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12 Best Blue Light Glasses: Amazon Deals for Gamers

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computer glasses for those with vision problems

Gamers, are you straining your eyes playing your video games for hours on end? Blue light blocking glasses are especially beneficial to video gamers who spend a lot of time staring at computer screens. These glasses are specifically designed to filter out blue light from digital screens, which can be harmful to your eyes. Below, you will see a list of the best blue light glasses on Amazon to help you choose which pair is right for you.


What Is Blue Light and What Harm Does It Cause?

All types of light, both natural and artificial, emit a color or a combination of colors that are not often visible to humans. They can be any color from the rainbow spectrum and each color has an intensity or strength that can either be healthy or harmful to your eyes and body. The higher the intensity, the more effect it has not only on your physical but also on your mental wellbeing. It can even affect your sleep patterns.

Here are some of the ways that blue light can affect your mind and body.


Dangers of Spending Hours on a Computer Screen

Dangers of working on a computer screen
Photo by Burst on Pexels

Although widely debated, a lot of doctors have warned that people’s increasing screen time can strain the eyes. If you are a PC or video gamer, chances are you spend a lot of hours staring at a screen. This means more exposure to blue light and thus, more risk of digital eye strain. One way that strains your eyes daily is your prolonged exposure to electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones, and personal computers.

As mentioned, not all medical experts agree on the dangers of blue light exposure to humans; however, they seem to be in agreement that it greatly affects your circadian rhythm—your sleep and wake pattern or simply put, your body clock. More on that below.


Effects of Blue Light on Sleep

Each person has their own sleep pattern, and it can be influenced by external factors like your activities for the day, the type of lighting you have in your bedroom, and how much natural light comes in through your window. Those are just a few examples. They can affect the bodily functions that make you alert or tired. Your exposure to blue light is another one of those factors. It can disrupt your circadian rhythm on any given day and, if excessively and regularly exposed, you might form unhealthy sleeping habits. It disrupts your body’s natural rhythm.

Of course, there are other factors affecting sleep like your mental wellbeing, like if you have insomnia or other sleeping problems, and blue light can definitely make matters worse. So, how can blue light glasses help?


What Are Blue Light Glasses?

What are blue light glasses?
Photo by Jaroslav Nymburský on Pexels

Blue light glasses not only block or filter blue light, but they also help ease headaches. Whether the headaches are caused by blue light emission or not, blue light blocking glasses are said to stop them. Are they worth buying? They are not at all very expensive, although, of course, some are pricier as they are more sophisticated than others. You can find plenty of blue light glasses with Amazon deals online, and you will find a list of our best picks later in this guide.

Do Gamers Really Need Blue Light Glasses?

As mentioned, these special glasses can be beneficial for gamers and anyone who spends hours staring at a computer screen. They have become increasingly popular over the years. If you are a gamer, chances are you already know how strained your eyes feel after hours of a gaming spree. Blue light blocking glasses can be an essential gaming accessory. More so, it can greatly enhance your gaming experience! You can play with more ease and not worry about how much time you are spending on your game. When you are wearing these glasses, you also have a better vision of what is going on, on the screen.

Whether they are worth the money or not, it will be very helpful to take a look at our list of the best blue light glasses Amazon deals for gamers below.

12 Best Blue Light Glasses (Amazon Deals)

Here are our top picks for the best blue light glasses Amazon deals for gamers. These products have been chosen based on their quality, durability, value for money, as well as positive feedback from buyers.


One of our top picks for Amazon blue light glasses is the Gaoye Anti-UV Ray model. It features a polycarbonate lens and is also lightweight.

Check out the Gaoye Anti-UV Ray Computer Gaming Glasses on Amazon to start gaming with ease.



Blue Ray Blocking Lens

These glasses feature a special blue light or blue ray absorption technology that can absorb up to 95% of intense blue light from your computer screens and other electronic devices.


UV Protection

They are also designed with Ultra Violet (UV) protection to better protect your eyes. This and the above feature work together to reduce fatigue in your eyes as well as headaches.


