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Tencent Cloud: Comprehensive Smart Cloud Security to Protect Your Important Files

tencent cloud Review

Cloud-based solutions, products, and services are here and aren’t just a thing of the future. Many businesses have already built their products and services around cloud computing as the world becomes more technologically advanced. However, like any new technological advancement, cloud-based services come with their risks and disadvantages. One of the most prominent is cybersecurity and safety. That is where services like Tencent Cloud come in. 

With a strong presence in China and throughout the globe, it provides some of the most secure cloud-based services available. If you’re interested in a safe-to-use and secure cloud-based service, here’s what you need to know about Tencent Cloud.


Tencent: An Overview

Tencent Cloud
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When you’re expanding a business internationally, the first thing you normally do is target a specific global market. The most common targets are usually those with large populations, and consequently, a large potential pool of customers. China is undoubtedly one of the biggest markets in the world in terms of population and landmass. Moreover, its population is one of the most tech-savvy in the world. 

Most people within the country already rely on chat apps, mobile payment services, and cloud computing for their daily activities. Hence, it’s no surprise that China is one of the most ideal markets for internet-based businesses to enter. However, there is one problem: China is an extremely difficult market to enter with various laws and restrictions in place.

The best way to enter the Chinese market would probably be to partner with Chinese services and businesses. One of the most prominent of which is Tencent Holdings Ltd. If you’re unfamiliar with Tencent, it’s one of China’s largest tech conglomerates that provide internet-based services. The company is a little tricky to define with how large and diverse it already is. It has tons of subsidiaries and has entered and invested in a diverse set of markets.

Thanks to its growth, Tencent Holdings Ltd. has become one of the most highly-valued companies in the world. In 2017, it even surpassed Wells Fargo in terms of value. Moreover, Tencent’s president has become one of the richest men in the world. Tencent provides nearly every kind of app you can think of within China, whether it’s chat apps, social networking apps, mobile payment services, or even games and entertainment. 


What Is Tencent Cloud?

While Tencent is a large Chinese conglomerate, Tencent Cloud, in specific, is just one part of it. It’s a Tencent branch that provides cloud-based and internet-based services. Tencent Cloud is responsible for many cloud services for security protection, audio and video solutions, and storage. It also provides one of the largest content delivery networks in the world with an industry-leading cloud database management system.

Because of these, Tencent Cloud provides one of the best enterprise-level content delivery networks businesses can employ. Moreover, what’s even better about Tencent Cloud is its interconnectivity. More specifically, businesses employing Tencent Cloud’s services can also link it to any other virtual machine created by Tencent. 

This includes cloud storage buckets, media streaming services, and more. In addition, Tencent Cloud is also compatible with IoT devices, AI, and Big Data. Hence, it’s the ideal solution to connect your business to multiple technological touch-points and services. 

Tencent Cloud is at a huge advantage in terms of reach. Its products and services are some of the most ubiquitous in the Chinese market. In fact, Tencent Cloud is famous for its strong presence within mainland China. The company provides over 1,100 nodes throughout the giant country’s large landmass. Competitors like BaishanCloud can’t even compare with their numbers being only over 500. 

Tencent Cloud also has a decent foothold outside of Chinese borders. It has over 1,000 nodes stationed globally across over 50 nations. This makes Tencent Cloud incredibly competitive in terms of bandwidth, clocking in at a whopping 120Tbps in total.  


Why Use Tencent Cloud?

Why Use tencent Cloud
Photo by Tencent LinkedIn

Cloud storage and services are some of the most important internet-based tools we have today. Why? It’s because companies have become more global and adopted technology as part of their business model. Rather than sticking to local markets, companies have begun to expand globally, requiring international database management as a result. Moreover, with consumers turning to online shopping more and more, businesses are inevitably forced to adopt internet-based systems.

And with the ongoing pandemic pressuring businesses into going online, companies need cloud-based solutions now more than ever. Work-from-home policies and migrating products and services to the cloud are essential in 2021. To top it off, companies are also increasingly incorporating big data and AI in their workflow.

Of course, cloud-based storage and services have already taken off during the past couple of years. It’s easy enough to integrate technology into business — even for start-up companies. However, with the rise of cloud-based solutions also comes the rise of cyberspace security risks. The entire industry is now turning to the cloud, making them more vulnerable without proper infrastructure in place.

That is precisely where Tencent Cloud’s smart cloud security and cloud file storage comes in. Tencent Cloud has been actively discussing and collaborating with partners to enhance cybersecurity and safety in the digital space. With the products they make, companies can minimize the threat of ransomware, authentication abuse, and phishing. 


Tencent Cloud: Smart Cloud Security

Smart Cloud Security
Photo by Tencent

In this article, we’ll be focusing on two of Tencent Cloud’s services: cloud file storage and smart cloud security. Let’s tackle the latter first. While Tencent Cloud certainly offers multiple cybersecurity products, there are three that most prominently provide essential security services. These three actively eliminate security threats and make them a priority — instead of an afterthought — in business. Moreover, Tencent Cloud’s smart security products are reliable, fast, and extensive in reach. 


Tencent Cloud’s Anti-DDoS Advanced And Pro

Tencent Cloud’s Anti-DDoS Advanced And Pro
Photo by Tencent

One of Tencent Cloud’s best real-time protection solutions involves its anti-DDoS service. This service offers real-time awareness and attack management and can also defend resources with proper cleaning. In fact, Tencent Cloud can protect servers from DDoS attacks with a 99.995% cleaning success rate. 

