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Geneforge 1 Mutagen: Should You Get This Old-school RPG Remaster On Steam?

Geneforge 1 Mutagen Review

In 2001, Geneforge was the first indie science-fantasy RPG game developed by Spiderweb Software. After massive popularity and a successful campaign, Geneforge 1 will now have its remaster that will be available on GOG and Steam. The Geneforge 1 Mutagen remaster will feature improved and high-quality game design, graphics, and interface. Spiderweb Software will not integrate major changes to the game’s storyline, but they plan to add a few new abilities and characters. With Geneforge’s Kickstarter campaign, many fans will surely expect that more is coming.

With the company reaching its $75,000 stretch goal, the Geneforge 1 Mutagen’s version will include a completely new multi-zone region with new loot, ventures, and characters. Since 2001, Spiderweb Software games have expanded a lot. Despite that, they will most likely not feature high-end visuals. After all, diehard RPG enthusiasts love Geneforge for its storyline and mechanical complexities. That said, the Geneforge remake will be an excellent treat for gamers who love old games but find their interface challenging to play through.

If you’d like to have a comprehensive overview of the Geneforge 1 Mutagen, you’ve stumbled into the right place. In this review, we highlight every must-know for all you Geneforge aficionados and describe what you’ll expect out of this old-school RPG. Is it worth downloading this old-school RPG remastered on Steam? Find out below!


What Is Geneforge 1 Mutagen?

What Is Geneforge 1 Mutagen
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To put things in perspective, Geneforge 1 Mutagen is the remastered version of the first Geneforge 1. The Geneforge remake will have an all-new UI and graphics similar to Geneforge 5. The remastered version will include new art, models, and several improvements. Aside from that, new mechanics, quests, and characters are likely included in the Geneforge 1 Mutagen, with the creations of the Playable Character’s opportunity to use abilities and skills.

Thanks to Kickstarter’s success of its campaign and funding, Geneforge 1 Mutagen will include a new multi-zone region and new creation with its very own storyline, loot, quests, and characters.


When Is The Release Date Of Geneforge 1 Mutagen?

For some, you’ve already known and downloaded the Geneforge 1 Mutagen on Steam. However, for the benefit of new fans, Geneforge 1 Mutagen launched on Steam on February 24, 2021.


What To Expect With Geneforge 1 Mutagen Remake?

Geneforge 1 Mutagen is considered a science-fantasy, open-ended fantasy adventure RPG with unique gameplays. With a strange yet new world theme, Geneforge 1 Mutagen provides gamers with unparalleled freedom with how they can play the game. Gamers can use their deadly pets or magical abilities to defeat their opponents. Aside from that, they can also use stealth, diplomacy, or trickery to win the game without attacking their enemies. This Geneforge remake will let you choose between destroying everything or a host of opponent factions. They will also have the option to defeat the final opponent or change sides and join forces with him. When it comes to weapons, Geneforge 1 players can fight with magical abilities, missiles, blades, or make their own army of customized mutant opponents or monsters.

Geneforge is a unique fantasy RPG with more than 80 zones to venture into and over 50 hours of gameplay. Given you have 100% freedom on how you’ll play the game, players can select from a dozen of pets, abilities, and skills to achieve a diverse range of distinct endings. The game will feature an upcoming rebellion that will burn the continent. Victory will depend on how you will strategize and win the game. 



Geneforge 1 Gameplay
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In Geneforge 1 Mutagen, gamers will play as one of the Shapers, wizards with powerful abilities to create or summon life. If you want an army, trap, or specific tool, you’re free to summon everything you want into existence. You can create an army of powerful Creations and command them to obey you most of the time.

You will be abandoned on a forbidden island, full of hidden and powerful secrets of the Shapers. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. There will be secret societies of creations abandoned by your very own people as well as those who have forgotten that they are supposed to be on your side. Moreover, there are mysterious intruders that want to take away the power of your people. Many will fear your anger and desire your help. Who will you defeat and who will you rescue? The choice is 100% up to you.



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Similar to the first version of Geneforge, Mutagen features a real-time map exploration, with an instant switch into an on-map turn-based battle. In this Geneforge remake, every unit will obtain eight Action Points per round to be utilized either to attack, move, or use special abilities. Although G1 had a similar Action Point system, it didn’t include a grid. As a result, you must estimate the number of APs each movement will utilize. With Geneforge 1 Mutagen Steam remake, players can finally access a comprehensive grid, featuring a variety of design spaces for the players and their Creations.

