Yieldstreet To Acquire Cadre, Expanding Real Estate Investment Opportunities


Yieldstreet, an alternative investment platform, has announced its acquisition of Cadre, a leading online real estate investment platform catering to institutional and high net worth investors. This strategic move aims to widen the accessibility of real estate investments for a broader investor base.

Key Takeaway

Yieldstreet’s acquisition of Cadre marks a significant development in the alternative investment space. The merging of the two platforms not only expands the availability of real estate investment opportunities but also strengthens the strategic positioning and market presence of both companies.

Expanding Investment Options

Founded in 2015, Yieldstreet has been at the forefront of democratizing alternative investments. By providing individuals with opportunities previously only available to institutional investors, Yieldstreet has empowered people to diversify their investment portfolios across various sectors such as real estate, marine and shipping, legal finance, and commercial loans.

On the other hand, Cadre, established in 2014 by Ryan Williams, Joshua Kushner, and Jared Kushner, has been instrumental in connecting accredited investors to real estate operators through its online marketplace. The platform boasts transparency and efficiency, offering investors a clearer view into commercial real estate deals.

Achieving Greater Synergy

The acquisition of Cadre by Yieldstreet holds immense potential, given the collective investment value of both platforms, which exceeds $9.7 billion. Since their inception, investors have allocated a combined $5.3 billion on these platforms, leading to returns of $3.1 billion.

The merger brings together over 500,000 members from Yieldstreet and Cadre across eight institutional and retail distribution channels. Yieldstreet accounts for 450,000 of these members, while the remaining 50,000 come from Cadre.

Based in New York, both companies are well-established players in the alternative investment space, and this collaboration ensures their continued growth and success.

Leadership and Employee Retention

Cadre’s CEO, Ryan Williams, will continue to spearhead the company’s operations as the global head of Institutional Partnerships & Clients at Yieldstreet. Additionally, Mike Fascitelli, an investor in and advisor to Cadre, will assume the role of global chairman of real estate and head of Cadre’s investment committee.

Yieldstreet has affirmed that all Cadre employees will remain with the company, although the exact number has not been disclosed.

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