Clear Lens

What’s great about the Gaoye blue light glasses and what also makes it one of the best computer glasses on Amazon is their clear lens. It is completely transparent at the base and doesn’t cause you to see any unusual pigmentation while you are using the glasses.


Less Reflection

Because of the clear lens, these special glasses are less reflective; meaning, you will not notice any difference whether you are in front of a computer or reading a book. It means you will not notice any color difference, which is great so you can appreciate the quality of the graphics more when gaming!


Polycarbonate Lens

Aside from having a fully transparent base, the lenses are also polycarbonate, which means they are more durable. It is a great investment which will save you more money in the long run.



They are available in various colors and designs and prices vary from around $16 to $17. It’s a great price for its features and one of the more affordable options on our list of the best blue light glasses Amazon deals.


Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Stylish design
  • Quick delivery and great packaging
  • Fits nicely
  • Helps with migraines


  • Reports of blurry vision when reading texts on a computer screen
  • Design too glossy, which may not appeal to others
  • Bends easily

Featuring an anti-reflective lens plus additional protection from sunlight, the Livho Blue Light Glasses are a great value for money.

See the Livho Computer Gaming Glasses on Amazon today and start gaming comfortably!



Premium Blue Ray Cut Lens

These glasses effectively block harmful blue light from computers, tablets, and other electronic devices with their premium lens. They absorb high-energy blue light better than other models in their price range.


UV Protection

The Livho also protects from bright lights and sunlight so you can even use it outdoors. Maybe you want to play on your handheld console out in the grass. Your eyes will be completely protected from harmful lights.


Anti-Reflective Coating

These blue light gaming glasses are glare-free so you don’t have to worry about light reflections inside the room or even outdoors while gaming.


Durable Polycarbonate Lens

The lenses are made of polycarbonate material so you can expect the glasses to withstand heavy use.



The Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses are available from around $19 to $20 depending on the style and color.


Livho Blue Light Blocking, Computer Gaming Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Great quality beyond the price
  • Works well both indoors and outdoors
  • Versatile design
  • Includes a hard case


  • Screws loosening up
  • Runs small in size
  • Has a slightly yellow tint

Another great find on our list of best blue light glasses on Amazon is the LifeArt Anti-Eyestrain Gaming Glasses.

Check out these gaming glasses here and start protecting your eyes from blue light.



Blue Light Reflecting and Filtering

The LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light by first reflecting and then filtering it.


7-Layer Coating

These gaming glasses feature a seven-layer coating that bounces off the blue light from your device or computer screen to reduce eyestrain.


Light Weight and Durability

The glasses are lightweight and slim but also quite durable due to the surface hardness of the lens. They are scratch-resistant and are not prone to abrasion.


Magnification Option

For those with vision problems, these glasses are a great choice. You can choose a model with magnification from +0.25 to +6.0 to help you see more clearly even if you are at a considerable distance from the screen.


Universal Size

They fit most face shapes with their classic round frame design.



The LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses come at around $16.


LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Anti-Eyestrain Gaming Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Frame elasticity to keep the glasses balanced and easy to adjust
  • Comfortable
  • Prevents dry eyes
  • Light but sturdy
  • Includes laser blue light card for testing


  • A little oversized for some
  • Lenses easily smudged
  • A bit difficult to clean

The most affordable option on our list of best blue light glasses with Amazon deals, the Maxjulie glasses exceed expectations.

Check out the Maxjuli glasses on Amazon and start gaming comfortably today!



Low Price, High Quality

These glasses are highly effective in filtering out blue light despite its affordable price. They even include a one-year warranty.


Clear and Durable Lens

The Maxjuli features clear lenses that are also highly durable. You don’t need to worry about cloudy vision.


Style Options for Every Occasion

The glasses come in different colors and styles, both plain and with patterns. And since they are priced so low, you can even get more than one pair to go with your outfit on different occasions.


