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Is the Mountain Everest Max Worth Checking Out? (Review)

Mountain Max Everest Featured

The Mountain Everest Max offers the benefits of a TKL and full-sized keyboard all in one. It’s versatile, striking, and a bit ambitious. However, just because it looks cool and interesting doesn’t make it a good performer when it comes to gaming. With that said, is it worth your time and investment? Let’s find out.


What Is the Mountain Everest Max?


The Mountain Everest Max is one of the most unique keyboards on the market – and this is no exaggeration. That’s because the keyboard is highly customizable and modular, allowing you to attach and detach various parts.

What’s detachable on the Mountain Everest Max keyboard? Three things: the wrist rest, the dedicated media dock, and the number pad. Each of these adds size, heft, and functionality to the RGB keyboard for more robust gaming sessions. However, you can just as easily remove them for times when you want a smaller, more compact Tenkeyless (TKL) setup.

If you like the keyboard’s features but can do without the accessories, you can also opt for the Everest Core. This retains the TKL base and throws away the detachable parts. You can even go further and choose the base version that allows you to manually select switches and keycaps.

Going back to Mountain Everest Max, let’s talk about the keyboard’s keys. The mechanical gaming keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches that are hot-swappable for anything with a three-pin connector. Moreover, the keys on the Everest are customizable through the Mountain Base Camp software.

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Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Specs

Dimensions 1.6 x 18.1 x 6.7 inches (height, width, depth)
Wrist Rest 9.5 inches deep
Weight 2.70 lbs
Layout Full-size (100%) with detachable number pad
Keycaps ABS
Switches Cherry MX
Build Plastic Frame, Metal Base Plate
Backlighting Programmable RGB with individually lit keys
Connectivity 6.4 ft wired connection (USB-C)
Operating System Compatibility Windows only
Software Mountain Base Camp software
Profiles 5 Profiles With Onboard Memory
Other Features Programmable Keys; Dedicated Media Controls with Wheel; USB Passthrough


Mountain Everest Max Review

What makes the Mountain Everest Max a worthwhile investment? Can it meet the expectations of discerning gamers?


Mountain Everest Max gaming keyboard is highly modular and adaptable. The base mechanism of the keyboard features a TKL design, allowing users with smaller desk spaces more freedom to move. However, it does come with an attachable number pad that can be hooked up on the left or right. You can also connect it via USB-C if you don’t want it to get in the way.

Regardless of position, the detachable Numpad allows users to access a full-sized layout without buying a separate keyboard. Unfortunately, however, the number pad is not independent and won’t work on its own. Thus, you can only use it while it’s connected—otherwise, it’s useless.

Apart from this, there’s also the attachable media dock. Like the number pad, you can hook this part on either side of the keyboard. This, along with the detachable Numpad and wrist rest, allows users to try various layout permutations until they’re satisfied.

Of course, the design of the Mountain Everest Max isn’t just about its accessories. Aesthetics also play a key role in it. What’s the Mountain Everest Max like to look at, then? At first glance, the keyboard’s TKL base looks like a normal mechanical keyboard with a subtle look. The gamer aesthetic only comes out when you turn on the RGB backlighting.



Photo from Amazon


The Everest Max keyboard is decently built – enough for most gamers who want something sturdy and sufficiently durable. Its frame is made of hard plastic, while the base plate is metal. These solid materials help the keyboard withstand pressure, so it shouldn’t bend too easily with applied force. However, while the keyboard is sturdy, it would have been better if the keyboard was more premium, given the price.

Apart from the chassis, the keycaps are also worth paying attention to. That’s because, unlike many other premium gaming keyboards, the Mountain Everest Max comes with ABS keycaps. This renders the keyboard more prone to retaining oil and will wear them out much quicker. However, because the keys are hot-swappable, you can also opt to change the keycaps for sturdier PBT ones later.

On another note, the included wrist rest is also something you need to watch out for. That’s because, while it does magnetically attach to the keyboard, the magnets’ placements are subpar. Only the right side of the wrist rest has magnetic attachments. The left side, on the other hand, has no magnets whatsoever. Thus, it’s extremely wobbly and insecure, which is annoying while gaming.

Lastly, the Mountain Everest Max inclines are also less than ideal. Sure, they attach firmly via magnets to the base frame. However, some users have reported that the magnets themselves come off easily. These small issues with the magnets prove that while modularity is convenient, it has its drawbacks.



Gaming is fun and all, but there tend to be consequences when you do it too much. One of the most obvious ones is wrist and finger strain. Thankfully, the Mountain Everest Max has provisions for that in the form of inclines and a wrist rest. How do they fare in everyday use?

