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8 Best Logitech Headphones for Gaming and Casual Use

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Logitech G432 Gaming Headphones

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Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headphones

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Logitech G Pro X

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Logitech Headphones Featured

If you’re looking for a pair of decent headphones, Logitech is one of the best brands to shop from. Logitech headphones come in all shapes and sizes – whether for gaming or casual use – and they’re high-quality. If you don’t know what to buy, here’s a handy compilation of Logitech gaming headphones to narrow down your options.


8 Best Logitech Headphones for Gamers and Casual Users


If you want one of the affordable headphones, the Logitech G432  is a good choice. Unlike many of its competitors, these Logitech headphones manage to come at a low price while still being customizable. You can use Logitech’s G HUB software to customize the sound just like with the other headphones on this list. Whether customizing the graphic EQ or choosing presets, you can tweak the sound however you want.

Of course, you might already like the default sound profile these Logitech headphones come with. They’re punchy and clean, allowing you to hear your game’s sound effects, music, and dialogue pretty clearly. Moreover, the boom mic it comes with performs excellently despite the low price. Your voice will sound natural and clear regardless of the noise around you.

Unfortunately, Logitech did make a few compromises to lower the price of the G432. For example, the controls on the headset itself are very limited. The only things you can do are adjust the volume or mute the mic. Moreover, these Logitech headphones have no passive noise cancellation and aren’t always consistent in their audio delivery. Nonetheless, they’re a good enough option if you want something affordable but reliable.

Does Logitech make good headphones? If you’re on the fence about buying Logitech headphones, we can understand. After all, big names like Razer and Sennheiser often release indisputably great headphones for gaming and casual use. However, just because competition is fierce doesn’t mean that Logitech can’t put up a fight in the headset market. The Logitech G433 is certainly a testament to that.

What makes these Logitech headphones so special? For one, the headphones feature a beautiful yet unassuming design, making them great Logitech headphones for everyday use. If you want gaming headphones that don’t look too “gamer-like” then they’re a decent option.

Moreover, they’re incredibly flexible and even allow users to swap the regular cable for ones with an in-line mic. Sure, it isn’t a big deal if you’re permanently seated at your desk. However, it makes a big difference if you want to take calls on the go with these Logitech headphones.

Lastly, both the mic and audio quality of the headphones are very well-balanced. Of course, you can tweak the audio profile through the accompanying software to customize the experience. Nonetheless, these Logitech headphones won’t fail to satisfy even at default settings.

Unfortunately, these headphones aren’t perfect and do come with a few downsides. For example, they’re not great at canceling out noise, and they tend to leak out audio. Hence, they’re not the best pair of Logitech headphones if your main priority is privacy and isolation. Nonetheless, they’re a good option for most people – gamer or not.

One of the best Logitech gaming headphones is none other than the Logitech G935. It features a beautiful sound profile and even offers surround sound, allowing for an immersive gaming experience. However, what arguably sets it apart from the rest is its unique design that’s sure to catch your eye.

What do these Logitech headphones look like? Firstly, you have to know that the Logitech G935’s body is bulky and chunky. Moreover, it features RGB lighting on the logo and the strip running down each ear cup. Of course, these design choices might not be ideal for some users, especially if you want something more unassuming. That said, it’s great for gamers who want a distinct design and flashy lights.

Apart from the aesthetics, these Logitech headphones are versatile and come with many controls on the left earcup. Through these, you can do all the regular things like muting, adjusting the volume, or turning the headset on/off.

However, what makes it truly special is the additional controls. These include adjustments for the RGB lighting and the equalizer for your sound. The mic is also retractable, allowing you to customize pretty much every part of the experience.

In addition, these Logitech headphones allow for a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Hence, you don’t have to be tied to your desk or device all the time to use them. However, the battery does only last 8-12 hours, so do be mindful of how long you use it.

If you want Logitech headphones for gaming, then the Logitech G Pro X  is a good choice. Many people claim that they’re the best Logitech headphones for gaming if you don’t mind wired connections. That’s because this pair of Logitech headphones have a lot going for them.

For example, they’re very comfortable to wear so you won’t mind using them for long periods. In addition, they use a ⅛* TRRS connection that allows for compatibility with audio and a mic. Speaking of audio, the Logitech G Pro X headphones sound great by default. They sound very warm to the ear and even add a bit of boom to the mix. Hence, they’re a great option if you want to hear sound effects while you’re gaming.

In addition, the mid-range is pretty well-balanced, so you can also very clearly distinguish dialogue and instruments while listening. However, if you dislike Logitech’s default mix, you can always modify things through the accompanying software. Through the software, you can customize the graphic EQ or choose from presets until it suits your tastes. Lastly, these Logitech headphones come with a detachable mic that records your voice fairly decently. It’s great for voice chatting with friends, conference calls, and most other common uses.