Moreover, Tencent Cloud’s anti-DDoS service features 30 exclusive BGP pathways. Even one Chinese node can already offer protection of over 900 Gbps. Internationally, that number is at 400 Gbps. As a result, Tencent Cloud can protect from DDoS security breaches in every part of a business’ workflow. This includes protection at the network, application, and transport layers.

Tencent Cloud’s anti-DDoS service is particularly useful for companies that need excellent real-time user experience. This is especially useful in spheres that need to securely handle financial services online. Moreover, it’s also ideal for real-time services like ecommerce, PvP games, and more.

On the other hand, the pro version of Tencent Cloud’s anti-DDoS protection naturally provides customers with more advantages. For example, it provides a large bandwidth and industry-leading security. Moreover, it’s more advanced and can integrate directly to the cloud without needing to tamper with IP addresses. 

It’s also the ideal solution for businesses that require smooth operations like online video streaming. New product releases, ecommerce promotions, and low-latency operations can also greatly benefit from Tencent Cloud’s anti-DDoS pro-level protection. 


Tencent Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Tencent Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Photo by Tencent

Apart from anti-DDoS protection, Tencent Cloud also offers a web application firewall (WAF). Tencent’s WAF is based on AI and is an all-in-one solution to help users fight internal and external security risks. This includes web attacks, trojans, exploits, backdoors, intrusions, crawlers, hijacking, and more.

The web application firewall is ideal for businesses that need optimized web operations. Moreover, it’s also highly integrated with the company’s big data-based threat intelligence, AI-based crawler, and bot behavior manager. If your company requires extensive internet use, it’s the ideal solution to protect against web-based threats.


Tencent Cloud Access Management (CAM)

Tencent Cloud Access Management (CAM)
Photo by Tencent

Managing products and access can be tricky without the proper security measures in place. Hence, why Tencent Cloud’s Accent Management system exists. This time, the smart security service Tencent provides centers around managing users and their permissions. Moreover, it’s also built to allocate security credentials like Cloud API keys, login passwords, and MFA devices separately. 

On the other hand, CAM can also manage role permissions. This lets customers make and manage roles and their permissions to control various operations. Moreover, CAM can also carry federated identities. This means that existing identities, whether groups, roles, or users, can access the CAM console and call APIs freely. 

Apart from this, CAM also complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Hence, it can transmit, file, and process credit card information and transactions securely. The ability to integrate with other Tencent Cloud products also makes it versatile, allowing businesses access to a complete ecosystem.


Tencent Cloud Storage

Tencent Cloud Storage
Photo by Tencent

The second part of this article tackles Tencent Cloud’s file storage solution. As you know, the data management industry is almost indispensable in today’s economy. Cloud-based storage solutions like Google Drive and DropBox are ubiquitous and almost necessary in day-to-day workflows. However, they’re not the only big players in the field, with Tencent Cloud Drive also offering a compelling service. 

Tencent’s Cloud File Storage (CFS) is one of the most competitive products on the market thanks to its wide reach. With nodes spread across China and even internationally, it’s an easy choice if you want to truly go global. Moreover, the company’s focus on cybersecurity is also one of the biggest factors that make the service especially alluring.

If you’re unfamiliar, Tencent Cloud’s file storage solution is a secure, affordable, and scalable file sharing solution. The product is completely secure, thanks to Tencent Cloud’s impressive cybersecurity measures in place. Moreover, it’s also very versatile, allowing customers to connect it to other products and services made by Tencent. This includes Tencent Cloud’s servers, batch computing services, and container services. 

It’s one of the best cloud storage solutions that provide high-performance storage with multiple computing nodes worldwide. However, if you’re not convinced, then here are some of the benefits you can get if you use Tencent Cloud.


Integrated Management

Thanks to impressive Tencent Cloud computing, Tencent Cloud’s storage solution provides integrated management within its service. It’s compatible with POSIX and allows access through different platforms. All your files and data will be consistent no matter which platform you choose. 



An easy-to-use interface is one of the most important aspects of digital services nowadays. Technology is rapidly expanding, and as a result, is also becoming increasingly more complicated. Hence, easy-to-use services with simple interfaces are the key to success.

Thankfully, Tencent Cloud’s storage solution provides just that. CFS allows users to easily make, configure, and control a file system without complicated protocols. Hence, it’s great to use if you want to spend less time configuring, deploying, and maintaining your network-attached storage.

Shared Access

You can use multiple Cloud Virtual Machines (CVMs) and still share the same CFS system. Moreover, CFS has multiple nodes across different regions so you can use the same system through a VPC. This allows more than one node to help accomplish tasks and share files through the system.


Scalable And Adaptable

Regardless of your application or service, you can easily scale flexibility using CFS. If you have a large file storage size, the performance also scales along with it. Hence, you can be sure to provide trustworthy services to customers without sacrificing performance.


Tencent Cloud’s CFS can also robustly allocate capacity and doesn’t ask for payment right away. You can use a pay-as-you-go approach, even with multiple clients. 



Tencent Cloud boasts about how much it prioritizes cybersecurity. Hence, it follows that Tencent Cloud’s CFS is also more secure and reliable than other file storage solutions. The company places reliability and availability at the forefront as well. Moreover, with the ability to manage client permissions, isolate users and networks, and assign access, it’s certainly a secure solution.


Conclusion: Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is one of the leading companies that provide both smart cloud security and cloud file storage to customers. The company provides industry-leading cybersecurity services for businesses that need a proactive approach to fight against security risks. On the other hand, its cloud file storage solution is also heavily focused on security. However, apart from this, it also provides multiple versatile features that seamlessly integrate with other Tencent products. These two combined make Tencent Cloud one of the best cybersecurity and storage solutions available for businesses expanding into China.

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