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Is MagellanTV the Best Site for Documentaries? (Review)

MagellanTV Featured

As people have different interests, there are many ways they spend their free time online. They read blogs, watch YouTube, or browse memes. For some, they use the internet in a more educational manner—they watch documentaries. Such people like to learn in-depth about past and current events and other real-life topics. Many popular streaming sites like Netflix have a good amount of documentaries. But if you’re a true documentary buff, MagellanTV is one of the most significant platforms available.

In this review, we will discuss what MagellanTV is, its features, and the popular documentaries on the platform. We’ll also look at how it compares with similar services on the market.


What Is MagellanTV?

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MagellanTV is a global ad-free documentary streaming video subscription service. It provides a wide range of documentary collections, which aim to educate and maintain historical records. It provides documentaries on different topics, with topics ranging from nature, science, arts, and ancient history to culture, the modern world, and many others. There are also shows about crime, paranormal activities, and aliens. New shows are added weekly, so there’s always something new to watch for avid viewers.

You couldn’t ask for more because MagellanTV has all the documentaries you can think of. It knows what interests more people, making it possible for people to have access to different topics.

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MagellanTV Subscription and Cost

Plans MagellanTV
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MagellanTV offers three subscription plans to its users depending on the length of the membership. It offers a seven-day free trial for its monthly subscription and a 14-day free trial for its quarterly and annual subscription.

After the free trial, you can choose to subscribe to its monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plan. The monthly plan will cost you $6.99 per month. On the other hand, the quarterly plan will cost you $17.97 every three months, which is equivalent to only $5.99 per month. The best subscription value, the annual plan, will cost you $59.88 every 12 months.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off the auto-renew. You have to turn it off at least 24 hours before your subscription ends to avoid charges. To cancel your subscription, just head onto your profile on MagellanTV and click on the “Cancel” button on the menu. MagellanTV does not offer refunds for part-time and on-subscription amounts that are already paid.

You can pay your subscription using your Visa and Mastercard credit card or through PayPal.


MagellanTV Library

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Science Playlist

Be enlightened with the scientific discoveries in society today. As there are a lot of scientific discoveries and science is continuously developing, our understanding will change as we see nature from new perspectives. Here are some of the science-oriented shows you can watch on MagellanTV


Tsunami: Facing the Global Threat

You must be wondering how to protect yourself and get ready when one of the deadliest natural phenomena happens. A lot of questions arise, so we need to be well-informed of this global threat.


The Amazing World of Gravity

Want to know more about the physics of gravity? Find more not only about Einstein’s Relativity but also Quantum Mechanics. You will be amazed by exploring one of the most amazing phenomena.


Everything and Nothing: The Science of Empty Space

Witness the revelations about the actual size of the tiniest particles in nature. Be awed by the science of space, which is believed to be filled with energy and exotic matter. Join Jim Al-Khalili in this spectacular exploration of science.


Idea Wars: The Birth of Printing

Witness how Johannes Gutenberg, the man behind the mechanical movable-type printing press, struggled and challenged the society of his time. The film backtracks the significant moments of this awesome man’s life.


Natural World Playlist

Natural World
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Explore the diversity of our home, the planet Earth, and see how dynamic its ecosystems are. See how wonderful the world that surrounds and sustains us and the creatures living with us.


Swans: Mystery of the Missing

Have an insight into the hidden world of one of nature’s greatest unsolved enigmas: the substantial decrease in the number of the Bewick’s swan. Follow the swans on their journey.


Animal Strategies: The Will to Survive

See how these magnificent animals developed strategies to adapt to their environment to stay alive. Watch why they had to develop behaviors and techniques to be able to get what they needed.


The Wild Pacific

See the wonders of the Pacific Ocean, the enormous body of water in the world. Be amazed at the lives living there, the new species spawned, and how the global weather systems are started. Be stunned by the kelp forests, coral reefs and seamounts, and the fantastic sea creatures like sharks and whales living beneath this magnificent body of water.