Blocking High-Energy Visible Light

Not only do they block the blue light from computers, TVs, and other devices, but the Maxjuli also blocks high-energy visible light.



These glasses are one of the most affordable Amazon blue light glasses at only around $6 per pair.


Maxjuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Great quality for the low price
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Comfort fit


  • Runs small
  • Not easy to clean
  • Gets a bit of a yellow tint after sundown

These glasses come in a pack of two so these are also a great value for the price. They are also suitable for reading.

See the Kenzhou computer glasses now to see if it’s the right pair for you!



EM Wave and UV Ray Filter

The Kenzhou glasses not only filters harmful blue light but also electromagnetic wave radiations and UV rays. They can protect your eyes from computers, smartphones, or TV.


Prevention of Computer Visual Syndrome

Computer visual syndrome is when your eyes start to lose focus because of the strain of staring at screens all day. These glasses can help prevent that with its blue light blocking lenses.


Comfortable Frame

The frame has an ergonomic design that fits nicely and feels comfortable. The design and color options can also look professional so you can wear them to work as well as casual events.


100% Warranty

You get a hundred percent warranty with no risks after the sale.



The Kenzhou Blue Light Glasses are priced at around $19.


Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable fit
  • Lots of color options
  • Protection from really bright indoor lights
  • Suitability for reading under heavy lights


  • Not glare-free
  • Can fog up easily

Ease your eye fatigue and discomfort with these blue light blocking glasses, another one on the affordable side of our best blue light glasses Amazon deals list.

Checkout the LNEKEI here today to get rid of eye fatigue when gaming.



UV 400 Protection

The LNEKEI not only protects your eyes from blue light but also eases eye fatigue from fluorescent lights as well as UV rays.


Glare Reduction

You can work or game under bright lights with as little glare in your blue light glasses as possible because the lenses are designed with glare reduction.


Light Weight

The frame of the glasses weighs only half of plastic glasses so you can barely feel that you are wearing them.


Metal Hinges

It is reinforced by metal hinges so even if it’s lightweight, the glasses are still quite durable. The frame has also been designed to prevent fading.


Transparent Lens

The LNEKEI features transparent lenses so you can see your game clearly while the glasses are protecting your eyes from UV light.



They are currently on sale and priced at around $9 as part of the blue light glasses Amazon deals and used to be around $20. Please take note that prices may change at any time.


LNEKEI Blue Light Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Great price
  • Pouch included
  • Light and nice fit
  • Testing kit and cleaning cloth included


  • Thick design that can be uncomfortable
  • Smudges easily

These glasses’ blue light filter lens blocks harsh blue light and is great both for gamers and professionals who spend hours on a computer screen.

See the MEETSUN computer and gaming glasses today on Amazon and start protecting your eyes from blue light!



Multiple Protection

These glasses offer protection not only from blue light but also UV rays, perfect for those who work long hours in front of a computer or other electronic devices.


Low Color Difference

Because of the transparent lens, you will barely see any color difference on your screen. This enhances your gaming experience and is also very beneficial for those who are working in the graphics field.


Wide Lenses

The lenses are wider than most blue light glasses so they offer more coverage and thus, can block more of the harmful blue light.


Plenty of Design and Color Choices

Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your outfit; great for professionals who want to wear their special glasses at work.



The MEETSUN glasses are currently priced at around $14 for two pairs.


MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Great stylish design
  • Blue light testing kit included
  • Clear lenses


  • Runs small
  • Tight fit
  • Reports of headaches after wearing for some time

With over 13,000 ratings, the ANRRI blue light blocking glasses rates 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Check out the ANRRI computer gaming glasses today and start gaming without eye fatigue.



Blocking 90% of Blue Light

This pair of special gaming glasses blocks 90% of harmful blue light; relieving eye strain and fatigue. The glasses also help with dry eyes.


Durable Frame and Lenses

The glasses are designed with a durable metal frame as well as polycarbonate lenses so you can expect them to last long even under regular use.