The integration of the new grid will provide new targetable capabilities into Mutagen’s library of powers. For example, Spray Crystal formerly hit a target then the two nearest opponents. Now, the Spray Crystal will require accurate positioning of the Shaper and queuing the shot, keeping your aims in the cone. Another example is the Rods where it previously contained buff effects applied to all Creations. With Geneforge 1 Mutagen, Rods can summon powerful and destructive magics through the grid. This Geneforge remake also features new spells like Airshock, a gigantic field of lightning that will destroy and stun your opponents.



Geneforge 1 Creators
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Shapers will not be the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of the new grid. All Creations are upgraded by choosing specific capability upgrades as well as additional passive and active capabilities at the expense of more Essence. The majority of the active capabilities will take the form of cones; however, some Creations have all-new single-target abilities that will assist them in moving across the battlefield or dislocate their enemies. Despite the rare diversity of species, the types of creatures in Geneforge 1 Mutagen are more unique compared to the previous versions of Geneforge games. The creature diversity integrated with the new grid tactics, items, and spells made the battle in Mutagen more interesting than Geneforge 1.

The font style in Geneforge 1 Mutagen is brilliant, featuring a classic dry wit concealing the thrill and horror of the setting. One of the best narrative tricks of Vogel is repeatedly attacking the opponent with second-person narration about how the characters feel themselves transforming due to the canisters. Steady yet insightful details regarding each setting have definitely pulled a lot of Mutagen’s narratives since the player can remember the different facets of Shaper society through the eyes of their character, such as the pigs-in-the-bowls that facilitate the laboratories.


Geneforge 1 Mutagen Theme

Geneforge 1 Mutagen Theme
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Geneforge 1 Mutagen integrates a new theme about Serviles into the gameplay – the inutile, a term used to describe the Servile societies as a Servile who can’t work appropriately. Like humans, Serviles have children, and they sometimes can come out as non-standard. Despite the Serviles society’s emerging beliefs about their collaboration with Shapers, none of them can escape from the work culture that was already programmed in their genes when they were initially made. Any Servile that cannot function in the ways Serviles are expected to work will be considered an outcast, left for the monsters wandering on the island.


What Are the Minimum System Requirements to Play Geneforge 1 Mutagen?

If you’re planning to try the Geneforge remake on Steam, ensure that you’ve already met the minimum system requirements for your gaming PC. Here are the recommended system requirements for your Geneforge 1 Mutagen gaming needs:



Operating System 64-bit Vista or Higher OS X Yosemite or Higher
Processor 1.6GHz 1.6GHz
Graphics 256MB VRAM 256MB VRAM
Storage 512MB RAM | 200MB Hard Disk 512MB RAM | 200MB Hard Disk
Resolution 1024×600 | 32-bit color 1024×600 | 32-bit color


Where to Download Geneforge 1 Mutagen via Steam?

Where To Download Geneforge 1 Mutagen via Steam?
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You can download Geneforge 1 Mutagen on the Steam official website through the Steam store.

Buy Geneforge 1 – Mutagen On Steam


Is A Full Documentation Available for Geneforge 1 Mutagen?

Both new and veteran gamers of the Geneforge 1 Mutagen can access detailed and complete documentation through the link here.


Are There Available Updates and Support for Geneforge 1 Mutagen?

Spiderweb Software offers one-stop-shop support and updates page for Geneforge 1 Mutagen gamers to access as a self-help guide for iOS, Windows, and Macintosh troubleshooting and other related concerns. Gamers can access the Updates and Support page here. Otherwise, they can directly email the developers through



Geneforge 1 Mutagen is undoubtedly an excellent remastering of the science-fantasy RPG with all-new graphics and user interface, new systems, and a new story. The dangers around every corner of the battlefield, the excitement of unlocking powerful magics, and the mysteries revolving around Sucia Island have offered Mutagen a fascinating gaming experience despite its methodical gameplay. Any RPG lover should definitely give it a try with a few exceptions.

If you’ve never tried playing Geneforge games, this is a wonderful opportunity. The remastered combat and modern graphics have made Mutagen more accessible without eliminating its challenging factor. If you’re a long-time fan of Geneforge hindered by the outdated graphics and lag, then Geneforge 1 Mutagen is the solution to your anticipation of a modern twist to Geneforge. In addition, Mutagen’s new system will offer a new experience with a new setting and classic story. If you loved Geneforge’s story but were not that excited with the new gameplay, the Geneforge 1 Mutagen’s mechanical remastering isn’t different enough to make you indulge in the game. You can find other science-fantasy RPGs that will best fit your style.

In a nutshell, Geneforge 1 Mutagen is a classic example of what a remastered timeless game can be. Although the mechanical revisions are intense, Mutagen hasn’t lost the tradition and heart of the original Geneforge game.

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