Bluefin Tuna: Superfish With David Attenborough

Now at the brink of extinction, learn the secrets of legendary, warm-blooded animals and one of the largest and fastest most of the most prized fish in the sea, the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Because of his passion for bluefin, marine biologist and wildlife cameraman Rick Rosenthal spent 13 years in pursuit of them. Watch him and learn how these bluefins battle against their prey and what has happened to them.


Majestic Earth Playlist

This is a collection of high-quality programs that celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the world we live in. The programs also bring up concerns about our beloved Earth’s future for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We have to be aware of what is happening to the place that nurtures and sustains life.


Earth’s Survival: Decoding the Science

This documentary shows that today is the crucial moment of Earth’s history. It features films that show the changes in Earth’s environmental systems that people must be aware of.


Tornado Chasers

Kevin Baron reveals his latest creation, the Dominator 3. It is a steel-plated tank designed to hold out against the forces of powerful tornadoes. He uses his creation to collect scientific data and have extreme footage of these destructive tornadoes.


Solar Superstorms

These solar superstorms are building on the surface of the sun and are erupting with high-velocity jets. Learn how they will affect and create a threat on planet Earth.


Voyage of the Continents

This series tells the story of the origin of Earth’s continents. See the making of the planet Earth in the past billion years based on the perspective of geologists and other scientists. Learn how these continents assemble, what charges up volcanoes, and what triggers earthquakes. Also, learn about the building of volcanoes and the tearing of valleys as well.


Travel the World Playlist

Travel The World
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Welcome aboard! Join the travelers as they take you on a long journey to some of the destinations. See the wonders of the cityscapes, natural sceneries, and the historical monuments you have been longing to visit. Just sit back, and enjoy your journey in the comfort of your home.


Aerial Asia

Have an aerial glimpse of Asia’s most treasured landmarks. See its natural wonders and the busy streets, and learn the culture and history of this amazing continent that even Asians have never seen before.


America From Above – The East Coast

This series focuses on America’s Eastern Coast. Capture its spectacular beauty that only exceptional travelers were able to enjoy. See the connection of the different natural and human-made landmarks in the coast’s fantastic tapestry of history and culture.


Europe From Above

This film takes you to the fascinating historical and natural landmarks of Europe. As you fly over its magnificent locations, it feels like you take a journey into the past. Do you want to know what is more? You will get to learn how its wonders have survived wars, revolutions and how it moves on as time passes by.


Aerial Odyssey: Germany From Above

Discover Germany from an aerial perspective and see the land’s impressive and enchanting images. Get an extraordinary flight experience and fly over a boasting country with different landscapes and showcase its beauty from up above.


History Playlist

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History is of great help for us to trace our origin and identity. Moreover, it helps us better understand what happened in the past. As this documentary playlist explores the events in the past and civilization that shaped history, we will have ideas of what the future has in store for us and where we are heading.


Waking the Titanic

This documentary touches the lives of ordinary people who died in one of the biggest sea tragedies. They were just people who, in pursuit of their dreams, had given up everything. However, until now, nobody knows their stories.


Ancient Inventions

This series brings back its viewers to the ancient times where everything started. They will learn the how, who, when, and what of everything in the world that we know today. These include when technology started and what were the social customs before.


Egypt’s Lost Queens

Ancient Egyptians showed great differences among ancient civilizations because they provided equal treatment to men and women. In this documentary, you will see how Egyptian queens shape the society, government, and culture of the ancient Egyptian civilization and learn from the reign of those queens.


Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs

Do you want to have a little journey and have enough knowledge about the history of ancient Egyptian society? This documentary will take you to the marvelous and mysterious world of the pharaohs through the mummies.


Human Spirit Playlist

Human Spirit
Screenshot from MagellanTV


Humans are the most special among the creations. This is because we have different capabilities compared to other creations. We have creative imaginations, and we can be curious and wonder. This documentary playlist explores the human spirit.