Lifetime Warranty

ANRRI offers a lifetime warranty on the glasses and great customer service.



A little on the more expensive side, the ANRRI blue light glasses come at around $25 but are a great value for their durability and quality.


ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Helps with migraines and other types of headaches
  • Different sizes
  • Nice frame design
  • Test kit and case included


  • A bit of tint on the glasses
  • Not smudge-resistant
  • Sizes running big (choose the next smaller size than what you usually wear)

These glasses boast a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and have over 8,000 reviews. They offer multiple protection from different harmful lights.

See the Feirdio computer glasses on Amazon today and enhance your gaming experience.



Polarized Lens

One of the few in our list of best blue light glasses Amazon deals that have polarized lenses, the Feirdio gaming glasses will adjust to the lighting whether you are indoors or outdoors.


Low Color Distortion

The lenses, although polarized, are clear and have low color distortion. This means that the glasses will balance blue light blocking and the quality of vision.


Reduced Glare

They also reduce glare so it’s great for those who work under bright lights. The glasses also feature UV light blocking and anti-screen flicker.


Lightweight Frame

The glasses weigh only half of that of plastic glasses because of its lightweight composite frame but are still two times as durable.



The Feirdio is one of the least expensive items on our list of best blue light glasses Amazon deals and comes only at around $7 for a pack of two.


Feirdio Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Double the value of other blue light glasses in their price range
  • Includes a cleaning cloth
  • Sturdy


  • Design not looking very professional
  • A bit of a yellow tinge on the lenses

If you are wearing prescription glasses, you can still wear blue light glasses with this clip-on. It is one of the two from our list of blue light glasses with Amazon deals recommended for those with vision problems.

Check out GAMEKING clip-on glasses and protect your eyes from blue light today.



Great for Those with Vision Problems

Whether you are wearing eyeglasses for nearsightedness or farsightedness, these computer glasses Amazon will help ease your eyes from blue light. They easily fit on top of your eyeglasses using the middle clip.


Filtering 85% of Harmful Blue Light

This pair filters 85% of blue light, protecting your eyes even while you are wearing your prescription glasses.


Patented Tinted Lenses

The glasses are designed with amber tinted lenses to balance protection and comfort. They are not too clear and not too dark.


Anti-Reflective Coating

They also reduce glare due to the special coating while also improving the contrast, which makes your gaming experience even more enjoyable.


Slimmer and Lighter

The GAMEKING blue light clip-on glasses only weigh 0.28oz so it will not weigh down your prescription glasses.



They come at around $28.


GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-On Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t easily slip or fall off
  • Helps reduce glare
  • Lightweight


  • The clip in the middle that’s a bit long and can be uncomfortable for some
  • Clip also a bit tight

This pair is our pick for the best value in our best blue light glasses Amazon deals. The product rates 4.8 out of 5 stars and currently comes only at around $7 but with great quality.

Check out 5 STARS UNITED computer glasses on Amazon today.



Complete Blue Light and UV Protection

These blue light glasses are also designed to protect your eyes from UV rays. They help filter harmful lights emitted by TVs and even e-readers.


Transparent Lenses

The lenses are clear so they minimize color fringing, allowing you to see and enjoy your game better.


Durable Bendy Frame

Not only is the frame made of high-quality materials but it is also designed to bend to avoid breakage in case you pull it too hard to one side. It is flexible and can bend under pressure.


Anti-Scratch and Anti-Static Features

The lenses also have an anti-scratch and anti-static coating so they are easier to clean and maintain.



The 5 STARS UNITED Blue Light Blocking Glasses are currently priced at around $7, which is why we picked it for the Best Value product from our list of best blue light glasses with Amazon deals.


5 STARS UNITED Blue Light Blocking Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Complete with blue light test, cleaning cloth, and carry case
  • Lightweight
  • Nice fit
  • Great quality materials for a low-cost pair of gaming glasses


  • Lenses and frame a bit too thin
  • Can easily fog when cold

Overall, we’ve selected the TIJN blue light computer gaming glasses as our top pick, for its quality, popularity, and high rating. It has around 33,000 plus ratings and scores 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Check out the TIJN computer gaming glasses today to have your best gaming experience!



