending on the layout and design of your computer case.

        Can I use a tec CPU Cooler for overclocking purposes?

        tec CPU Coolers with higher cooling capacities are suitable for overclocking purposes, as they can effectively dissipate the additional heat generated by overclocked CPUs.

        How often should I clean my tec CPU Cooler?

        It is recommended to clean your tec CPU Cooler every few months or as needed to ensure optimal performance and cooling efficiency.

        Can I use a tec CPU Cooler on a laptop?

        tec CPU Coolers are typically designed for desktop computers and may not be compatible or practical for use with laptops due to their size and power requirements.

        Do tec CPU Coolers require maintenance?

        Yes, regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for obstructions, is necessary to ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of the tec CPU Cooler.

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