The Neanderthal in Us

Since their first bones were discovered in Germany, the Neanderthal is considered the “First European.” Today, modern science is giving information about who they were. Also, it provides details on how they lived and the reasons for their disappearance. This documentary will make you see how Neanderthals are close to modern humans.


Magnificent Three: Cities That Shaped History

Amsterdam, London, and New York are named “The Magnificent Three” because of their contributions to the birth and development of the “world-city.” This documentary explores the years of ruthless competition for power that witness the rise of architecture, countless great minds, and the spirit that these magnificent cities represent today.


Avalanche: Man Versus Earth

When winter comes over mountainous northern nations, people’s greatest enemy is the avalanche. It is tumbling snow that can destroy anything in its path. The question is: “Can you avoid this destruction?” Or maybe, “Is it possible to control it?”


The Dark Side Playlist

Dark Side
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Human nature has strange sides. Some believe that other people stray over the side that we used to call the “Dark Side.”  This playlist investigates the characters driven by power. Moreover, it gives ideas of where the world will lead us. Is it toward chaos and brutality? Or, maybe, the Light Side will prevail.


Göering’s Secret: The Story of Hitler’s Marshall

This film explores the life of Goering, Adolf Hitler’s most important deputy. At the height of his power, he lived a luxurious life. He was even behind the creation of the Gestapo. He was sentenced to death at the end of World War II. However, instead of facing the sentence, he committed suicide.


War on Witches

Everybody is intrigued by witches. In fact, there was even a witch hunt fever in the late 16th century. In addition, there were witch persecutions that happened. King James started his war against witchcraft, and this war somehow started the Salem witch trials in the US.


The Last Confessions of the Cannibal

This contains the confessions of Alexander Pearce about his sins. It narrates how he resorted to cannibalism, the act of eating the flesh of another human. Know what he felt and understand what he had to endure in doing such a horrible thing.


Anomaly: Haunting Stories of Paranormal Investigations

In Northern Florida, local people reported spiritual anomalies in two of the local places. A group of local investigators went to the reported places. They investigated the stories behind them, checked on the gathered pieces of evidence, and even went to the haunted sites. They saw and heard creepy things, but do you think those are real?


Pros and Cons of MagellanTV


  • Downloadable films and episodes
  • Unlimited streaming anytime, anywhere
  • A growing selection of 4K content
  • 3,000+ high-quality documentaries and series
  • New content added weekly
  • No advertisements
  • Functional playback interface
  • Supports five simultaneous streams per account
  • Free trials offered on all plans
  • Available on multiple platforms


  • Can’t adjust the font size or color of the captions
  • Does not support audio descriptions for the visually impaired


Other Documentary Streaming Sites


Just like MagellanTV, CuriosityStream is a streaming platform dedicated to documentaries. There are thousands of content on its catalog with a wide range of topics. In terms of cost, CuriosityStream is a more attractive option because of its flexible plan offers. You can subscribe for as low as $2.99/month for HD viewing, a practical choice for those who aren’t nitpicky about 4K quality.



Netflix offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and many more. It also provides original productions and offers subscription plans. You can watch all your favorite shows and videos anytime; however, an internet connection is needed.




Hulu is one of the leading premium streaming services that provide on-demand TV and movies. Also, it has live TV offerings. Next, Hulu also offers subscription plans, which are cheaper than Netflix. However, its cheapest basic plan has advertisements that interrupt you during your binge-watching.


Is MagellanTV the Best Site for Documentaries?

With several documentaries and docu-series available, MagellanTV can be considered one of the best sites for documentaries. In fact, it supports 4k streaming and offline downloads, which makes its users fond of it. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy streaming as five simultaneous streams per account are also supported.

In addition to this, MagellanTV features different genres that you can explore. Be it crime documentaries, science, human body and mind, and everything that makes you curious. Moreover, you will get to meet the people behind some of the documentaries. MagellanTV provides documentaries that are educational, informative, entertaining, and even scary.

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