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PaperHelp Review: A Writing Service to Rely On


To save you time in research, comparison, and trial and error, we regularly publish reviews of products and services that deserve your attention. Today we will review a custom writing service that has been around for quite some time and, for many of you, doesn’t require an introduction – PaperHelp.

If you’ve ever been looking online for someone who will write your paper for school or business, you probably know that the offer is plentiful. The tricky part is defining which services are worth their salt and which are better to avoid. This is not always evident at first glance. However, you can’t go wrong with PaperHelp. This versatile service, with a heavy focus on academic work, has been setting standards for the industry for years. Let’s dive in to learn more if you’ve never come across PaperHelp before.


PaperHelp’s Speed Is Its Main Advantage

One of the first things students have even less than money is time. Plus, their planning skills are still a work in progress. Hence, the most popular query on writing tools, services, and freelancing platforms is “Write my paper asap, preferably for yesterday!” That is why the ability to handle urgent orders and deliver unwaveringly excellent results is a desirable trait for any writing service targeting students.

According to many reviews on Sitejabber, Reddit posts, Yahoo answers, and other open sources you’ve sieved through, PaperHelp copes with same-day orders brilliantly. The official minimum deadline you can set through the order form is 3 hours. Still, some of the reviewers claimed they could arrange 1-hour delivery for short assignments. Hats off to the professionals and logistics wizards behind this well-oiled writing machine. That said, last-minute assistance doesn’t come free and will cost you some extra buck. If you want more affordable help, you might want to order a week or two in advance.

By the way, what can you order? PaperHelp boasts a whopping 50 formats in nearly 80 subject areas, including everything from standard argumentative essays to business plans to a speech for toasting your parents’ wedding anniversary. There are also auxiliary services, such as slide presentations, graphs, and charts. As you can see, PaperHelp reaches far beyond academia.

Still, most PaperHelp customers are students who struggle with their writing assignments and are usually broke, so the question of price looms large. The following section is devoted entirely to this pressing issue.


Detailed Review on Prices

What most of PaperHelp reviews get wrong when comparing the service to others in the niche is the price tag. While it is mainly referred to as “moderate”, and the quality of service is described as “great value for the money”. The implication is always that you will pay a bit extra. You’ll be paying extra for access to safety, reliability, and a premium experience. While there are more affordable options out there for those willing to save. That, however, isn’t necessarily so.

First of all, most of such reviews base their assumptions on the price per page displayed as the default setting in the example of a filled-out order form. Many services shrewdly set their default on the basic settings to show the minimum possible price and attract customers with their apparent affordability.

PaperHelp, however, uses the parameters for their most popular orders with average, but not minimal, settings as a default example. If you reset it all down to basics to get a more accurate comparison with other services, you will find quite lucrative prices, starting at $6 for editing and $10 for original academic writing.

Moreover, most writing services offer attractive prices for orders with extended deadlines and dramatically raise the tag as the deadline shrinks. While it is also true for PaperHelp. The difference is not as steep as in some other services. Therefore, if you want an accurate comparison, make sure to punch in all the parameters of your paper and see the accurate estimation for your required academic level, deadline, and type of writing.



However, even then, the result might not give you the complete picture because it doesn’t include additional benefits. For example, for first-time customers, there is a special PaperHelp discount code LESSISMORE. This gives you an instant 11% discount and 5% in credits. What are the credits? That’s another way to save. The PaperHelp loyalty program gives you a percentage of the money you spend on orders back as store credits which you can then use to pay for your later orders. Plus, the company is set on making you a loyal customer, so after the registration, you will regularly receive special personalized offers in your inbox with lucrative discount tempting you back. All this allows you to save significantly.

The bottom line is that when you assess the cost of the service, you should take into account multiple factors, not just the minimal price per page that writing services love to dangle in front of you to lure you in.


Is PaperHelp Legit?

If the question should read as “is PaperHelp reliable?” then the answer is a resounding “yes.” The service has proven its dependability time and again, which is reflected in many positive reviews. When you place the order with, you are guaranteed to get an expert that will write your paper for you. It’ll be from scratch, on time, and on the required difficulty level. If the service fails to find a suitable expert, you will promptly get a 100% refund. The same goes for cases of failed deadlines, which are extremely rare.

You can also depend on PaperHelp’s discretion. The service knows that its customers, especially students, are keen on retaining their anonymity, so all necessary precautions are in place. Safety standards for financial security, privacy policy, and data protection. With PaperHelp, you don’t have to worry about blowing your cover. Of course, getting a model paper or an example solution to school homework as a bit of practice is nothing to frown upon, but some schools still won’t tolerate unauthorized assistance.


Skipping Ghostwriters

This brings us to part two of our “legitimacy” discussion. If you are asking yourself, “Can I just hire a ghostwriter to write my papers and hand them in as my own?” then no. Your school won’t let it fly. The point of assignments is to verify your knowledge of the course material, analytic skills, critical thinking, etc. If they get wind of you submitting someone else’s writing as your assignment, your school’s officials can accuse you of contract cheating. Of course, being custom-written and plagiarism-free, PaperHelp’s essays aren’t that easy to identify as “outside job”. However, if you are thinking of “borrowing” passages from the model paper, make sure the style isn’t drastically different from yours. Better still, use the samples you buy as they are meant to be used: as models, inspiration, and reference for your original output.


Final Word

To round it up, we recommend PaperHelp as an excellent and reliable service. PaperHelp impressive range of features, writing formats, and additional benefits. If you would like to learn more about it, you might want to read this review.

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