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15 Best Ergonomic Mouse to Kiss Wrist Pain Goodbye [2022]

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15 Best Ergonomic Mouse

As much of modern-day work transitions toward digital workstations, people spend more and more time in front of computers. The cost of this, however, is unnecessary pain caused by prolonged usage. If you find yourself having wrist pain like many other people, you’re probably due for a mouse change. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best ergonomic mouse options to suit your needs.


15 Best Ergonomic Mouses

You’ll find that these devices may differ in shape, size, and in overall form than the mice you’re used to. However, each ergonomic mouse has been meticulously designed to ease your wrist pain while retaining efficiency. Check out our best ergonomic mouse options to help you with your wrist pain. 

Anker’s AK-UBA mouse is an ergonomic mouse with a vertical design. It’s not too unfamiliar to traditional horizontal mice. The left and right clicks are vertical on the right side with the scroll wheel in the middle. Additionally, there are buttons for convenience like the “previous and next” buttons for web-browsing.

The vertical mouse design allows your hand to rest in a natural position, which is perfect for long hours. It’s also very capable with different DPI resolutions to choose from (800, 1200, and 1600). To connect to your device, just plug in the 2.4 GHz USB mouse receiver that comes with the ergonomic mouse. Although, keep in mind that it requires AAA batteries to power it up.

If you’re going to fetch yourself one of these, you can rest easy knowing there’s an 18-month warranty. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux for all your computing needs. Check it out on Amazon for $26

Some people don’t like the idea of wireless mice because of latency while others dislike the higher price tag. If that’s you, check out Anker’s vertical ergonomic mouse with an optical USB wired connection. 

It has all the basic features of an ergonomic mouse: a comfortable design, all the buttons, and good tracking technology. The vertical design offers less wrist strain when using the mouse for long hours. For the buttons, you get the standard left and right clicks, scroll wheel, and additional previous and next buttons. There’s also a DPI switch button that can swiftly change your DPI resolution between 1,000 and 1,600.

As for the connection, you’re getting a wired mouse with a 1.5-m wire with USB type-A. It also has optical tracking so that the mouse can glide on various surfaces. If you’re interested, it’s $19 on Amazon and has an 18-month warranty with lifetime technical support.

If you want a versatile gaming ergonomic mouse for long gaming sessions, the Corsair GLAIVE PRO has you covered. It’s highly customizable in both software and hardware. You can adjust the side panels to get different mouse grip styles that suit your needs. One panel allows for a thumb rest while the other two provide different grip styles. 

Not only are the buttons and hardware adjustable, but many other things, too. This ergonomic mouse has adjustable CPI ranges that can be adjusted to just the right CPI for your needs. It can go as high as 18,000 CPI. As for the buttons, its CPI up, CPI down, and scroll clicks are all customizable in their iCUE program. The Corsair ergonomic mouse has a wired connection allowing for a low-latency experience. It’s also made well for almost all hand sizes. Compatibility-wise, it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Get it on Amazon for $69.

Sometimes a wireless ergonomic mouse is more trouble than it’s worth. Batteries and latency can get annoying after a while. If you’re looking for something simple just for work, check out J-Tech’s wired ergonomic mouse. 

J-Tech’s Scroll Endurance wired ergonomic mouse offers all the basics of a vertical mouse. It has vertically placed left and right clicks with a scroll wheel and click in the middle. The mouse also features a DPI button on the top for easy DPI adjustment (600/1,000/160). The mouse also has thumb back and forward buttons for easy web browsing. 

Ergonomically, this mouse is excellent. The vertical design reduces hand strain and the built-in detachable palm rest is superb. It’s USB 2.0/3.0 compatible and has a free replacement warranty within one year. It’s available on Amazon for $18.

There are pros and cons to both wireless and wired mice. If a wireless mouse is what you’re looking for, check out J-Tech’s Scroll Endurance wireless ergonomic mouse. 

It has many of the same features of J-Tech’s wired version including the vertical design. It has vertical left and right clicks with a scroll/click button in the middle. The DPI of this mouse is also adjustable with a dedicated DPI adjustment button on top. Additionally, it has back and forwards thumb buttons to ease your web-browsing experience. 

If you’re going with this ergonomic mouse, it has impressive durability to last you a long time. It’s rated for 3 million mouse clicks, which should last you quite a while. It also has the detachable palm rest the wired version offers. The only problem with both options is that they’re right-handed only. Sorry for the lefties out there.

This mouse runs on AAA batteries and they’re already included with your purchase. It’s available on Amazon for the affordable price of $23.

Ergonomic mouse designs come in all shapes and forms and the Kensington Orbit is no exception. It is a wired ergonomic mouse and has a unique design. It’s reminiscent of the old trackball mice of the 90s. While those have mostly phased out, their spirit lives on in this ergonomic trackball mouse.

This mouse looks peculiar at first glance. The first thing you’ll notice is the giant trackball in the middle of the mouse. This is what you’ll use to move the cursor instead of moving the actual mouse. This lessens the strain commonly caused by wrist movement. Scrolling is also easier using the scroll ring around the trackball. As for the left and right clicks, you can use them as normal. 

The best thing about the Kensington Orbit is that it’s ambidextrous. It’s also the best mouse for carpal tunnel or RMS if you’re already having trouble with those. However, clicking with this mouse isn’t as precise so it isn’t ideal for certain workflows. Check it out on Amazon for $33.

If you want a versatile ergonomic mouse, check out Logitech’s MX ERGO. It has a built-in thumb trackball for easy cursor navigation, eliminating wrist pain that comes from moving the mouse around. It’s also sculpted to match your hand’s shape lessening unconscious grip pain. Moreover, the mouse can be adjusted by 20 degrees for a more natural wrist position. 