However, do note that these Logitech headphones aren’t perfect. That’s because, while they sound decent overall, the frequency response consistency is so-so. Furthermore, the bass and treble are inconsistent and change based on positioning, fit, or seal. Thus, they might not deliver a consistent music listening experience. Lastly, they’re pretty bad at passive noise cancellation and aren’t as durable as other alternatives. Nonetheless, they’re a good choice if you want a competent pair of wired gaming headsets.

Are you looking for Logitech headphones with wireless connectivity that’s great for gaming? Then the Logitech G Pro X Wireless might be for you. The headsets come with nearly everything you might desire in Logitech headphones.

For example, they’re well-built, have an over-ear design, and give you different material options for the ear cups. You can choose from either leatherette or cloth – whichever you prefer or feel is most comfortable.

In addition, these Logitech headphones sound great – both in terms of what you hear and what you say. That’s because the default sound is already well-balanced so you don’t have to tweak it too much via software. It delivers a well-rounded sound and even adds extra oomph for action-packed games. Of course, you can still tweak the sound profile through the software if you prefer a different sound. Through it, you can customize the graphic EQ or choose from among different presets.

Furthermore, the microphone these Logitech headphones come with is detachable and sounds great. Your voice, regardless of whether you’re talking to fellow players or recording a podcast, will sound crisp and clear. It also provides a very full-bodied sound and performs decently well when it comes to drowning out background noise. Lastly, the battery lasts almost 24 hours on a charge – perfect for most situations and long gaming sessions.

Of course, we do admit that this pair of Logitech headphones has its flaws as well. For instance, it’s incompatible with Xbox One units so if that’s your use case, it’s best to look elsewhere. Moreover, noise isolation is pretty poor. Hence, gamers in loud environments might want to use something else with better noise cancellation. Nonetheless, if you want a competent pair of wireless headphones, these are a good choice.

How do I use my Logitech headphones in the office if they’re mostly built for gaming? If your main gripe with the other headphones we feature is their gaming-tailored design, no worries. Just because many Logitech headphones on this list are built for games doesn’t mean gaming headsets are your only choices. If you’re mainly working in an office, then we recommend the Logitech H800 Wireless Headphones.

These headphones perform fairly well all around. They feature a sleek and elegant wireless design, great durability and build quality, and are foldable for easy portability. Moreover, it features a flip-up microphone and built-in controls – great for making quick adjustments. Whether you’re at home or commuting to work, these Logitech headphones will make a great companion device. Above all, these headphones can be used while charging so you won’t have to worry about the battery too much.

As for sound quality, the headphones are decent enough for calls, videos, and regular media. However, they’re not exactly built for gaming and aren’t sweat-resistant so we don’t recommend them for exercise, either. Nonetheless, if you want a great option for just regular office use, these Logitech headphones are tough to beat.

If you want great value for the money, we recommend the Logitech H820e Wireless Dual Headphones. What makes them special? First of all, these headphones not only have good sound quality but are also reasonably priced. If these qualities are your main priority (as they might be for most people), then it’s already a great option.

However, price and sound quality aren’t always the only things people take into consideration. Thankfully, these Logitech headphones perform well in other aspects, too. They have a great wireless range, good noise cancellation, and are lightweight and comfortable.

The only downside is that the battery on these headphones is a bit lacking, and they don’t exactly have many extra features. Moreover, they’re a little bulky despite being lightweight, so not everyone will appreciate that. Nonetheless, they’re great Logitech headphones with a mic with USB if you don’t need the advanced features of fancier headsets.

If you’re looking specifically for Logitech headphones with a noise-canceling mic, then we recommend the Logitech H150. Yes, that’s right. These headphones are great for reducing unwanted sounds while you’re speaking. Hence, they’re good for calls, podcasts, and speaking events if you live in a particularly noisy environment.

However, the noise-canceling mic isn’t the only thing these Logitech headphones have going for them. That’s because it also has great features like full stereo sound, a beautiful and quirky design, and easy controls. Whether you’re listening to online meetings, conferences, or casually watching videos, it’s the perfect thing to have at your desk. It’s also unassuming and features a cuter, less bulky design compared to the others on this list.

Best of all, this pair of Logitech headphones are extremely affordable, so they’re perfect for the average consumer. You don’t need to break the bank just to get a decent pair of headsets because of them.

Of course, not everything is perfect about these headphones. After all, the company had to sacrifice a couple of things just to drastically lower the cost. For example, the size of the headset itself isn’t ideal for people with larger heads. That’s because it’s small, and the microphone’s length isn’t adjustable.

Moreover, the sound quality on the headphones is only passable and is mostly good for very casual use. Nonetheless, if you’re on a tight budget then these headphones are good enough for most things.


Final Thoughts on the Best Logitech Headphones for Gaming and Casual Use

Logitech headphones come in all shapes, sizes, variants, and prices. Each one is dedicated to specific tasks like gaming, working, calls, or videos. Regardless of which task you want to perform, there will be good headphones for you. You just need to know your budget and know where to look before you dive in.

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