Firstly, the wrist rest on the Mountain Everest Max is just okay. It feels plushy yet a bit too stiff and firm. It’s certainly not the softest wrist rest out there. Regardless, it does feel better and more comfortable to type with the wrist rest attached than without it.

Secondly, the incline feet on the Mountain Everest Max are decent. They can incline at multiple angles, ranging from 3.6° to 14°. However, this range varies depending on the layout, as the addition of the Numpad changes its maximum incline. Nonetheless, the incline helps a lot with ergonomics and makes for a much more comfortable typing experience overall.


Key Quality

Photo from Amazon


What is the typing experience like on the Mountain Everest Max? Firstly, you’ll be glad to know that the keys on this premium keyboard don’t wobble. Hence, they’re not as prone to breaking as other gaming keyboards. This is good news, especially for heavy gamers who tend to abuse their keyboards during intense gaming sessions.

Apart from this, the keys themselves perform decently well. For one, the RGB comes with individual lighting, so you can customize each key without qualms. They look nice overall, although the color white can be a bit tainted and feel like different colors sometimes.

In addition, the keystrokes on the Mountain Everest Max are satisfactorily tactile. They provide decent feedback – although the experience varies based on the switches you use. The keys are hot-swappable, after all, so you can exchange them for different switches when you get tired.

Moreover, the typing quality on the keyboard is excellent. The spacing between the keys is decent, their shape is standard, and the actuation pressure is fairly light. It’s not at all tiring to type on, even with prolonged use. The only downside is that the keys are made with ABS, so it feels a little slippery.

Now, what is the Mountain Everest Max latency like? Fairly low, according to tests. It has a 6.5ms latency, so it will feel responsive when you’re gaming. Of course, this isn’t the lowest latency out there, as keyboards like the Corsair K100 fare much better. Nonetheless, it’ll feel fast and responsive, so you shouldn’t notice the difference too much.

gamer keyboard



The Mountain Everest Max can be as quiet or as loud as you want, depending on the switches you choose. For example, Cherry MX Browns will yield a quiet typing experience, allowing you to comfortably use it in the office. On the other hand, clicky versions of the Cherry MXs will be loud and tactile, offering more feedback while typing.



Unfortunately, the Mountain Everest Max does not have BlueTooth connectivity. It comes with a 6.4 ft wired connection only, so you can’t use it on mobile devices. The cable provided comes with USB-C on one end (keyboard) and USB-A on the other (PC). It’s detachable, braided, and sturdy enough for heavy use and travel.



Unfortunately, you can only use the keyboard to its full potential on the Windows operating system. That’s because some keys (like a few on the Numpad) and media controls don’t work on macOS or Linux. Moreover, the software is only available on PC, so there’s not as much freedom for customization.

In addition, the Mountain Everest Max doesn’t work with any mobile OS. Hence, iPad, iPhone, and Android users will have to look elsewhere to fill that gap. It’s also incompatible with consoles like the PS5 and Xbox, so don’t get your hopes up there.



Mountain Base Camp is the software that accompanies the Mountain Everest Max – and it’s superb. It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to program macros, adjust settings, and customize the backlighting. You can even save five profiles within the software, so you don’t have to re-do adjustments every time. The keyboard also has onboard memory, so you can easily switch between them on the fly.

With that said, there are only two downsides to the software. Firstly, it’s not available on macOS, so you can only access these convenient features through a PC. Moreover, the software doesn’t have cloud syncing features, so your settings can’t transfer between systems. Hence, you’ll have to manually adjust them every time you switch computers.


Other Features

Photo from Amazon


The highlight of the Mountain Everest Max is certainly the plethora of features it comes with. How do they fare in real-world usage?

Firstly, the modularity of the accessories boosts the keyboard’s score by a lot. That’s because they provide a great deal of freedom when it comes to customizing your workspace. Furthermore, the Numpad and media dock can be placed on two different parts of the keyboard. Hence, you can play with multiple different layouts, depending on what you want.

Apart from this, the accessories themselves are fairly useful. For example, the Numpad doesn’t just function as a simple number keypad that offers dedicated numerical keys. It also has screens at the top that are customizable, allowing you to display various information. You can reprogram them to open programs, execute shortcuts, and more.

As for the media dock, you can use it to display numerous other things. For instance, you can choose to add the date, time, or profile you’re using for easy viewing. It can also showcase important computer-related information related to the CPU, RAM, etc. Of course, you can also use the dock to control media, adjust the volume, and change the brightness.

Lastly, the keyboard also comes with cable management channels and a USB-A pass-through. No doubt these will help make your life easier while using your computer on the day-to-day.