Apart from ergonomics, the MX ERGO is also quite versatile. You can easily switch between devices with different operating systems via Bluetooth or USB receiver. DPI accuracy can also be adjusted with a dedicated button. Plus, Logitech’s software allows for easy file-sharing between two devices. 

The MX ERGO comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for four months. Its only downside is the price, coming in at $100 from Amazon.

Even though it’s not the latest in the series, the MX Master 2S is still one of the top contenders. It’s versatile and conforms to your palm’s shape allowing for comfortable navigation. Also, the unique thumb scroll eases horizontal scrolling. Its scroll wheels also adjust automatically based on scrolling speed. Switch between slow, precise scrolling, and quick scrolling for documents or websites. 

Another feature that contributes to its versatility is the Darkfield sensor. It’s highly precise and enables the mouse to be used on glass surfaces with a 4mm minimum thickness. You also have multiple connection capabilities with both a unifying receiver and Bluetooth. Easily switch between three devices with different operating systems (Mac/Windows) for added efficiency. 

You’re also sure to have fewer headaches with the MX Master 2S as it comes with a rechargeable battery. It can last up to 40 days with six hours of use per day. It’s also more affordable than the latest MX Master 3 at $102 on Amazon.

If you want the best Logitech wireless mouse of the MX Master series, check out the MX Master 3. It improves upon the previous MX Master 2S and refines the ergonomic design. You now have a better contour for your palm and the buttons are in more comfortable areas. Most notably, the thumb scroll is larger and is now made of steel with improved overall precision (4,000 DPI).

The MX Master 3 is silent, which gets rid of annoying mouse clicks. It supports USB-C fast-charging, and a full charge can last longer (up to 70 days). Many old, useful features are also retained like cross-device, multi-platform support with easy switching, and file-sharing. Customizability via Logitech’s software is also available. It’s a little more expensive than other options, though, coming in at $100 on Amazon.

Logitech’s MX Vertical is their first vertical ergonomic mouse. It’s got a 57-degree angle, which helps your hand rest at a natural and healthy position. With this ergonomic mouse, Logitech claims to reduce your muscle strain by 10%. 

This mouse is great for everyday work and can be used both wired and wirelessly (via Bluetooth or USB). The wired variant just means you can use it as it’s charging. Perhaps the best part is that it’s a vertical mouse that comes with Logitech’s signature features. These include multi-platform, multi-device connectivity with full customization controls.

The only downside is that this mouse is kind of big, which will make it difficult for smaller hands. It’s also not as portable given the shape and weight. Still, if you want an ergonomic desk mouse, it’s well worth the trade-offs. Check it out on Amazon for $100.

If you want an ergonomic wireless mouse that has almost everything, check out Logitech’s Trackball M570. It combines a contoured mouse shape with a trackball for enhanced ergonomics. You can use it on any surface since you’re using the trackball to navigate, not the mouse’s body. 

This mouse also has the benefits of being a Logitech device. That means it can connect to multiple devices on multiple platforms, both Mac and Windows. It’s also easily connected with a USB receiver or Bluetooth. The battery will last you 18 months, although it’s not rechargeable. You’ll have to use a double-A battery to give it some juice. If you’re looking to purchase it, it’s easily affordable coming in at $27 from Amazon.

Some ergonomic mice can look a bit crazy. For a more minimal look with an ergonomic design, check out the Microsoft Sculpt.

The Sculpt is aimed to engage your arms so that your forearm muscles are the ones being activated. This can eliminate wrist pain caused by regular mice. It has similar buttons to regular mice, along with a dedicated “Windows” button for the start menu. It’s also got a back button near the end. The mouse is connected with a USB receiver and is powered by two double-A batteries. Check it out on Amazon for $54.

Gaming can be the death of your wrist without an ergonomic mouse. That’s why Razer’s DeathAdder Elite was made for healthier gaming experiences.

The DeathAdder Elite has a 16,000 DPI with a wired connection and RGB lighting—perfect for most gamers. It’s also got mechanical switches and customizable RGB colors to suit your tastes.

To ease wrist pain, the mouse’s body has a subtle shape to conform to your hand. There’s also a thumb indentation to help your thumb grip a little easier than most mice. Plus, it has a left-handed version for lefties. Granted, it’s not the most ergonomic mouse out there but it’s decent for more comfortable gaming. Check it out on Amazon for $42.

Another ergonomic gaming mouse from Razer is the DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse. It’s perfect for gaming with customizable buttons, RGB lighting, and an ergonomic shape. 

With eight programmable buttons, you can customize away to suit all of your gaming needs. The mouse is responsive and accurate with 20,000 DPI and 99.6% accuracy. Plus, it has a rubber texture to increase ease of use. You can use it for hours without having much wrist pain. Check it out on Amazon for $70

If you want something highly portable with multiple platform connectivity (including mobile), check out the Switfpoint GT. It’s small and light, perfect for carrying around. It has a unique shape that’s unlike many other ergonomic mice. 

The mouse gives you a pen-like hold and touch-gestures for versatile navigation. However, it’s best for right-handed use so lefties might want a different option. It has a built-in battery that can last two to four weeks and has a 1,250 DPI. 

Its compatibility with multiple platforms via Bluetooth and USB receiver is also noteworthy. In fact, many apps on tablets are optimized for use with this device. You can click, scroll, and even zoom fairly easily with this ergonomic mouse. Get it on Amazon for $90.

Final Word

Health and fitness are very important and it’s not just a matter of going to the gym. Making your everyday set-up ergonomic can go a long way if you want to keep yourself healthy. With these ergonomic mice, you can do just that and save yourself the long-term pain of RMS or carpal tunnel syndrome.

15 Best Ergonomic Mouse to Kiss Wrist Pain Goodbye [2022]

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