Scratch-Resistant Frame

The frame resists abrasion and is super lightweight so it is easy to maintain and the glasses fit comfortably.


Metal Hinges

The metal hinges on the frame make the glasses more stable so you don’t have to worry about them falling off while you’re gaming or working on your computer.


Tinted Lenses

The lenses have a light-yellow tint to make your eyes feel more comfortable while in front of a screen. They relieve eye fatigue even when you’re watching TV.



These gaming computer glasses come at around $15.


TIJN Blue Light Computer Gaming Glasses Pros and Cons


  • Fashionable with plenty of design options
  • Helps with sunlight glare
  • Fit comfortably
  • Durable and do not feel flimsy


  • Glasses run big
  • Has a bit of a yellow tint

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses When Gaming

Now that you’ve learned how blue light coming from digital screens can potentially harm your eyes and even affect your sleep, you may be wondering if there are additional benefits of wearing them while gaming.

Here are some great benefits of blue light blocking glasses for gamers.

  • Maintain a sharp awareness of what is going on in your game; allowing you to see more details in terms of finding objects during quests
  • See a more detailed view of your characters and other non-player characters (NPCs) in the game and enjoy their aesthetics; especially for massive multiplayer roleplaying games (MMORPGs).
  • Appreciate the look and feel of the world of the game more
  • Read with more ease when reading lore-related texts or dialogues

All these benefits allow you to enjoy your games better and also perform better. This will also help you level up faster.


The Best Blue Light Glasses When You Have Vision Problems

blue light glasses for those with vision problems
Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels


There are two items on this list of blue light glasses with Amazon deals that are recommended for those with vision problems. One is the LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Anti Eyestrain Gaming Glasses and the other, GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-On Glasses.

The LifeArt has a magnification option so you can look for similar models with that feature if you are farsighted. On the other hand, if you are wearing prescription glasses, you can get a clip-on instead, like the GAMEKING blue light glasses. Both are great ways to enjoy gaming while protecting your eyes when you have vision problems. You may also want to consider consulting with your ophthalmologist and requesting custom blue light prescription glasses to be made for you.

Alternatively, you can wear your prescription contact lenses and then wear the blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes.


How to Pick the Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Suit You Best

Here are the most important factors to consider choosing a pair of blue light glasses for gaming. If you review the sample items above, you will recognize why we chose those products based on these factors.



Choose gaming glasses or blue light glasses that have at least 80% blue light filtering capabilities. Although most medical experts say around 40% is enough, it is still better to have more protection.

It is up to you if you want your lenses to be tinted or not. The main advantage of having tinted lenses is that your eyes will feel more comfortable under them. Tinted lenses also balance the light that comes in, both natural and artificial, with the blue light protection that you are getting. It is not necessarily a critical requirement to protect your eyes from blue light and some prefer clear lenses more. This is more of a matter of personal preference.



The lighter the frame of your gaming glasses, the better. Remember that these glasses are designed for those who spend hours in front of a screen or monitor so if your glasses are heavy, they will ultimately cause discomfort and thus, defeating the purpose.


Extra Protection

You may want to consider choosing blue light glasses that offer multiple protection like filters for UV rays and blue rays as well. This gives you more value for your money and makes your gaming glasses more versatile. That means you can wear your glasses not just when gaming or working but also when you are outside.

Those are the main factors to consider when choosing the blue light glasses that suit you best. Of course, there are other factors such as the lenses being easier to maintain or having a scratch-resistant coating but the above are the critical factors.

Hopefully, this guide has given you more insight into how blue light affects your eyes, body, and sleep patterns, and that you will be able to make an informed decision based on our picks of the best blue light glasses Amazon deals listed above.

12 Best Blue Light Glasses: Amazon Deals for Gamers

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