Now, the Mountain Everest Max might be a robust option, and it can be ideal for many gamers. However, by no means do its features suddenly make it the best choice for everyone. That’s because the price is a big consideration when it comes to purchasing decisions like these. So, is the price of the Mountain Everest Max worth it?

It depends. If you can afford to pay around $250 to $280 for a modular keyboard, then, by all means, go ahead. However, it’s a lot to ask if you’re an average middle-class citizen. If so, we recommend checking out alternatives instead.

How much is the Mountain Everest Max keyboard on Amazon? Unfortunately, the keyboard is out of stock at the time of writing. Hence, we can’t give a definite amount.


Mountain Everest Max FAQs

Hot swappable
Photo from Amazon


Is Everest Max Hot-Swappable?

Yes, the Mountain Everest Max is hot-swappable. You can exchange the default ABS keys with PBT ones or swap out the default Cherry MX switches, too.


Can You Change the RGB?

Yes, you can adjust and customize the RGB backlighting using the Mountain Base Camp software. However, do note that it doesn’t run on macOS so you can’t customize it with a Mac.


How Many Switches Are on the Everest Max?

The Mountain Everest Max includes five Cherry MX switches for testing in the box. However, the keyboard comes with the rest attached along with the keycaps.


Mountain Everest Max vs Competitors

The Mountain Everest Max may be unique in its own right, but there are other worthy competitors on the market. Let’s see how it fares against similar products.

Corsair K100


If you want something that performs better than the Mountain Everest Max for gaming, then we recommend the Corsair K100. It has all the features you might want or need. These include a full-sized layout, programmable RGB, remappable PBT keys, dedicated macro keys, and fancy media controls.

Moreover, the latency on the Corsair K100 is much lower than the Mountain Everest Max, so it’s certainly more responsive. That, plus the higher quality, default PBT keycaps, and lower price tag, make it more compelling overall. However, it does have its downsides. For example, unlike the Mountain Everest Max, the keys on the K100 lack tactile feedback. Furthermore, they’re not hot-swappable, so you can’t switch between switches anytime you want.


NovelKeys NK65


If you want an affordable alternative to the Mountain Everest Max, we recommend checking out the NovelKeys NK65 keyboard. It offers you a sweet deal and all the basics, including the all-important hot-swappable feature. Moreover, it features a smaller, 65% layout so it fits on smaller desks more comfortably. Lastly, it has per-key RGB, programmable macros (through QMK or VIA), and dirt-cheap pricing ($95 for the Entry edition).

Of course, being a wildly different keyboard, it does have its drawbacks compared to the Mountain Everest Max. For example, it has no additional accessories or dedicated media controls whatsoever. Moreover, the keys and switches aren’t included by default, so you’ll have to purchase those separately. Nonetheless, if you love customizing your keyboard and want to unleash your creativity, it’s a perfect choice.


SteelSeries Apex Pro


The SteelSeries Apex Pro is cheaper than Everest, but that’s not the only thing that makes it more competitive. That’s because the keyboard’s gaming performance is also better overall. It has customizable RGB, per-key customization of the pre-travel distance, and lower latency for more responsive gaming.

However, it does have a few downsides that make it the poorer choice. For one, it’s not hot-swappable and only comes with linear OmniPoint switches. Moreover, it isn’t modular like the Mountain Everest Max, so there’s less freedom to customize the layout. Nonetheless, it’s the better option if you want something robust but much more affordable.


Check Out the Mountain Everest Max Today!

Is the Everest Max keyboard worth it? Well, we know one thing: the Mountain Everest Max is a top-notch performer when it comes to gaming. It has everything you might want or need in a high-performance machine. These include macro-programmable keys, dedicated media controls, accompanying software for customization, and hot-swappable switches. It’s also modular – a unique feature that no other keyboard even comes close to.

However, there are downsides to the Mountain Everest Max. For example, it’s only fully compatible with Windows computers. Hence, macOS and Linux users won’t get as much use out of it unless they’re willing to sacrifice functionality. In addition, while the latency is low, it can’t compare to other gaming keyboards on the market. That’s a shame, too, because the Mountain Everest Max costs so much.

Speaking of price, it’s more expensive than even other high-end gaming keyboards from Corsair and Razer. There’s also no BlueTooth connectivity, and the default model comes with ABS instead of PBT keycaps. With that said, it’ll all depend on what your priorities are. If you can afford the Mountain Everest Max and are intrigued by its modularity, then go for it. However, if the price is too high and its features are not what you’re looking for, then better look elsewhere.

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