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Best PS5 Accessories You Need Right Now

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DualSense Wireless Controller

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DualSense Charging Station

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KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

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Best PS5 Accessories You Need Right Now

You might be one of the lucky few who own a PS5 and are enjoying this enormous upgrade over the PS4. Sleek and polished graphics isn’t all the PS5 can do, however, as it also comes packed with other major features.

And to really tap into the full potential of your new console, you will want to pair it with some PS5 accessories that you can get online right now. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of accessories you can get to improve your next-gen console experience below:

You can’t play the PS5 without its flagship DualSense wireless controller. While every PS5 purchased comes with one controller, you’ll want to get more if you intend to play multiplayer games with your friends and family. 

The DualSense controller is superior to the PS4’s DualShock controllers in every way. For starters, the DualSense controller gives you a heads up of what you’re doing by giving you physical feedback. This might seem similar to PS4 controllers, but instead of rumble motors that simply vibrate, it uses dual actuators. This makes the feedback it gives more distinct so you can actually tell what’s happening.

The DualSense controller also comes with a built-in microphone that allows for ease of communication when you’re playing a multiplayer game. It also further complements the actuators’ by providing you with additional feedback for a more immersive gameplay experience.

The controller also boasts a more stable grip than the PS4 one, allowing you to control your characters’ actions much more fluidly and reliably.

You can play games on PS5 with the PS4’s DualShock controllers if the game has backward compatibility. However, you can’t play games that aren’t backward compatible with a PS4 controller.

Charging your DualSense controllers normally requires the PS5 to be turned on or in rest mode, which can be annoying because it consumes power and uses up a cable.

That’s where the DualSense charging station comes in, helping you free up ports and conserve power. With it, you don’t need to have your controllers connected to your PS5 to bring them back to full power. The charging station allows you to charge up to two controllers at once. Simply plug it into a power supply before docking your controllers.

Aesthetically, the DualSense charging station is designed to mimic the appearance of a PS5 and goes well with the design of the controllers. When you’re charging your controllers, they look like some nifty alien tech. 

If your hands are naturally sweaty, you might want to look into getting some KontrolFreek thumbsticks for your controllers’ joysticks. Coming at a pretty affordable price, these durable thumbsticks give you a better grip on your controllers.

These thumbsticks also come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering you some level of customization for your controllers.

The PS5’s PlayStation HD camera is a must-have if you’re looking to join the world of streaming. While this camera doesn’t boast the best resolution, it is still decent at its job and even has wide-angle functions to help you record your gameplay at the best possible angles.

The camera also comes with a built-in stand, allowing you to clip it to the top of your TV or attach it to a flat surface.

Similar to video conferencing apps like Zoom, this camera allows you to replace your background with a virtual one with its background removal tool.


If you thought that the PS5’s functions were limited to gaming, think again. It grants you access to streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Disney Plus. This console is perfect for those days you don’t feel like gaming and just want to binge-watch a show.

The PS5 media remote is the perfect complement to these moments, serving as your remote control to watch your shows. Like any other standard remote control, this one comes with play, pause, and fast forward buttons to help you enjoy your shows at your own pace.  The remote also comes with dedicated streaming buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Spotify. This remote makes streaming a lot easier compared to navigating with your controller.

You can also use this remote to turn on/off your PS5 as well as navigate menus. This means that you don’t need to use a controller to boot your system; you can simply go straight to Netflix and watch some shows with just the remote. 

The Pulse 3D wireless headset is probably one of the best headsets that Sony has ever produced. It’s a wireless headset consistent with other PS5 accessories. It also comes equipped with some of the best noise-canceling technology money can buy. 

This wireless gaming headset has a noise-canceling microphone, so if you’re gaming in a crowded area, it will reduce all the noise in your background. It was also created with an adjustable head strap and comfortable earcups. You don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable with these headphones. 

The Pulse 3D can last up to 12 hours, giving you half a day of solid gameplay before it needs to be recharged. As a next-gen headset, the Pulse 3D comes with improved 3D audio for a more immersive experience as well. 

Out of Seagate’s partnership with PlayStation is the personalized PlayStation hard drive. While it was originally made for use with the PS4, it works like a charm on the PS5 as well.

The Seagate hard drive is hands down one of the best PS5 accessories for storage, if not the best. It’s great for expanding your storage space so you can download and play more games. There are two storage options, 2TB and 4TB. This hard drive also has a fast reading and writing speed of 140 MB per second. This external hard drive also comes with different themes like The Last of Us 2, but the themed versions are only available in the 2TB variant. 

It is speculated that Seagate will be making another PlayStation hard drive, this time for the PS5. It’ll probably come with better features and maybe more storage, but f you can’t wait for its release, this is still a good choice to make.

Let’s say that you’re on a budget and can’t afford premium headphones currently. Perhaps you think that a low-end headset is enough for your gaming needs. If so, then the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless has your back. 

This wireless headset is comfortable, versatile, and durable. It comes with a USB-C dongle which you can use to connect to your PS5. Like the Pulse 3D, it comes with noise-canceling technology for more private gaming sessions. Additionally, its microphone is detachable, letting you move it out of the way for a more comfortable listening experience.

To make this headset work well with your PS5, you’re going to need to tweak some settings. You will need to disable Sony 3D Audio on your PS5 first before increasing the default volume however you like.

One of the best PS5 accessories and headphones for good audio quality is none other than the Arctis 7P. It is the latest addition to the Arctis series and adds on to what the original Arctis 1 offers. Think of it as an upgraded version of the Arctis 1 with better quality and more features.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P is excellent. Like the Pulse 3D, its design is strikingly similar to the PS5. This makes the wireless headset look like a genuine PS5 accessory. This headset was designed for low latency gaming and has 2.4 GHz wireless audio. It’s also certified to have a clear cast bidirectional microphone, which takes the Arctis 1’s noise-canceling microphone to a whole new level.

The best thing about this wireless headset? It has good potential for 24-hour battery life. This means that it can probably outlast most of your gaming sessions.

Key Takeaway

PS5 accessories are essential to bringing your gaming experience to new heights. From immersion to better comfort, these accessories are will elevate your PS5 experience in one way or another. Take your pick from our best choices and game on!

Best PS5 Accessories You Need Right Now

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